Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


27. Graduation

Hayley's POV 

Today was finally graduation. I finally finished my speech with the help of my amazing fiancé. I have gotten a little bigger, I have a little baby bump. I woke up all cuddled up to Liam. Teagan came in the guest room and started jumping  on the bed. 
"Get up! Get up! Get up!"-Teagan. I stuck my leg out and she fell off the bed.
"Get out!"-Liam. 
"Someone's Mr.Grouchy pants today."-Teagan. I threw a random object at her and it hit her. 
"GET OUT IM TRYING TO SLEEP!"-Me. She just walked out. I fell back asleep all cuddled up to Liam again. Then all of a sudden two people were jumping on the bed. I looked up and saw Teagan and Harry. 
"Get up!"-Harry. 
"Ugh it's too early for this!"-Me. 
"It's 11.."-Harry. 
"I'm with children!"-Me. They all laughed. I kissed Liam and got up. 
"Soo..Teagan did you finish your speech yet?"-Me. She smiled..
"Of.. Course I finished my speech."-Teagan. 
"Let me show her!"-Harry. He ran to go get her laptop. 
"HARRY DONT!"-Teagan. I smiled knowing she didn't finish it. He brought it in and showed me. One sentence... One fucking sentence!
"TEAGAN! You only have one sentence!!!!"-Me. 
"Did you finish yours?"-Teagan. 
"Yeah she did. She finished hers like a week ago and if I say so my self it's the best."-Liam
"You're only saying that because you helped me write it."-Me. He nodded and smiled. I kissed his cheek. 
"Hayley please help me!!"-Teagan. 
"No! Tea you need to do this on your own, it's your only chance to be valedictorian.. Write how you feel about leaving and graduating, talk about your plans after high school just write it yourself."-Me. 
"Just write it for me come on!"-Teagan. 
"No! I can't. Sorry Tea but you need to do it on your own."-Me. She went downstairs and I heard her ask everyone for help. 
"Come on Li, we need to go downstairs."-Me. I stood up I grabbed his arm and tried pulling him up. 
"Come on!!"-Me. He grabbed my waist and pulled me on him. I squealed. He rolled over so he was on top of me. But he wasn't putting any pressure on me. 
"Come on we need to go downstairs."-Me. 
"Why?"-Liam. He gave me a kiss. 
"I have to help Teagan with her speech."-Me. 
"No you don't."-Liam. I nodded. 
"Yea I do."-Me. He started poking me. I screamed. 
"Stop it."-Me. He finally stopped and started kissing all over my face. 
"What was that for?"-Me. 
"I dunno."-Liam. I laughed. 
"I think you forgot somewhere."-Me. I pointed to my lips. He laughed and gave me a kiss. We walked downstairs hand-in-hand. We all were sitting on the couches trying to help Teagan write her speech. I walked to her laptop and took it and brought it back over to where Liam and I are sitting. I read through it and as I read I deleted sentences that were pretty bad. I gave it back to her and she looked at me like I was crazy. 
"You deleted like half of it!!!"-Teagan. 
"I only deleted the shitty sentences you had! So obviously you need to work on your writing skills! And not wait until the day of graduation to write your speech!"-Me. She just shrugged and continued writing. Once she finally finished her mom came downstairs. 
"You guys need to start getting ready soon. You have 3 hours until we have to leave."-Amy, Teas mom. 
We nodded. Someone knocked on the door. Teagan answered it and my mom was standing there. She had my cap and gown and she looked upset or something. I ran over to her and gave her a huge hug. 
"What's wrong?"-Me. She walked to the couch and sat down. I sat next to her. 
"Your father and I are getting divorced."-Mom. 
"Why? What happened?"-Me. I really didn't care. It was about time. 
"I found out that he has been.. Cheating on me for the past year."-Mom. 
"Oh my god. I'm sorry mom."-Me. She just hugged me. 
"But I'm fine it's all set. Now let's get you girls ready for graduation."-Mom. I stood up and Tea stood up. I grabbed Liam and  made him come with us. My mom was doing my make up and I was doing my hair. Once my mom finished. Liam helped me put my cap on. Then Harry walked in. 
"Mom, Amy can you please leave us alone for a minute. I need to talk to Liam,Harry, and Tea about something."-Me. They nodded and left. Harry looked nervous. I walked over to Tea and made her look at me. I was helping her with her cap then I saw that Harry was ready. 
"OH MY GOD! HARRY YOU STRAIGHTENED YOUR HAIR!?"-Me. Teagan looked around and saw Harry on one knee with the box out. I walked over to Liam and we went to the door. 
"Teagan, I love you so much. You make me the happiest person in the whole entire world. We have had our little arguments and I know there are more to come, but its nothing we can't handle. I've never been happier. I want to continue being this happy for the rest of my life with you by side no matter what. I want to make you as happy as I am and I want you to feel special, because you are. So Teagan Rose Grey will you please take this ring, to marry me and become my wife?"-Harry. How cute? 
"Yes."-Teagan. He put the ring on her finger and then they kissed and hugged. I walk back in with Liam and looked at her finger. 
"Nice ring you got there."-Me. She laughed. We finished getting ready and walked downstairs. I put my gown on and Teagan put hers on. Our moms took so many pictures. We finally left for the school. When we got there we hung around with friends. Liam was talking to the boys a few feet away from us. Brandon walked up to me. 
"Come here Hayley, I need to talk to you."-Brandon. I walked a little bit away. 
"Where's Brittany?"-Me. 
"We broke up I caught her cheating  on me."-Brandon. I gave him a hug to say sorry. 
"I know that you are engaged and pregnant but I really like you Hayley, I have for so long now."-Brandon. 
"Oh I'm sorry. I'm with Liam, I'm really sorry Brandon."-Me. He came closer to me and kissed me. I didn't kiss back and tried pulling away, but he wouldn't let me. 
"What is going on here!?"-Liam. Brandon pulled away quickly. 
"Liam he kissed me, I tried pulling away I promise."-Me. He nodded and walked to Brandon. 
"Why did you just kiss my fiancé?"-Liam.  
"She kissed me. I would never do that."-Brandon. 
"Are you fucking kidding me?!"-Me. 
"I don't believe you. I saw it. Now stay away from her."-Liam. He grabbed my hand and we walked away. 
"God he's crazy!"-Me. Liam wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled the side of my body into his. We got back to the boys and they all were staring. 
"Look over there."-Louis. I looked to where they were looking and saw Niall talking with Brittany, flirting. I grabbed Liam's hand and walked over there.
"Niall, why are you talking to her?"-Me. 
"Cool it Hayley, you're engaged. He's not interested."-Brittany. I laughed. 
"You think that I'm interested in Niall? Haha funny. I'm trying to make sure he doesn't get any of your diseases."-Me. 
"Shut up. You don't know anything."-Brittany. 
"Sure."-Me. Then my dad walked over with Brittany's mom.  
"Niall, meet my new stepdad."-Brittany. 
"Dad? I thought you weren't coming."-Me. 
"I'm not here for you... I'm here for my new family."-Dad. 
"Fuck you."-Me. I walked away. It was time for graduation to start. The boys all went to the gym and the rest of us had to line up. We all walked in. It was time for Teagan's speech. She looked like she wanted to pass out. She looked over to me and I nodded. Then I pointed to her ring. She relaxed a little more and gave an amazing speech. Then it was my turn. I went up and gave my speech. Once they gave us diplomas and the ceremony was over the boys came up to us and hugged us. For a celebration we all just hung out and had an amazing time. We all went to bed early because we are moving to London tomorrow. Today was a sucky day, but my friends and my amazing fiancé definitely made it all better. 

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