Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


16. Interview..

Hayley's POV

Its been two days since I lost my ring... I still have no idea where it is. I need to call Liam to tell him, even though I don't want to talk to him he needs to know. Teagan came over to me and sat on my bed. 

"What's up?"-Tea. 

"I have to call him to let him, know about it. I can't lie to him."-Me. She nodded. 


Liam: Hayley?

Me: I have to tell you something. I feel terrible. 

Liam: Okay? What is it?

Me: Umm.. I can't find the ring you gave me. 

Liam: What!? Hayley why isn't it on your finger!?

Me: I had softball so I had to take it off, I put it in a certain spot in my bag, I got home and it wasn't there! Liam I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. 

Liam: I can't believe this. I have to go. Bye. 


I started crying and laid back in bed. 

"I'm not going to school."-Me. Teagan stayed home with me then Alexa came over.

"Hayley what's wrong?"-Alexa. 

"Liam is mad at me because my ring is missing."-Me. 

"That's just his excuse. He is really cheating on you so now he has a chance to endit once and for all."-Alexa. My phone went off. I looked at it and it was a text from Liam. 

'Hayley, I'm so sorry. I'm not mad at you i overreacted. Please don't be mad at me I promise I  would never cheat. Watch our interview today its on in an hour. I love you to infinity and beyond.' 

"Hayley don't give in."-Alexa. What do I do!? When the interview came on. I laid in my bed and covered my head with blankets. Teagan wanted to see Harry. I texted Liam back and told him I probably won't watch it. On the TV I heard Liam's ringtone. He said sorry to the interviewer and then answered it. I looked at the TV. He read the message on his phone and then looked upset.The order of them were Liam Harry Louis Niall then Zayn. They were asking random questions and then of course the lady asked who was single. Niall was the only one who raised his hand. 

"So you and that Teagan girl didn't break up?"-Interviewer. 

"No that's all gossip and lies."-Harry. 

"And Liam, there are rumors that you and Hayley broke up and you are with your ex.."-Interviewer. 

"That's all lies. Hayley and I are together, and because of all this we are now having a few issues with each other.. So who ever started that rumor really messed things up."-Liam. He looked so sad. They talked more and then started singing songs. I got text from Liam.

'Watch this. This is for you.' 

"Hayley don't."-Alexa. I started watching, and Teagan took her phone out texting someone? I dunno. But they sang Midnight Memories, then half a heart, Liam was getting emotional. After Liam's part Alexa decided to say something.

"I can be  your other half."-Alexa.

"Seriously!? That's my boyfriend!"-Me.

"Like the last one? We all know Liam is better off with someone prettier and skinnier than you. Like me."-Alexa. I kind of just slumped down in my bed more and just stared at the TV. Once that ended they sang You and I...I just wanted to cry. Alexa kept saying shit to me. Telling me Liam doesn't care about me he is just using me, It was honestly getting to me.. Then their last song was Strong.. I love that one.. I saw tears in Liam'seyes. It broke my heart knowing that I did that to him. 

"Hayley, can you get my phone out of my bag?"-Alexa. I sighed and got up. I went to Alexa's bag, I saw Teagan turn to look at me and her phone pointed towards me.. She has to be recording me! I look in Alexa's bag. I see her phone but underneath it I see the same ring Liam gave me. 

"Umm Alexa why do you have this?"-Me. 

"Oh that? My dad got it for me."-Alexa.

"That's why it says to infinity and beyond in the exact same spot Liam had it on mine?"-Me. 

"Look, I took it so you wouldn't stay with him.. You know that he is cheating on you, and we all know he should be with someone else... Like me. I'm helping you Hayley."-Alexa. 

"You bitch! Do you know how much trouble you caused between Liam and I!? Our relationship is on the line because of you!"-Me. 

"You need to go."-Teagan.

"It's not your house you can't kick me out of it."-Alexa. I sat on my bed and put the ring back on, I looked at Alexa still playing with the ring.

"Leave."-Me. Alexa rolled her eyes and left. I watched the rest of the interview and just kept playing with the ring. During one part Harry and Liam were whispering to each other and then Harry showed Liam his phone. Liam smiled and talked to Harry a little more. Once the interview ended I laid in bed still playing with the ring. I miss Liam so much, I now know he didn't cheat on me. After about 10 minutes my phone started ringing. Liam was calling.. 


