Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


10. I Love You..

I woke up to my alarm playing Fight For You by Jason Derulo. I turned off my alarm and checked my phone for messages. I felt Liam turning in the bed. 
"Nothing, just making sure it was you." Liam. I got out of bed and put my outfit on. I haven't gone to school since everything happened, but today Teagan and I both are going back. I got everything I needed and went to Teagan's room. She saw me and we both went downstairs. We did everything we needed, and then I grabbed my keys. I put my purple Jordan's on and then went to my car. We got to school and I saw Alexa with the softball girls near my locker, oh great. I went to my locker and they all stopped talking. 
"Long time no see."-Alexa. 
"How's Niall? Oh wait he broke up with you because of Teagan and me."-Me. The rest of the team said hi and I talked to them all until the bell rang. Everyone was talking about prom, I need to get tickets soon and talk to Liam about that. I went through all my classes and then finally softball practice. I got to the field and the coach came over to me. 
"How's your bruise?"-Coach. 
"It's good. But, co-captains? Why I've been fine as captain by myself. You knew Alexa and I have had so many problems and now we have even more."-Me. 
"The girls respect her and you, plus you are both the pitchers."-Coach. 
"Fine. But if she causes any problems it's on you."-Me. Practice started and it was fine. Once it was close to ending it was time for our "team circle" coach started talking and then Alexa said she needed a drink. So she went, we were all talking and then she came back and we finished. I went to my things and grabbed them. I got to my car and drove home. I just wanted to sleep. I was so tired. I walked in and saw Liam upset.
"Liam? What's wrong?"-Me. 
"Like you don't know! I can't believe you would do that to me!"-Liam.
"Liam you should have known, her best friend is Teagan!"-Harry.
"What did I fucking do!?"-Teagan. 
"Ask your new boyfriend!"-Harry.
"He's my cousin for the millionth!!"-Teagan.
"You're dating your cousin!?"-Me
"NO! Ew!"-Teagan 
"You didn't think that when he was getting in your car!"-Harry.
"First of all he's a freshman, second of all he's my cousin!"-Teagan. 
"You're dating a freshman, your cousin and Harry!?"-Me. I put my hands on my head in confusion. 
"What are you all talking about? I'm so confused right now!"-Me. Harry and Liam both shoved their phones in my face. I looked at Harry's phone. It was a picture of Teagan and her cousin. 
"That really is her cousin Cameron!"-Me. Then I looked at Liam's. It was a text from my phone: 
' Liam, I'm so sorry but I kissed my ex..and I felt something ' 
"I never sent that! I swear!"-Me. 
"Sure you didn't!"-Liam. I checked my pockets and bag for my phone but I couldn't find them. 
"I don't even have my phone. Alexa stole it!"-Me. 
"Of course she did! Alexa does everything!"-Liam. 
"Seriously though! What time did you get the text?"-Me. 
"At that time I was talking to my team and Alexa was 'getting a sip of her water'."-Me. 
"Sure she was.. Whatever lie to me then!"-Liam. 
"Teagan call my phone!"-Me. Teagan got her phone out and dialed my number and put it on speaker. 
Alexa: Hey Teagan, Did Hayley finally figure out Liam will be mine soon?
Teagan: Enough proof Liam?
"Hayley, I'm so sorry."-Liam. 
"Save it, I don't want to hear it."-Me. I walked away. Then heard Louis say something.
"Well Liam did get the text from Alexa, and you got it from her too.. So maybe just maybe they aren't lying.. Liam was already proved wrong... So maybe you are too Harry."-Louis. 
"Shut up Louis."-Liam. 
"YOU HAVE HER NUMBER!?!!?"-Teagan. I walked back down. 
"Will you shut up!? It's her fucking cousin.. But wait who can believe me anymore I lie ALL the time.. Right Liam!?"-Me. 
"Hayley! Don't be like that. I'm sorry."-Liam. 
"Don't be like that!? Okay then."-Me. Then I just walked upstairs and slammed my bedroom door. I could still hear Harry and Teagan yelling.
"Well I was going to ask you to prom.. But ill ask my cousin.. I mean my new boyfriend!"-Teagan. I don't even want to think about prom right now! I heard someone knocking on my door. 
"If it's Liam leave! If it's anyone else come on in!"-Me. 
"Come on please!"-Liam. I walk to the door and open it.
"Still no."-Me. I pushed past Liam and walked to the stairs. I saw Harry standing outside of my parents room. I went downstairs and just had to make Liam pissed. I grabbed Niall. 
"Come on Niall. I need to talk to someone that actually cares!"-Me. I walked upstairs and brought Niall to my room. We walked passed Liam his face was priceless. I closed my door and Niall was just sitting there awkwardly. We started randomly laughing at nothing. Then Liam storms in. 
"What is going on in here!?"-Liam. I grabbed Niall and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. 
"Thanks I really needed to get all that out."-Me. Niall left.
"Can I help you?"-Me. 
"Seriously you need to stop."-Liam. 
"What? You said it yourself I can't be trusted."-Me. 
"I said I was sorry!"-Liam. 
"And I said that it was Alexa and I was telling the didn't believe me. Why should I believe you!?"-Me. He walked near me. 
"Don't come near me.. I don't want to be near you at all."-Me. 
"Well you didn't have a problem with Niall."-Liam. 
"We didn't do anything! Oh wait I forgot I can't be trusted."-Me. 
"That's not what I meant!"-Liam. 
"What did you mean? Pretty soon I won't be able to walk down stairs without having a field day! I really hope my dad comes home soon to see this! Or do you think I'll cheat on you with him too!?"-Me. 
"Come on Hayley stop. I said I was sorry."-Liam. 
"And I said I don't care."-Me. 
"Come on Hayley, I love you."-Liam. He just looked at me waiting for my answer.
"I thought so too, but I'm not so sure anymore."-Me. He looked so upset.. I started feeling really bad.. But I shouldn't. He didn't trust me.. He thought I cheated on him.

