Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


50. Gym

Hayley's POV

I woke up to someone jumping on my bed. It wasn't Liam because I was still cuddled up to him. I looked up and saw Teagan. 
"How the hell did you get in my house?" I asked her. 
"You gave me a key that one time remember?" 
"Well I want it back now so you can't rudely come in and wake me up." I told her. I heard Liam laugh and saw Teagan and Harry laughing. 
"What time is it anyways?" Liam asked. 
"10." Harry answered. I sat up and grabbed my phone. Then all the guys walked in. 
"Good morning!" Louis screamed. I laughed. Carson and Taylor started crying. I got up and grabbed Carson because I knew Niall or Liam would grab Taylor. I changed his diaper and then I put him in a batman onesie and jeans. He looked adorable. I walked out and saw Taylor in a cute cheetah print skirt. Liam was holding her. 
"Did you pick the outfit out?" I asked him. 
"No I did." El said. I laughed. 
"Well it looks adorable." I said. 
"So why are you all here? Not that I don't want you here, but why are you here at 10 am?" I asked. 
"We are going to the gym." Zayn said. Liam handed Niall Taylor and got dressed. 
"Hayley and Teagan should come." Louis said. Looking straight at us. Teagan quickly agreed. 
"I don't feel like going to the gym." I said. 
"Come on Hay! Please! Don't you want to get rid of that extra baby weight?" Teagan asked me. I just looked at her. 
"I'm too lazy!" I said. Liam came down. 
"What going on?" Liam asked. 
"Hayley's being stupid!" Teagan said. 
"Hey! I am not!" 
"Why is she being stupid?" Liam asked. 
"Because I'm going to the gym with you but Hayley won't come too!" Teagan said. 
"Just go babe." Liam said. 
"Im tired!" I said. Liam laughed. 
"El and I can watch the kids just go." Perrie said. 
"Fine! God! You're all annoying!!" I got up and walked upstairs Teagan came with me. 
"We can just do volleyball while they do basketball."Teagan said. I gave her clothes and then put some on for myself. We came down and all the guys laughed at me. 
"But since you guys are making me go we are stopping at Starbucks whether you like it or not." Liam came over to me and kissed my cheek. 
"Fine." Zayn said. I said bye to El and Perrie and the three babies and we left. We stopped at Starbucks and then to the gym. The guys started to play basketball and Teagan and I started to just toss around a volleyball volleying it back and forth. When one of us would mess up we would laugh at each other. We started a one on one game of volleyball. I served it and then we were just going back and forth diving here and there until I felt someone squeeze my sides. I squeaked but still hit the ball. Teagan missed it and it was inside. I laughed then looked behind me and saw Liam. I hugged him. All the boys were shirtless now. I didn't mind at all. 
"Hah! I won Tea!!" I yelled to her. She threw the ball and it hit my stomach. I heard her laugh. I just grabbed my stomach. I felt Liam chuckle a little. 
"That hurt you bitch! You're such a sore loser!" 
"I want to play volleyball!" Niall said. 
"Hayley Liam and Niall. Against me Louis Harry and Zayn." Teagan said. 
"You want to have an extra person because you know you'll lose how cute?" I said. She flipped me off. I laughed. Teagan started out. She served and Niall hit it. Harry missed it. After a while we stopped. The guys went back to basketball. Teagan wanted to play. Of course. 
"I want to play! I never played before!" Teagan said. Bullshit. We were playing basketball I was okay but still kind of good and Teagan was really good. 
"You've never played!?" Harry asked. 
"Bull she used to play. She's played for like 7 years on varsity every year and captain last! The only reason I know that is because she would make me practice with her even though I hated it and she made me go to her boring ass games!" I said. Teagan laughed along with Liam. We left the gym not too long after that. We drove home. Once we walked in all three babies were crying. El and Perrie were going absolutely crazy. We all were laughing. I walked over and grabbed Carson. He stopped crying instantly. Niall grabbed Taylor and after a few minutes she stopped and then Harry went over and grabbed Aaron from El. Aaron stopped crying. Everyone was still laughing at them. 
"And you said they didn't like me!!" Harry laughed. 
"Mine don't..." Liam said. 
"Give me Carson! I'll prove you wrong." Harry said. Liam rolled his eyes and I handed him Carson. Carson looked up at Harry and smiled really big. 
"HAH! Told you!" Harry yelled. Carson jumped at his sudden outburst. Harry handed him back to me and Niall handed Harry Taylor. 
"I bet she won't like you!" Niall said with a smirk. Harry took Taylor. She looked up at Harry and looked confused. She started looking around. Until she saw Liam and Niall next to each other. Then she smiled at the two of them. I smiled at her. Harry gave Niall Taylor. 
"At least she didn't cry!" Harry said defeated. I laughed. We all sat down on Liam and I's couches and started talking about random things. We played with Tayor, Carson, and Aaron. We watched movies for the rest of the day. When it started to get late everyone left and we put the babies to bed. We went back out to the couch and watched another movie. I put my legs over Liam's and he started rubbing my legs. Once the movie ended we went up to bed. I was sitting on my phone waiting for Liam to get in bed. He came out of the bathroom in sweats and no shirt. He got in bed and was looking over my shoulder at my phone. I was playing minion rush. Once I died I put my phone down. Liam laughed at me. 
"What? It's a really fun game!" I told him. He gave me a kiss. 
"Nothing! Goodnight I love you." 
"I love you too." We faced the same way with his arms wrapped around my waist, he drew soothing circles on my stomach until I drifted off into a peaceful sleep. 

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