Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


15. Goodbye...

Teagan's POV


Last week Hayley and the boys threw me a surprise party. It was really fun Alexa  was there and it was drama free. I actually am starting to really become friends with her she's not as bad as I remember. It was nice Harry brought me out to a nice dinner and then we went back to Hayley's to "watch movies". It was so nice that they would do that for me. That weekend was also prom. It was so fun! Alexa even had a date... Hayley's Ex, the four of us decide to stay away from them. Liam looked like he wanted to kill him because he kept complimenting Hayley so we had to stay far away from them. Well now we are on our way to the airport to say goodbye to the boys before they leave for 4 months. The car ride everyone was silent no one knew what to say. I just sat next to Harry and thought about last night. Last we all stayed up and stayed at Hayley's house making some Midnight Memories(see what I did there). We just stayed up all night and talked and laughed. I sat with my head on Harry's shoulder and he held me close all night and Hayley and Liam did the same. Her dad come down a few times to tell us to quite down but he gave up after a while. We got to the airport and me and Hayley started to cry. Harry and  Liam looked really upset to. We got out of the car to see so many fans and paparazzi. The boys signed some autographs and we started to hear nasty things being said about us so Paul made us go inside with him to wait for the boys. A little while later they came in and we waited for the plane to be called. We were all sitting and talking enjoying the last moments we had before they had to leave for a while. Then their flight got called. Everyone just got up and looked really upset. We said goodbye to Louis, Niall, and Zayn before they walked to the plane. It was just the four of us. I said goodbye to Liam and Hayley said goodbye to Harry. We were just hugging not wanting to let go of each other when he pulled away and looked at me. 

"I have to give you something." -Harry. I just looked at him with tears in my eyes. He pulled out a box and opened it. It had a infinity necklace with emeralds (my birthstone) and it said "Forever & Always" on it. He put it on me and he kissed me until Paul came over and said it was time to go. 

"I love you forever and always."- Harry said before letting go of me.

"I love you to!" - I said with tears running down my face. He gave me one more kiss and walked away.  I turned and saw Hayley and Liam hugging and tears going down her face. He walked away we both just sat there crying and watched them leave. We went to get to the car but of course there was paparazzi asking a million questions. We just got in the car and drove away both in tears.  

Hayley's POV

Teagan and I got inside the airport and just waited for the guys. When they camme in we all talked enjoying the last minutes we would have for 5 months. When the plane got called I said my goodbyes. Liam and Harry stayed back a little longer than the others. Liam pulled me away from Harry and Teagan. I looked at him and I could already feel the tears stream down my face. 

"There is something I need to give you ."-Liam. I nodded. I couldnt talk. If I did I wowuld break down. He pulled out a velveet box. 

"Um. are you propsing!?"-Me.

"Noo noo noo."-Liam. I let out a breath of relief. He opened the box. it was the most adorable ring ever. On the inside of te band it said 'To Infinity &' Beyond' 

"its a promise ring. Its a prommise that I will always love you, and that this will work out. II love you so much."-Liam. I hugged him.

"To Infinity and Beyond."-Me. I was bawling my eyes out. He let go of the hug when Paul came over. He started to cry. He gave me a passionate kiss and then left. He walked away and before he left completely he turned around. I blew him a kiss. He pretended to catch it then he put it in his pocket. Teagan came over we got to the car Teagan drove back home. I was silent, the only emotion I showed was my silent tears. Teagan and I walked into my house and my mom came over to me and hugged me. 

"What's wrong babygirl? Where are the boys?"-Mom.

"They.. left.. They have to go on.. tour.. 5 months.."-Me. 

"Im so sorry."-Mom. My dad walks in the room. 

"What's that on your finger?"-Dad.

"A ring.."-Me.

"Did he propose!?!? Hayley you met him a few months ago!"-Dad.