I can't believe this right now. 
"And the funny thing is I was going to take you to prom, but since I can't be trusted maybe I'll take someone else. Oh Niall!"-Hayley. 
"Hayley stop."-Me. Niall came up to the door really confused.
"I heard my name?"-Niall.
"Yeah, Niall would you.."-Hayley.
"STOP!"-Me. I slammed the door in Niall's face and heard him say ow. Oops. Then I heard him downstairs talking to Louis.
"Why am I in this?"-Niall
"You shouldn't have gone up there."-Zayn. 
"Like you wouldn't!?"-Niall. I opened the door. 
"DUDE! THATS MY GIRLFRIEND!!"-Me. Hayley gets up and walks to the door.
"What!?"-Me. She walked back in the room and said nothing. She sat on the bed. 
"You heard me. You can leave now."-Hayley. 
"But I really do love you babe."-Me. I saw her try to hide a smile when I said that. But then back with a straight face. She can't be that mad. 
"Babe please!"-Me. She hid her face with the pillow.
"Stop talking!"-Hayley.
"But baby!"-Me. She shoved her face further into the pillow and I could hear her softly say,
"I can't stay mad at him, I really love him." I smiled.
"Nothing!! I said nothing!!!! -Hayley. 
"I heard what you said baby."-Me. 
"Stoop. No you didn't."-Hayley. I could tell she was blushing by now. She uncovered her eyes and looked at me.
"So what did you say?"-Me. 
"Do I really have to?"-Hayley.
"I said I.. Love you."-Hayley. Finally! She's not mad! I walked over to her. 
"Don't think you got away with it that easy."-Hayley. Damn it. 
"Well fine then.. Listen to this. It sort of shows what I feel. I grabbed my phone and put on 'Not The End' by: Glee cast (Cory Montheith/Finn Hudson) since I know glee is her favorite show I had to pick a song from there. I left my phone and walked downstairs. A few minutes later I hear someone run downstairs. I look and see Hayley crying. She came over to me and hugged me. 
"I'm so sorry."-Hayley. 
"I am too. I love you babe."-Me. 
"I love you too."-Hayley. Then Niall had to ruin the moment. 
"Hayley, what did you want to ask me?"-Niall. 
"Nothing!"-Hayley. She turned to look at me. 
"Babe, want to go to prom with me?"-Hayley. 
"Let me think..."-Me. 
"I'm joking. Of course I will."-Me. I gave her a kiss.
"Aww now that's better."-Louis. 
"Now if only we knew what was going on up there.. It's been quiet for a long time."-Zayn. Everyone laughed then Hayley put her head in my chests and covered her ears.
"I don't want to hear this!!"-Hayley. It was getting late so Hayley and I went up to bed. We got to her room and laid down. She cuddled up to me and fell asleep in my arms, not long after I fell asleep. I'm so happy this fight is over. 


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