Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


32. I'm Sorry

Teagan's POV 

I can't believe Hayley acted the way she acted... what did I do I was just upset that she said that knowing the boys will be home any time! Like really I was going to tell Harry when he got home but no... now she's mad at me I mean I understand maybe I shouldn't have said some of the things I did but still and then she makes me feel worse about my dad not being in my life she knows how that affects me that's just not right. I decided I need to talk to Harry alone so we are in our room now and neither of us have said anything because we don't know what to say. 
"Harry... I-I-I'm sorry didn't tell you last night I just didn't know how to. We were always saying how we wanted to wait and I was going to tell you today when you came back from work but Hayley did before I could and-"-Me
"Teagan it's fine I mean I'm upset that you didn't tell me last night I would have been fine with it. I'm so happy right now that I'm going to be a dad and we will have a family! I get your scared but we will be fine and don't worry Hayley is just being Hayley."-Harry
"Yea but it hurt the things she said she knows how that hurts when people talk about my dad..."-Me. I was crying into Harry's arms.
"I know babe... she went to far there and Liam is talking to her about that. You know I can't wait for the baby! How far along are you?"-Harry. He kissed the top of my head waiting for my answer.
"A month and a week they are saying. I had no clue that I was pregnant."-Me.
"Well I am so happy that we can start our family now! And your going to be the best mother ever."-Harry. 
" You think but what about college? What will my mom think... what will your mom think she hasn't even met me yet!"-Me. I started to cry again. 
"You can do online college. Your mom will be happy and my mom will be to don't worry my mom won't care she will be so happy!"-Harry
"You think?"-Me
"Yes I know! How about next week we go to meet my mom and Gemma. They would love to meet you and know about the baby."-Harry. He held me close. 
"Sure that sounds fun..."-Me
"Are you sure?"- He gave me a questioning look.
"Yes I am!"-I said smiling.
"Okay next week then. Come on let's go down stairs you need to talk Hayley."-Harry
"No no no no way I'm not talking to that bitch!"-Me
"Yes you are."-Harry. He grabbed me and brought me down stairs. 
Yea his plan didn't really work all me and Hayley did was fight and yell. She told me she doesn't like me and doesn't want to talk to me then walked upstairs to her room. I went into Harry and mine and started to pack... I'm leaving I love being with the boys but I'm not staying here with my so called best friend who hates me. Harry and Louis walk in.
"What are you doing?"-Harry
"Because I will not stay here with my so called best friend who hates me!"-Me 
"She's just upset that you didn't tell anyone sooner... she doesn't want you to go through what she's going through."-Harry.
"I get it but some of the things she said didn't need to be said and if she really hates me than I'm leaving and you two can't make me stay. I already have my ticket. I'm leaving tomorrow at 11 A.M."-Me. I could see how upset they both were Harry had tears in his eyes.
"But what about us? What about our family?"-Harry. He had tears slowly going down his face.
"I'll come back I just need time away I'll be gone for like a week. If Hayley still hates me after that then we can figure something out but for now I'm not staying."-Me. I went over and hugged Harry and he kissed the top of my head.
"Babe please think about this more."-Harry
"I did I'm leaving tomorrow for a week."-Me
"Teagan come on don't do this. We all love you. We are a family. Just because you got into a fight with Hayley you're going to leave. You both will get over it by tomorrow that's how its always been."-Louis. I could see he was upset to. I knew Louis cared about me he was like my older brother I could tell him anything and he would find away to help. 
"Lou it's only a week. And you aren't going to change my mind. I love you both I'll miss you while I'm gone but I'll be back. Please tell everyone to meet in the living room I think I should tell them what's going on... just don't tell Hayley and Liam."-Me
"Don't you think they should know?"-Harry.
"They can find out tomorrow it's not like Hayley will care if I leave."-Me
The boys left to go get everyone else. I packed some more for my week I'm gone. I finished packing and went downstairs. Everyone was there except Hayley and Liam good! Even Perrie and Eleanor. 
"What's going on Tea?"-Perrie
"Well guys I'm going to be leaving for a week. I can't stay here with Hayley if she really hates me."-Me.
"But Teagan you can't leave!"-Zayn
"Well I am I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I'm going back home."-Me.
"We will miss you to much. Teagan think about this."-Eleanor.
"I will miss all of you too but I can't stay... the things she said really hurt and I can't do that. It's going to just end up in a bigger fight. It's better if I just leave"-Me
"She doesn't mean half the things she is saying. You guys will make up tomorrow before you leave don't do this."-Niall. I was in Harry's arms. He hasn't let me go since I told him I was leaving.
"It's just a week... I'll be back. I don't want to be away from all of you. I will miss you all to much if I left longer than that."-Me. I was starting to cry a little. Everyone just grew quiet they knew there was nothing that would change my mind. It was getting late so I went upstairs and went to bed. Harry came with me. We cuddled up in bed. 
"I'm going with you..."-Harry. Pulling me closer to him.
"You can't you have your job. You have to stay here. It's just a week and I'll be back."-Me. 
"But I'll miss you to much and I don't want you to leave."-Harry
"I'll miss you to babe. But if I stay it will just get worse. I need to leave for this week. I'll be back in a week and we will talk everyday. I would miss you to much if I didn't."-Me
"If this is really what you want then okay. I won't stop you. As long as it's just a week and we will talk everyday."-Harry.
"Of course!"-Me. I turned and faced him. He pulled me closer and kissed me. We kissed for a while until Harry pulled away. 
