Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


49. Home

Teagan's POV

It's been three days since Aaron was born and that means we get to go home! I woke up this morning to Aaron crying. I got up and have him a bottle it was 6 in the morning... Harry was fast asleep. He must have been up all night with Aaron because I don't remember waking up. I was wide awake now and Aaron went back to sleep after I rocked him for a little while. I was on my phone for a while when I saw Harry start to wake up, Aaron was still fast asleep it was about 7 now. 
"Morning babe." I said as he opened his eyes. He smiled. 
"Morning baby." He said getting up and sitting next to me on the bed. He gave me a kiss.
"Did you get up all last night with Aaron?" I asked. He smiled. 
"Yea... You would wake up but I would tell you to go back to sleep." He said smiling from me to Aaron. 
"Why? I would have helped..." I asked.
"Because I wanted to and I thought you would need some sleep so I let you." He leaned over and gave me another kiss. I just smiled and laughed. We where talking and then Aaron cried. Harry went to go get him but I got to him first. 
"No you took care of him all night. My turn!" I said smiling. He laughed. I changed him and then brought him over to the bed with me and Harry. He was still awake and he was looking up at me and Harry smiling. A nurse walked in and told us that we were free to go whenever we wanted. I gave Aaron to Harry and went to the bathroom to get changed. I came back out and Harry had Aaron all dressed in a cute little outfit and was putting him into his carrier. I smiled. 
"Your such a great dad already!" I said going over and giving Harry a huge hug. He just smiled and picked up Aaron. 
"Come on let's get out of here and go home!" He said. I smiled and we went out and signed all the papers and started to leave. We got to the door and saw the paparazzi. Great I thought. Harry held on to Aaron's carrier and put his arm around my waist protectively so no one would hurt me or Aaron. We walked out and I kept my head down I really wasn't in the mood for the paps right now. They were yelling questions at us and we just ignored them and went to our car. I took the carrier away from Harry and put Aaron in the backseat and then went to sit in the front... That was a mistake he started to cry about half way home. I had to crawl from the front to the back to feed him. Harry just laughed at me. When we got home Aaron was fast asleep so I took him up to the nursery and put him in his crib. I laid him down grabbed the monitor and went downstairs. I saw Harry in the kitchen I walked over and wrapped my arms around him. He turned around and smiled. 
"You hungry babe?" He asked.
"Yea I haven't eaten something good for three days! That food there was nasty!" I said. Harry started to laugh. "Not funny..." 
"Okay okay you want pancakes?" He asked. 
"YES!!" I squealed a little to loud. Harry laughed and then I heard Aaron started to cry though the monitor. 
"You need to learnt I be quiet." Harry said starting to make the pancakes. I rolled my eyes and walked upstairs. I picked up Aaron and brought him back downstairs and made him a bottle. I feed it to him then burped him then let him finish it. Harry came over and handed me a plate of pancakes then took Aaron from me. I laughed as I saw Aaron start to smile really big when Harry picked him up. 
"What?" He asked while looking at Aaron and started playing with his fingers. 
"Nothing I just find it really cute how happy he gets when he sees you!" I laughed. Harry smiled realizing I was right. Aaron soon fell asleep in Harry's arms. Harry just sat next to me holding Aaron. We were watching tv and talking when my phone went off. It was a text from Hayley. 
H: 'hey tea. I know you just got home but we were all wondering if we could come over and visit?' 
M: 'yea that's fine see you soon!' 
"Hey Harry everyone is coming over soon just thought I'd let you know." I whispered since Aaron was still asleep. He nodded and then brought Aaron up to the nursery and put him in his crib. I went upstairs and showered then came back down in a pair of sweats and one of Harry's sweatshirts. As soon as I got downstairs there was a knock on the door. I went over and saw everyone at the door. I said hi to everyone and told them to be quiet since Aaron was asleep so was Taylor and Carson so that worked out well. We all went to the living room and watched tv and talking Niall got up and went to the kitchen to find food... I laughed. 
"YOU GUYS HAVE BARELY ANY FOOD!!!!" Niall yelled. Oh no here we go. All three of the babies started to cry. 
"NIALLLLLL!!!!" We all screamed. 
"Sorry he said walking in with a bag of chips. I rolled my eyes and walked upstairs and got Aaron. I came back down and Taylor and Carson were calmed down and Niall was holding Taylor while Perrie was holding Carson. Aaron calmed down after a little while and Louis came over. 
"Can I hold him?" He asked. I laughed and handed Aaron to him. Aaron started to smile. "He likes me!" Louis said. 
"He always smiles when someone holds him..." I said laughing. 
"Okay well he still likes me!!!" Louis said smiling. Louis handed Aaron to El and he was smiling then he started to cry. 
"What did I do?" She asked confused handing him to Harry. 
"Nothing he's hungry." I laughed. I made him a bottle and gave it to Harry. Aaron finished the bottle then Harry burped and rocked him to sleep. 
"Wow Harry you actually knew what to do!?" Zayn said laughing. Everyone laughed and Harry rolled his eyes. 
"Yes I do!" He said proudly holding Aaron. They stayed all day they left and Aaron was upstairs sleeping so me and Harry went into our bedroom. 
"Hey baby I told my mom that she and Gemma and Robin could come stay a few days at our place is that alright with you? They would be coming tomorrow" He asked. 
"Of course I love them!" I said. He just laughed. "Oh yea I should probably call my mom and invite her to come and see Aaron and everyone I haven't talked to her in a while." I said. Harry nodded in agreement. I took out my phone to call my mom. 
Mom: Hello? 
Me: Hey Mom! 
Mom: Hi sweetie I haven't heard from you in so long? How is everything how is Aaron? I thought he wasn't due for two more months. 
Me:Aaron's doing good and yea he wasn't due for another two months but he's doing really well! 
Mom:That's great! How's everyone? 
Me:Everyone's great mom! Hayley had Taylor and Carson they are so cute and they are only 6 days older than Aaron. 
Mom:That's great! 
Me:So I was wondering if you wanted to come visit us? You can stay at Harry and my house and spend time with Aaron and everyone!
Mom:I would love too sweetie but nows not the best time. Work is making me travel for another 2 months around the States but I could after that? 
Me: Yea that's fine mom. I love you I got to go though. Talk to you soon. 
Mom: I'm sorry... I love you to.
When my mom said she could come for another two months I felt so upset. I got off the phone and started it cry a little. Harry tried to calm me down and I stopped crying but I was still upset. We both started to fall asleep when Aaron started to cry. 
"Don't worry babe. I got it." Harry said giving me a kiss and going into Aaron's room. I smiled to myself thinking about Harry and Aaron. I was upset about my mom but realized I would see her in a few months I decided I should probably get some sleep since I'm going to be getting up next time he cries. I feel asleep thinking about how happy I was to be home with my family and that I couldn't imagine being anywhere else but here.

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