Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


26. Girls Day

Teagan's POV 

Last night Hayley got into a fight with Liam. It's fine though they made up. But Hayley got a phone call last night... her grandma passed away last night. It is really hard on her she was really close to her. So today we are skipping school again... I'm a great valedictorian! We are having a girls day! I woke up at around 10. I tried to get out of Harry's arms without waking him up. It didn't work.
"Morning Babe."-He said in his adorable morning voice. 
"Morning sorry I woke you up."- I said giving him a kiss. I went to get up but he pulled me back on the bed.
"Babe stay here with me."-Harry
"You know I can't I'm having a girls day!"-Me
"I love you!"-Me.
"I love you to."- Harry said has he rolled over to go back to sleep.
I went in to the guest bedroom and woke Hayley up. Before we left Liam reminded us to make sure we hid our faces from the paparazzi. She got up and we where off the go shopping. We went to the mall and bought a ton of stuff for the babies and us. We got a ton of girl stuff and a few things for a boy. We decided it was time to go we put our hoods up and our sunglasses on. We had a whole bunch of baby bags. We walked out and of course there was a ton of paparazzi. They were screaming questions at us this was the first time they have been around us without the boys. We tried to just keep walking, but one of them hit Hayley in the stomach. 
"Why would you hit her she's pregnant! Liam is going to be pissed when he finds out!!!"-I screamed and then covered my mouth. Hayley looked shocked and scared.
"So that's what the baby bags are for!"-One man said. Me and Hayley just kept walking with our heads down and got into the car.
"Hayley I'm so sorry! It's just he hit you and it just came out!"-Me
"It's fine I would have done the same if it was you."-Hayley.
We got back to the house and the boys were staring at the tv... it was us and it was about Hayley being pregnant! We walked in and all the boys looked at us. 
"Liam I'm sorry it just came out when she got hit!"-Me
"It's fine Teagan. Hayley you go hit! Where?"-Liam
"In the stomach but I'm fine it wasn't hard."-Hayley. Liam was really upset about that he ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. Then he got a call from Simon. He was upset that Liam and Hayley were having kids. That she's only 17, but Liam talked to him and he calmed down a little. He just said make sure that we all just lay low for a while and stay away from the paparazzi so no more stories could be made about us. I went up stairs to get changed into some comfy clothes and put the clothes I bought today away. I walked back down stairs and everyone went quiet. They were all smiling like idiots. Weird I thought but whatever. I sat down next to Harry and cuddled up to him. Hayley started showing all the clothes we got and we just talked.

