Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


13. Forever &' Always

Teagan's POV

I can't believe that just happened... She now ditches me for Alexa and says that I'm not a good friend because I'm dating Harry. Like really I've been there for her since the beginning and now she just leaves for her!? I understand that she is upset that her parents found out but why take that out on me? Now I'm at my house all by myself Harry won't text me back, what the hell did I do this time? I guess I'll find out tomorrow. 

***Next Morning***

I wake up to my alarm and check my phone to see if anyone had texted me back.... Nope still no answer from Harry. I got ready for school and drove to Dunkin and got Hayley and myself a coffee... Hopefully this would help her talk to me! I see her in school talking to Alexa. Great! 
"Hey guys!" I say walking up to them giving Hayley her coffee. 
"Hi Teagan"-Alexa... She really is trying to be nice.
"Thanks..."- Hayley rolls her eyes and starts talking to Alexa again. 
"So I was wondering if you two wanted to come hang out tonight after your practice?"-Me please work please work I think to myself.
"Sure I would love to!"-Alexa
"I can't I'm grounded remember..."-Hayley rolls her eyes and just sips her coffee. 
"Oh sorry... Well Alexa you can still come if you want."-Me Hayley looks at me with shock in her face. I really am going to try this I think maybe we can be friends.
"Sure. I'll text you when I'm on my way. Here I don't have you number." -Alexa she hands me her phone and I put my number in. The first bell rings. 
"Bye see you guys later!" -Alexa she walks away even though we have 10 minutes to get to class I think she realized that me and Hayley needed to talk. 
"What the hell was that?" -Hayley she looks so confused.
"What I thought maybe if you would give her another chance I would to..."-Me. Now I actually thought it might be a good idea to give her a chance I mean why not.
"Okay then... By the way I'm sorry about last night."-Hayley I could tell she really meant it. 
"Me to I shouldn't have over reacted..."-Me
"I should have told you about it before..."-Hayley 
"It's fine but I do have a question."-Me
"Do you know why Harry won't text me back?"- I could feel that I had tears in my eyes...
"No he was really quiet last night... They all were. I think it's because of my parents being back and your mom knowing that he's here..."-Hayley 
"Oh... Well can you text Liam and have him ask Harry to text me?"-Me
"Yes or why don't you text one of the boys and ask they might know more than me..."-Hayley we both laughed and walked into first period. I texted Liam and he said that Harry still wasn't up but he will when he is. I guess that's good the whole day kept wondering if he would text me or not... He didn't. Then I went home and got ready for Alexa to come. She got there around 530. I was crying because I was really upset about Harry she could see that. She came up to me and hugged me... What???
"What's wrong..." She asked looking really concerned. 
"It's Harry he won't text me back he's hasn't talked to me since yesterday afternoon."-I said crying she just sat there with me talking.
"Teagan I'm sorry for everything I did before... I promise I will make it up to you." 
"It's fine... It was forever ago, but how would you make that up to me don't worry about it."-Me 
"Come on get in my car we are going somewhere..."-Alexa 
"Just get in the car." -Alexa. We got in her car and she drove to Hayley's house. She gets out of the car but tells me to stay. I see her go up to the door and Harry answers I see him look at her then at me and then see him walk out of the house towards the car. Great I look horrible from crying. Alexa came running over! Harry came walking over he just looked at me. 
"Harry get in I'll give you a ride to Teagans." -She smiled at me. 
"Thanks" -Harry he sounded kind of annoyed. We got to my house and she smiled and gave me a hug and told me to call her later. I agreed and walked into the house. I texted her to tell her thank you and then talked to Harry. 
"Hey what's up?"-Me 
"Nothing why?"-Harry he looked really confused. 
"Well you just seem really upset."-Me 
"Yea I guess I am..."-Harry
"The fact that your mom knows I'm here. And that we have to leave for a while and I won't be able to see you." -Harry 
"Oh... We knew that you were going to have to leave we just have to find a way to talk which we will. And the thing with my mom don't worry about it. She won't care."-Me
"I guess but I don't know."-Harry 
"Trust me it will all be ok."-Me. He smiled and pulled me close to him and kissed me. He pulled away and looked at me funny. 
"I just realized that the boys are stuck at Hayley's while she's grounded...ha!" -Harry started to laugh. 
"They can come over if they want I'll call them." I went to take out my phone but he grabbed it. 
"NOOOOO!!!!!" He yelled. 
"This is the first time it's ever been just us for longer than an hour. Do not invite them over it nice."-Harry. I smiled and he laughed because I started to blush again. We stayed up really late that night. I called Alexa and we talked for a while. It was nice having someone besides Hayley to talk to. When we finally went to bed I payed down next to Harry and cuddled up to him. We kissed and before I feel asleep he said
"I love you Teagan forever and always."
"I love you to Harry." That's when I feel asleep.

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