Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


6. I Can't Believe This!

Hayley's POV

When Liam and Harry threw Teagan and I in the water, I just knew we had to get revenge. When Teagan and I went to go get changed we went into my room and started to talk. 

"Okay, we need to get Liam and Harry back for what they did to us."-Me. 

"Yes, definitely! Let's tell them that we have other boyfriends, they would never do that to us again!"-Teagan. 

"Yes! Thats amazing!"-Me. Then there was a knock on the door, and luckily we both were dressed already. I went to open the door and Louis walked in. 

"What are you guys talking about?"-Louis. I looked at Teagan and she nodded.

"Well, since the boys threw us in the water, we decided to get revenge! So we were thinking that we could, tell them that we had other boyfriends and then obviously tell the that we don't after."-Me. He smiled.

"Evil, I love it!"-Louis. Teagan and I laughed at him. He left to go back downstairs, and talk to the guys. Teagan and I stayed upstairs so we could blow dry our hair. Teagan wore sweatpants and a thick strap tank top and a messy bun. I put on a spaghetti strap tank top and pajama shorts. I put my hair in a messy braided bun. We walked downstairs and talked for a little bit. Once Teagan and I ran upstairs laughing, I went to my room and got ready for bed. I made sure all my schoolwork was done and got all my softball stuff ready. Liam kept trying to get in, but I wouldn't let him, even though I wanted to Teagan and I agreed we wouldn't. I cuddled up to all my blankets and pillows and drifted off in a deep, peaceful sleep. But of course that didn't last long because my alarm goes off at 6:15. I got up and got dressed in a purple crop top, high waisted jean shorts, and silver sandals. I put my hair in a waterfall braid and put on make up. I put on foundation and then did eye shadow in a smokey eye with purple eye shadow. Then I put my black eyeliner on my top lid, and a small line on my bottom lid, finally mascara. I grabbed my bags, and trust there were many and headed downstairs. But when I opened my door Liam was sleeping on the floor. I looked across the hall and Harry was doing the same. I slowly climbed over them and quietly knocked on Teagan's door. She opened it up and laughed at Harry and Liam. Then we walked downstairs and the boys were all asleep on the couch. 

"Morning."-Zayn. Teagan and I both screamed and of course Teagan dropped the cranberry juice and spilt it all over us both. 

"ZAYN!"-Both of us. All guys come running in. Teagan's white pants were all stained with cranberry juice and gives Zayn the nasty eye. 

"What the hell happened!?"-Liam. 

"Well Teagan and I were doing our normal daily routine and Zayn had to wake up and scare the shit out of both of us!"-Me. Zayn just shrugged. 

"What happened to your outfit? And the floor?"-Harry. 

"Zayn ruined it!"-Teagan. I grabbed paper towels and wiped my sandals off. Then I started cleaning the floor. Teagan ran upstairs and changed. The guys looked like they were about to pass out. 

"Guys go back to bed. It's fine."-Me. They all nodded and went back to bed. Teagan came down and grabbed a piece of paper. She wrote them a note and then we went to our cars. We got to school and everyone stared at us. It was weird. I heard people whispering about me and Teagan. This stuff doesn't bother me. They don't know me, why should I care what they thought about me. But Teagan, she doesn't like being the center of attention unless shes on the volleyball court or tennis court. She cares what people think of her. If someone doesn't like her she takes it really hard and feels like she has to change. I had to go to my locker, so I left her alone and went. After about 5 minutes I got a call from Teagan.


Me: Hello?

Teagan: Come to the locker room. 

Me: Why? Whats wrong? Why are you crying

Teagan: Please just come. Ill tell you when you get here. 


I got everything I needed for first class and walked to the locker room. I walked in and heard her on the phone with someone. Most likely Harry. She saw me and got off the phone. She came over to me and hugged me. She just cried in my arms until the bell rang, and her tennis coach walked in. Teagan quickly wiped her eyes and we walked out. All of a sudden someone comes to Teagan and me. Alexa... Teagan, Alexa and I used to be best friends. We would do everything together until my ex cheated on me with her. Like what friend does that!? 

"Hey Teagan. Hey Hayley."-Alexa.

"What do you want?"-Me. 

"So Teagan, I heard you had finally got a boyfriend. And Harry Styles? Wow. Good catch. Lets see how long that lasts before he finds someone prettier.. like me. You know he has always been one of my celebrity crushes.. maybe it can finally happen."-Alexa. 

"Just stop. We don't want any trouble.."-Me. 

"I give it a week tops. Or maybe I should go for Liam, since Hayley has such a good taste in men."-Alexa. I'm about to slap her when Teagan grabbed my arm.

"Softball Hayley!"-Teagan.

"Damn it! You are so lucky Alexa. That I'm the captain I can't get in any trouble."-Me. Teagan and I walked away and up to first class. We had like 2 classes together, but not this one. Class went by soo slow. And Liam was still asleep so it wasn't like I could text him. Once class ended I was probably the first one out of the room. All the classes went by and they were the same. Liam wouldn't text me because "School is more important blah blah blah" yet Harry didn't care he was texting her all day. I got to the locker room and Teagan was almost ready for tennis. I got my shorts, socks and shirt on then put my cleats on. Teagan was already by the Tennis courts. I walked to the softball field and Alexa was warming up. Great. I saw all my friends and walked up to them. I just heard them talking about me. How am I supposed to be captain when all they do is talk shit on me? It was time for Batting Practice. I was the pitcher and so wasn't Alexa. I pitched for everyone and then it was my turn to bat. Alexa was pitching for me. I was ready and she started her wind up but right when she released she twisted her wrist so it would go inside the batters  box. I tried to move but it already hit me. Right under my ribs. i just dropped to the ground crying. The coach came over and told me I had to go home. I grabbed my stuff and went to my car. I lifted up my shirt and saw a big red mark.. thats going to be a bruise.. and definitely stitch marks. I got home and dropped my bags at the door. The guys could tell I was upset. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a water and then some ice. I walked out and saw the guys staring at me. 

"Why do you have ice"-Liam.

"Arm hurts from pitching."-Me. He nodded. The guys started talking and then Liam comes over to me and wraps his arms around the back of my waist. His hands landed on the spot Alexa hit. I flinched and took my breath in. Liam let go quick and held his hands up. 

"What's wrong?"-Liam.

"Nothing."-Me. He gave me the seriously cut it out look. He started to lift my shirt up to see, but I swatted it down quickly before he could see anything.

"Hayley."-Liam. I sighed and moved my arms. I stood there until he lifted it up and saw the mark.

"What the hell!?"-Niall.

"Nothing.. just some bitch at softball."-Me. They were all shocked still. 

"What's the big deal? God!"-Me. I walked upstairs and slammed the door. I sat on my bed just listening to music. Until my phone went off. It was a random number.


Me: Hello?

Unknown: Is this Hayley Scott?

Me: Yeah. Why?

Unknown: This is the hospital, your friend Teagan has been in a major car accident. She is unconscious right now.. Her mom won't be able to make it. 

**I dropped my phone and screamed. The boys came running up. I put my hands over my mouth and cried. Liam heard someone on the phone so he picked it up. They told him everything and he told all the boys, then he came over to me and hugged me,, but made sure he didn't touch my bruise. I cried in his arms and then we all left for the hospital, not thinking of any consequences. 

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