Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


9. Explain

Teagan's POV

After the whole fight happened I was obviously really upset about Niall, but my head was killing me so I went to my room, well Hayley's parent's room. I just sat up there and cried... then I heard a knock and saw Harry his eye was already black and blue and swollen. He just came and sat down and hugged me. I looked at him and saw how worried he was about me. I told him I wanted to talk but after he got ice for his face. He went downstairs and got some and we started to talk.
"What's wrong Teagan? I'm really worried about you!"-Harry
"Well first off what the hell is wrong with Niall!! So now apparently I'm a bitch and Alexa has nothing to do with any of it." -Me I was trying not to cry... "And second I have a fucking broken arm and concussion!" I lost it I started crying again. Harry just looked at me. I could see the tears in his eyes.
"Well first nobody knows what happened to Niall. You are not a bitch everyone knows that and Alexa is the real bitch he just hasn't seen it yet." Great he's almost crying... "Second I know it's hard for you but you're really lucky that's all that happened to you." He is crying. I lost it even more than before.
"Please stop crying! I can't watch you cry it hurts to much because I know it's all my fault!!" -I was bawling my eyes out by now. 
"It's not your fault at all. Niall is a jerk and keeps bring her around and I just really care about you a lot and I don't know what I would have done if something worse would have happened to you." -He was crying and holding me he didn't want to let me go and I didn't want him to either.
"It is though if I never got in the accident we wouldn't be here right now... I should have never left practice!"
"It's not though... Alexa would probably be with Niall creating the same drama she is now."
"I guess..." - I just looked at Harry and held on to him as he hugged me. He kissed me. We kissed for a while. He pulled away and just smiled at me. I knew I was lucky that this is all that happened to me. I think I love him! Is that possible to feel that already. I wanted to tell him that I really cared about him to but then we heard yelling downstairs. We ran out of the room and so did Hayley and Liam we got down the stairs and saw Niall in the door way with Louis yelling at him.
"Get the hell out no one wants you here!"-Louis
"I made her leave if you let me come in and talk I would explain."-Niall. We all walked downstairs and he saw us.
"You heard Louis get the hell out no one wants you here!" -Me
"Teagan let me explain!"He looked like he was about to cry but I didn't care.
"I'm sorry I don't think so. Remember I'm a bitch!?!?"
"Please just 10 minutes. Let me explain." He was starting to cry I wanted to make him stay outside but Hayley had him come in.
"10 minutes starting now explain!"-Hayley.
"Well first I'm sorry for calling you girls bitches. I'm sorry for hitting you two. And for not believing anything you told me about her."-He started to cry.
"Okay and why should we accept these apologies you are still dating her!"-Hayley yelled.
"About that... I broke up with her. When I went to the bathroom after the fight I heard her tell Liam to call her. Then I got in the car and asked her about all the things you said about her and she said they were all true. So I broke up with her after that."-He just looked down at his feet I know he means what he was saying and felt bad so I went over and hugged him. He just looked up and hugged me back. Hayley did the same and he hugged her to. Both Harry and Liam gave him nasty looks they were still mad about what happened. We all just started to relax and watch tv Hayley told us she wasn't going to school tomorrow because of softball and Alexa, Niall looked really guilty when she said that. We all tried to talk her into going but it didn't work,she was staying. About 10 minutes later everything was getting better everyone was talking and laughing and then my phone went off... it was my mom. I just looked at Harry and everyone stopped talking.
****Phone Call****
Mom:"Teagan I just saw that One Direction where seen in California... did you know about this!!"
Me: "No I haven't talked to them since we left New York! I should call Harry and see where he is maybe I can go see him!!" Harry started to laugh but I covered his mouth before he could. 
Mom: "I don't care if you see him but he better not be at our house or Hayley's. You will be grounded for life if he is." Liam started to laugh but Hayley hit him and he stopped.

Me: "Well he's not so I won't be!" I hate lying to her. "When are you coming home?"

Mom:"Oh yea that's the other thing I'm so sorry but I won't be home for another year. I'll make it back for your graduation though! A week before."
Me:"What? Why?"
Mom:"Well this was my vacation but then worked called and said I had to leave right away for a year...I feel horrible I hope your ok?"
Me:"Okay that's fine I guess... I got to go I need to sleep the doctor told me to rest as much as I can...."
Mom:"Ok love you feel better!"
Me:"Love you to mom bye!"
****End Of Call***
I hung up that phone so quickly I hate lying to her. By now Harry and everyone else was laughing. 
"Teagan maybe you should try and work on your lying skills I'm surprised she believed you!"-Hayley laughed. 
"Shut up!" -I couldn't help but start laughing.
"Soooo I guess you're going to be grounded for life!"-Harry he said with a smile.
"HAHAHA very funny! To bad by the time she's back I'll be 18 and free to do and date who I want!!!"-I just laughed.
"Oh yea your birthday is like in two weeks right?"-Hayley asked with a smirk.
"Yes and I swear if you forget this year like you did last I will kill you!"
"You forgot her birthday?"-Liam looked at her with a weird look...."How long have you two been friends?"
"Ok I didn't forget I just called her really late that night!"- She just looked at the ground I started to laugh at her.
"Yea just don't do that again this year!!"-Me
"Don't worry I won't let her." - Harry said with a smile. It was getting kind of late and my head was bothering me so I decided to go up to bed. I said goodnight to everyone and told Hayley that my birthday was two weeks away she just looked at me with a nasty look and everyone laughed. Harry said he would be up later to check on me because of my head but everyone knew he just didn't want to sleep on the couch, he gave me a kiss and I went upstairs. I made it to my room but not before I heard Hayley say " Let's throw her a surprise party!" She really needs to learn how to talk quietly.  I just went to bed about an hour later Harry came in asked how I was feeling and then started to walk out but I told him to stay... he always does that but he always stays so I don't know why he acts like he doesn't. Whatever I fell asleep to him holding me. There is no place I would rather be than with him... I really do think I love him! GREAT!

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