Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


40. Hate.


Hayley's POV

I can't believe that Teagan lied to me for 3 years! I woke up on the chair all cuddled up to Liam. My right arm going across my face which is on the head rest of the chair and my left arm near my chin. One of my legs off the chair and one of my feet hanging off a little. Liam's right arm was going across my waist and hand near his head at the top of the chair and a blanket going over the both of us. We both woke up to a click of a camera or something. We look up and see Niall standing there with his phone. 
"What the hell Niall? Did you just take a picture of us?"-Me. 
"Yeah, you just looked so cute."-Niall. 
"Okay, send me that picture."-Me. He nodded. My phone went off and it was the text from Niall. Teagan ran downstairs. 
"Hayley!! I have an AMAZING idea!!"
"Oh god."-Liam. 
"What is this AMAZING idea you have?"-Me. 
"Dye our hair! I have colors picked out already."-Teagan. 
"Do I get to pick mine?"-Me. 
"No! I'm surprising you! But trust me you'll love it!"-Teagan. 
"Fine. It better not be an ugly color like orange or something!"-Me. She shook her head and laughed. She grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs. El and Perrie were getting it all ready. I changed into crapy clothes and then brushed through my hair. Perrie did mine and El did Teagans. Once I went in the shower and wash the die out of my hair, I blow dry it and then straighten it and then curl it. I actually love it. I walked into the room with the girls and they look amazed. 
"Wow you look amazing."-El. 
"Thanks but I'm dying it back blonde before the wedding!"-Me. The nodded in agreement. Teagan came out and she looked gorgeous. 
"Tea you look gorgeous!"-Me. 
"Thanks you too!" 
We walked downstairs to see the boys. 
"Taa Daa!"-Me. 
"Woah. You look so different. I like it!"-Niall. 
"Thanks?"-Me. I walked over to Liam. I sat next to him and put my head on his shoulder. 
"I love your hair."-Liam. 
"We have to leave for the interview in 30 minutes."-Zayn said reading a message off his phone. Liam and I go to our room and pick out clothes. I put on a pair of skinny jeans that still fit and then a big sweatshirt. I put on UGG boots and then walked downstairs waiting for Liam and everyone to finish. I applied a little mascara waiting for everyone. But that was it. Everyone came downstairs and then we all left. Once we got there many people were waiting. Fans of course. We all stepped out and it wasn't really that bad. The interview started and us girls at backstage talking and watching. First they performed, Better Than Words, Alive and finally little white lies. After that there was a short commercial break and then an interview. 
"Great performance boys. So Harry there is a rumor that your fiancé is pregnant. Is that true?"-Interviewer. I looked at Teagan and she looked a little uncomfortable. 
"Yea it's true."-Harry. I smiled to myself. I think that's adorable. 
"And Liam your fiancé is pregnant as well correct?"-Interviewer. He nodded and smiled. I smiled to myself. They asked questions about the latest tour and the album. Then once it was over the boys came to is. Liam gave me a kiss and Harry did the same to Teagan. Louis and Zayn did it to El and Perrie of course. Perrie had to leave quickly for some photo shoot for little mix. We walked out and got mobbed once again expect this time many names were being thrown to Teagan and I. Slut whore bitch and just names like that.  I didn't care they were just upset and jealous. And I understand them their idols just admitted to being engaged to someone whose pregnant. I would never call anyone names but that's how they cope with it I guess. Teagan was getting most of the hate. We got in the car and she was quiet. 
"Girls don't believe any of that."-Louis. Teagan once again just stayed silent and looked at her hands. We stopped to eat quick and then went home. Teagan ran up to her room crying. I walked up after her. 
"Teagan please don't believe it. They are just jealous."-Me. 
"They hate me!"-Teagan. 
"No they don't! They jut hate that Harry is off the market!"-Me. 
"They don't even know me."-Teagan. 
"Exactly they don't know you. They don't know the Teagan we all know and love!"-Me. Harry walked in. 
"she's right Teagan."-Harry 
"Don't take it to heart, they do that with everything."-Me. 
"But how can I not!? I'm not like you and don't care I care!"-Teagan. 
"I care! I just don't let it get to me! You need to stop letting everything they say to you get in your head."-Me. Teagan looked pale. She was thinking something. Then all of a sudden she passed out. 
"See what you did!?"-Harry. 
"I didn't do anything. I was talking to her! Stop pointing fingers when it was your fans hating on her!"-Me. Liam came up when he heard yelling.
"Instead of blaming me why don't you get her to the hospital!?"-Me.
"what happened!?"-Liam. 
"Your fiancé made Teagan pass out!"-Harry. 
"I didn't do shit!"-Me. Harry walked past us and we all went to the hospital. Was is really my fault? I didn't mean to. I walked into the room and Harry was bitching me out.  Then Teagan woke up. Everyone was surprised. Harry and I used to be so close now he hates me! This is horrible!

*********************A/N~~~Sorry for the short sucky chapter~~~

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