Hayley's POV

We got home and Liam was worried because I got hit. Then Teagan went upstairs we heard her door close then Harry jumped up. 
"Guys!"-He whispered.
"What!"-Louis yelled.
"Ok first of all shhhhh! Second look."-Harry. He pulled out a box and it had a beautiful pink ring in it.
"I'm going propose to her soon!"-Harry
"I hope you know she hates pink..."-Me
"Im kidding she'll love it!"-Me. We were all talking about it when we heard her door shut and her coming down the stairs. Harry hid the ring in his pocket and everyone went quiet. Teagan just came down and looked confused about the silence then went over and sat with Harry.
 "What did you girls even get you have a lot of bags?"-Liam
"Baby stuff!!!"-Me and Teagan said at the same time. 
"How we don't even know what we are having yet."-Liam 
"That's why we got girls and buys stuff."-Me
"What if we have two boys or two girls?"-Liam 
"Then we give the stuff to Teagan and Harry's baby!"-Me 
"When they have a baby..."-Me
"Don't worry that won't be for a long time!"-Teagan 
"Yeah like a year!"-Harry. Teagan turned and looked at Harry with a shocked face.
"No not for a long long time"-Teagan 
"Okay like 2 year."-Harry. Teagan still looked shocked at that. 
"Okay then everyone... Bets! When will Teagan get pregnant!"-Me
"4 years so I'm done college!"- Teagan 
"A year!"-Harry. Teagan hit him. "Okay 4 years."-Harry
"Nope first answers only Harry said a year!"-Me 
"A week!"-Niall. Both Teagan and Harry give him a nasty look. 
" 6 months!"-Zayn
"Two weeks!"-Liam
"A month!"-Me. 
"Let's talk baby names!"-Zayn
"Why so soon?"-Me
"Because that way you don't have to worry about it later!"-Zayn
"Ok Taylor."-Liam
" I don't know any boy names!"-Me.
"What about Louis?!?"-Louis
"No... What if I have 2 girls?"-Me.
"Lu and Louise!"-Louis
"Stop Louis just stop..."-Liam
"I know!"-Teagan
"Same!"-Harry. Everyone turned and looked at us with shocked faces.
"If I were to have a girl Arabella. If it were to have a boy Aaron."-Teagan
"Girl Darcy boy I guess Aaron because I can't think of another name!"-Harry
"See they are going to have baby soon they already know names!"-Me 
"No no no they are not! Harry will not live to see that baby!"-Louis 
"Can I change my guess to they are pregnant now..."-Zayn
"Can I change mine to soon to because I feel like she's not telling me something..."-Harry. Teagan hit Harry in the arm. 
"Ow what was that for!?!?"-Harry
"For saying I'm pregnant! I am not!"-Me 
"Hormonal are we! That's a sign of pregnancy!"-Liam. 
"Liam don't tell a girl she's hormonal it's not a good idea! Did you see Hayley yesterday anyway she was way worse..."-Louis 
"Anyway I'm not pregnant so no need to worry!"-Teagan 
"Thank god!"-Harry 
"Agreed we don't need three babies in the house at once..."-Niall
"Well we won't so... No need to worry about that!"-Teagan. 
"Guys she's not pregnant trust me on that!"-Harry.
"Who's Carson?"-Harry asked looking at Teagan.
"I have no clue!"-Teagan 
"If we have a boy that's what I want to name it!"-Me
"Oh thank god I thought Teagan was cheating on me!"-Harry
"Really... You thought I would cheat on you! Okay than!"-Teagan she looked at Harry and slide out from under her arm. 
"No that's not what I meant!"-Harry 
"No knows what there saying I guess!"-Teagan. She looked from Harry to Liam to me. 
"Don't look at me I'm pregnant and hormonal I can't be held accountable for the things I say!"-Me 
" I'm nervous like Hayley is so I can't be either... But Harry doesn't have an excuse!"-Liam
"No babe you can be held accountable.."-Me
"Dammit I thought that would work!"-Liam. Everyone laughed I just rolled my eyes. 
Teagan was sitting on the opposite side of the couch as Harry. 
"Babe come sit with me please."-Harry 
"Why I'm cheating on you?"-Teagan.
"Teagan thats not what I meant it was a joke..."-Harry 
"Funny joke! I'll get you back for that!"-Teagan. She moved over and sat next to Harry. 
"Haha you better be careful! Teagan will find a good way to get you back!"-Louis.
"Yup and it might not be for a while!"-Teagan. We talked about random and stupid things the rest of the day. We watched some movies. Teagan started to write her speech... Haha that should be good to watch she hates talking in front of people. 
It was getting later so Teagan decided she should go to bed, Harry followed. 
"You better not be going to make a baby!"-Teagan's mom. 
"Ohhh kill um!!!!"-Me. Everyone started to laugh. 
"Shhh Hayley!"-Liam 
"I'm going to bed! I don't want to have a baby for a long long time god! Harry stay down here!"-Teagan
"But I'm tired!"-Harry 
"Then sleep on the couch!"-Teagan. She went up to her room and slammed the door.
"Ohhhh! Harry has to sleep on the couch hahaha!"-Liam 
"I'm tired I'm going to bed now."-Me 
"Okay I'll come to babe!"-Liam
"No you won't you thought it was so funny Harry has to sleep down here you are to!"-Me 
"But I was joking!"-Liam
"I'm not!"-Me. I walked up to the guest room. I heard The boys talking as I went upstairs.
"I hope this is all the payback I get from Teagan."-Harry
"You know this is just the start at least Teagan had a reason to have you sleep on the couch..."-Liam. I couldn't help but laugh I yelled from the top of the stairs.
"I do have a reason all the boys are sleeping on the couch or the floor so I figured you guys could have a sleepover! And Harry you know better Teagan will find a way worse payback than this!"-Me 
Louis, Niall, and Zayn were all laughing so hard. I walked upstairs and went to bed. I could hear Harry come up and talk to Teagan and walk in the bed room and not come out. She for gave him so I had to go get Liam. I went downstairs and told Liam he could come up to bed... He got up and started to walk up the stairs when Niall grabbed his leg.
"What about our sleepover?"-Niall
"Sorry I would rather be upstairs in a bed but you don't have to sleep on the ground now!"-Liam
We went upstairs and I cuddled up to Liam and fell asleep. I love him with all my heart. I know he will make a great dad. 

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