"Baby, I love you forever and always."-He whispered in my ear.
"I love you to babe."-I whispered back. He kissed my forehead and pulled me closer to him. I fell asleep in his arms. I don't know what I'm going to do without him for a week. 
***Next morning***
I woke up the next morning at 8. I wanted time to make sure I had everything for the week I was gone. I went to get out of bed and woke Harry up... Oops my bad. 
"Morning baby..."-Harry
"Morning babe."-Me. I went to get out of bed when Harry pulled me back on the bed.
"Do you have to leave?"-Harry said pouting.
"Yes babe. You know that we talked about this."-Me
We walked downstairs and Harry started to make me breakfast. Everyone woke up at around  9. The food was done so we all started to eat. Hayley and Liam came down and everything was really awkward. 
"Sooo Liam, Hayley I just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving for a week to go back home. Maybe longer but I can't stay here everything would just get worse and it's just better if I leave for a while."-Me
"What Teagan you can't."-Liam
"It's to late my flight leaves at 11."-Me
"Okay well we will miss you and make sure you keep in touch for the week."-Liam.
"Of course I'll miss all of you to."-Me.
"Teagan if you want to make your plane we need to go now."-Harry. He has been really quiet all morning but I needed to leave.
"Okay."-Me. I grabbed my bags and everyone but Liam and Hayley went to the car. 
"Bye Liam and Hayley  I'll miss you see you in a week. And Hayley I'm really sorry about what I said. I feel bad about all of it I hope you can forgive me. I overreacted and I shouldn't have. I'll miss you two."-Me. I started to cry a little. 
"Yea.. bye!"-Hayley. Liam just looked at her kind of in shock. 
"Bye Tea I'll miss you see you next week."-Liam. 
I waved and closed the door. I heard Liam tell her that was uncalled for and that she should have forgave me. I just walked to the car. I got in the car and it was a long quiet car ride to the airport.  We got to the airport and there was paparazzi everywhere... How did they know already! I hate paparazzi! They were asking a lot of question and everyone just ignored them. We got to the gate and had about 10 minutes before I had to leave. We talked and tried not to cry me, Perrie, and Eleanor cried most of the time. Harry wouldn't let go of my hand... It didn't bother me though. They called my flight and I started to walk to the gate after giving everyone a hug. I was about to walk on to the plane when I heard my name. It was Hayley. 
"Teagan!!!! Wait!"-Hayley yelled running over to me. 
"Hayley?What do you want?"-Me 
"Don't leave... I feel horrible about everything I said! You can't leave please stay I'll miss you to much!!!"-She said hugging me.
"I don't know Hay... I think I need time away from everything."-Me
"Teagan please! Everyone is going to miss you way to much. I know it's just a week but we will all miss you way to much! Harry is going to be a wreck and so won't I!"-Hayley 
"I don't know those things you said hurt I apologized and you just said ok... I really don't know right now."-Me. I looked over and saw everyone over near the door looking upset. I couldn't leave them but I needed time alone.
"Ms. you need to board right now if you are leaving."-The airport worker said. Hayley looked at me with tears in her eyes. 
"I'm sorry Hayley I accept your apology but I'll see you in a week I need some alone time..."-I turned and boarded the plane. Hayley turned around and started to cry and walked over to the others. They started to leave. I could see the hurt on her face and how upset Harry was. I couldn't do this. I turn around and ran back. 
"Ms. if you leave you can not come back."-The worker said. 
"I know that's fine."-Me 
I left the plane and ran. I saw all of them getting in the car. 
"WAIT!!!!"-I yelled. I saw everyone turn and look Harry had a huge smile on his face and ran up to me so did Hayley. 
"What are you doing you just missed your flight?"- Hayley
" I couldn't leave you guys. I'm sorry for everything."-Me. I hugged Hayley and then turned and kissed Harry. 
"I knew you would miss me to much!"-Harry said with a laugh.
"Yup. And I would miss everyone else."-Me. Harry pulled me into him and we kissed. We kissed for a while because yet again Louis had to say something. 
"I know you two are happy your staying but ya know we are in public...."-Louis said everyone laughed. We all got in the car and talked about what we should do we decided to go home and watch movies. We watched movies the rest of the day. Everything was fine between me and Hayley no more drama. It was really late so we all went to bed. I went into the bedroom and got changed I was laying on the bed playing on my phone when Harry walked in. He jumped on the bed and made me drop my phone we both laughed. I sat up and faced Harry on the bed. 
"I'm so glad you decided to stay and made up with Hayley."-Harry 
"Me to I don't know what I would have done with out you for a week."-Me
He leaned over and pulled me close to him. He kissed my forehead and pulled me in closer to him. He kissed my lips with so much love and passion. It ended up turning into a make out session. He pulled away and just smiled at me. 
"I love you so much baby! I'm so happy we are starting a family. I don't know what I would have done if you actually left for a week. I know it would just be a week but I would have been lost with out you, your my everything and so is our baby. I love you both so much."-Harry 
"I love you to babe. I don't know how I would have lasted a week either. I couldn't imagine being anywhere but here with you."-Me. He kissed me again. I cuddled up to him and he held me close he had his hand on my stomach and was singing "You and I" quietly in my ear. He finished the song and pulled me even closer to him. 
"I'll love you forever and always baby."-He kissed my forehead.
"I love you to babe."-Me. 
I fell asleep with his arms around me and his hand on my stomach. I love him so much! I am so happy I am starting a family with him. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else right now. 

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