Me: Hello?

Liam: Hi, so you found your ring?

Me: Yeah? How did you know that? 

Liam: Teagan sent Harry a video, and then Harry showed me it. 

Me: Of course she did.

Liam: I'm really sorry Hayley, I promise you I didn't cheat. She came up to me and hugged me, all the guys were there I-

Me: I love you. 

Liam: What?

Me: I love you. I believe you. It was Alexa putting all this stuff in my head and I let it get to me. 

Liam: I love you too. 

Me: To infinity and beyond. 

Liam: To infinity and beyond. Oh and what Alexa said to you during Half a Heart was a lie. No one is as beautiful as you, and trust me you are very skinny. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. But I got to go now, we have a photo shoot or something. 

Me: thank you. And have fun love you. 

Liam: Love you too. 


I smiled to myself. 

"You guys okay?"-Teagan. 

"Perfect."-Me. Teagan had to leave to go get something from her house. Like clothes or something. I laid on my bed, and was wearing Liam's  sweatshirt with a pair of shorts. I heard the door close. 

"Hayley!" I heard the scary voice of my ex. I heard things smashing and breaking. I was so scared. I ran to my closet and called Liam. He answered.


Liam: Hello?

Me: Liam, my ex is here.. He is in my house and is breaking stuff downstairs. I don't know what to do. 

Liam: Stay calm. Okay? Make sure you hide, don't come out for anything. I'm going to hang up and I want you to call the police.

Me: Please don't hang up. Im so scared. He keeps screaming my name. 

Liam: Baby, listen to me everything will be okay.. I'm hanging up now call the police.

Me: Please don't. Pleasee Liam Pleassee.

Liam: Where's Teagan?

Me: She went to her house to get clothes. Then she said she would come back. Tell Harry to text her and make sure she doesn't come! 

Liam: I will.

(I heard footsteps getting closer and closer)

Me: Liam. He's coming. I hear his footsteps. Please help.

Liam: I wish I was there, Im so sorry.. I should be there to protect you.

Me: Its not  your fault.

(I heard the door open downstairs and Teagan walked in)

Me: Teagan just walked in!

Liam: Oh god. 

(I heard yelling from downstairs)

Me: Shes yelling at him he's yelling back. I need to go get her! Liam what do I do!?

Liam: Don't Hayley.

(The closet door opened and I saw Nick standing there)

Nick: Are you hiding? You shouldn't be, I just wanted to talk. (He grabbed my arm and pulled me up. 


"Aww Hayley is that your little superstar boyfriend? How cute?"-Nick.

"Leave me alone. Leave us both alone!"-Me. He slapped me in the face and I screamed. 

"Now Hayley, don't tell me what to do. Have you learned your lesson?"-Nick.

"LIAM! Please help!"-Me. Nick took the phone and hung up. Then he smashed my phone to pieces. He grabbed me by the hair and flung me to the wall. I hit my back on the edge of my clothes drawer. I screamed out in pain. 

"STOP!"-Teagan He walked over to her and slapped her. Then he hit her arm so she fell to the ground. He locked my bedroom door, and made sure there was no way of escaping him. He took out a blade.

"Now, i hope both you do as i say, or you can say bye to one another."-Nick.

"Why are you doing this?"-Me. 

"I need you Hayley, you can't be with that Liam guy. Im the only person for you."-Nick.

"No your not! Liam would never hurt me like this! He would never do this to me! Liam is a much better person than you!"-Me. He walked over to me and ripped the sweatshirt off of me. I was just wearing at tan top. He put the blade on the right side of my collar bone and slid it down diagonal to just right above where my right breast was. I screamed in horror and agonizing pain. I felt the blood running down my body. Then he cut from the top of my left thigh, to the bottom of my thigh. He made me stand up and threw me against the wall again. Except this time my head hit the wall. The last thing I heard was Teagan screaming my name and my door being kicked open. I saw Liam and Louis' faces near me. I saw their lips moving but barely heard what the words were. I heard Nick scream in pain. Someone put pressure on both of my wounds and then the last thing I heard was 

"I love you so much, please don't leave me. to infinity and beyond. Come on baby."-Liam. Then I let the darkness take over. 


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