"Dad its a promise ring. Can we please not talk about this, or him, or any of them? I just want to go to sleep and I'm sure Teagan feels the same way."-Me. 

"Fine."-Dad. Teagan and I both went in my bed. I grabbed Liam's sweatshirt and his sweatpants that he left here and I put his sweats on. I cuddled up to his sweatshirt and fell asleep. This 5 months needs to go by fast. I can't live without Liam, I need him. I'll always need him and love him to infinity and beyond. 


Teagan's POV

It's been a week since the boys left. It has been the longest week of my life... I hate this I don't know how I'm suppose to go 4 months with out them. I know Hayley said 5 but they are surprising her for her birthday ad coming home a week early. I haven't left Hayley's house except to go to school. I just can't we both need each other. Alexa comes over most of the time after school and on the weekends but she keeps trying to tell us that they are going to cheat on us and we shouldn't trust them and we should just brake up with them. I don't let it get to me and neither does Hayley.. that is until now. 

"TEAGAN GET OUT HERE NOW!!!!"-Hayley. She was crying and staring at the TV. I just looked everything was so quite. 

"And today One Direction's Liam Payne was seen walking the streets of London with model Mariah Jones, his ex girlfriend. Did he and Hayley brake up? Hayley was seen leaving the airport crying with Harry Styles' girlfriend Teagan also in tears... are they broken up to?" A picture of Liam and this Mariah girl flashed on the screen they were hugging outside of a club.

"Don't  listen to that Hay you know the paparazzi will do anything to create drama. We know that you two are  still dating..."-Me

"I don't know Hayley... I told you this would happen maybe you should just brake up with him."-Alexa. 

"Hay don't listen to her I'll call Harry and find out whats going on."-Me

"No I don't want to talk to him!"-Hayley she was playing with the ring he gave her. 

"Hayley I think you should just get rid of that ring..."-Alexa.

"No keep the ring on. I know Liam would never do that to you! My god Alexa your horrible!"-Me. I took my phone out and called Harrry.

****PHONE CALL****

Harry: Hey baby. How are you?

Me: Good but is Liam around you?

Harry: Yea, why?

Me: Because of what was on the TV... Just put the phone on speaker!       

Harry:Ok you're on speaker now can you please explain what is going on?

Me:I don't need to Liam does. 

Liam: What do I need to explain? He asked very confused

Hayley: Why there was a picture of you hugging your ex girlfriend outside of a club!

Liam: I said Hi and hugged her. 

By now Alex is on her phone showing Hayley pictures of them kissing and walking around London.

Hayley: Really because there are pictures of you to kissing and walking around all night. 

Liam: No! She kissed my cheek and then we walked around with all the boys. 

Hayley: You know what  I never should have let you tell me that we would last! You promised! 

Hayley ran upstairs and slammed her door. 

Me:Liam I believe you I will talk to her let her be for now... I'll let you know when you can call her.


His voice was shaky he sounded like he was going to cry.

Me: I'm going to see her bye guys...

Both: Bye

I looked at Alexa. 

" You can leave now. I think you've done enough for the past week..." -Me

"Ok but I was only telling her the truth."-She had a huge smile on her face... "Bye" 

I walked upstairs to see Hayley on her bed crying and playing with the ring. I talked her into keeping it on and just forgetting about the pictures and believe Liam. She agreed to calm down and think about it. We went to school the next day and people were talking about how Hayley and Liam broke up and so didn't me and Harry. Those rumors stopped soon. I went back to my house after school Hayley was coming over after her practice. She came running in the house crying. 

"What's wrong!!!!!"-Me

"M-m-my r-r-rring issss g-g-g-gone!!!"-Hayley cried

"Come on we are going to look through all your bags, your car and we are going to the school and looking. Call your coach and see if she found it."

"She doesn't I called its gone. Liam will defiantly leave me now!!!!"-Hayley

"No he wont don't worry we will find it."-Me 

We looked everywhere and it was no were to be found.

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