Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


41. Drama

Teagan's POV 

I woke up hearing everyone talking. I was in a strange room... I was in the hospital. I must of passes out because of all the hate. I heard everyone talking and it sounded like Harry was upset so I pretended I was still sleeping. 
"Guys... Teagan passed out because she was under to much stress and she almost lost the baby. They told me to try not to tell her right away because it might stress her out more."-Harry. What I almost lost the baby! No that couldn't be true. 
"Why was she so stressed?"-Louis
"I don't know the fans hating on her know that they know she's pregnant... Hayley saying shit to her?!"-Harry. I could hear the anger in his voice. 
"I-I-I didn't mean it. I just did to understand why she took the hate so hard I just told her to stop taking it to heart..."-Hayley
"Yea well look where that got her Hayley! This is your fault! If she were to have lost the baby I would never have forgiven you! Why don't you just leave her alone! I almost lost her once because of you and now we almost lost our child too!"-Harry. I could hear Hayley crying. 
"Harry she didn't mean to have this happen to Teagan you really think she would do that?"-Liam 
"I don't know she sure seems to mess things up!"-Harry 
"Harry stop she didn't mean it!"-Liam
"Liam shut up. Obviously you would side with Hayley!"-Harry. I couldn't take this I had to tell them I heard everything. 
"H-h-harry. Stop it wasn't Hayley's fault, it was the fans to. And did I really almost lose the baby?"-Me. 
"TEAGAN!! Ummm you heard all that?"-Harry 
"Yes I did know please tell me about the baby!"-Me
"Well umm you almost lost the baby because of stress, but you didn't. You just have to stay stress free."-Harry. I started to cry. "Babe don't cry it's okay. The baby's okay. Everything's fine." He come over and hugged me. I could hear Hayley crying. 
"Hayley? It's not your fault don't worry. I'm fine the baby's fine. I don't want you to leave me, your my best friend. And Harry didn't mean what he said he was just upset and worried."-Me. 
"No I meant every word. Look where you are Teagan. In a hospital. You almost lost the baby because of that bitch!"-Harry. Hayley looked at the ground and Liam held her close. 
"Tea you know I didn't mean any of the stuff I said. It's just I-"-Hayley 
"I know Hay. Now can someone go get a dr. so I can find out when I can leave!"-Me
"Yea I will."-Zayn. Zayn left then with in a few minutes he was back with a dr. 
"Teagan your awake? Well the baby's fine and so are you so you can leave whenever."-Dr.
"Oh one more thing how far along are you?"-Dr.
"Three months."-Me 
"Okay so do you want to find out what your having?"-Dr. I turned and looked at Harry he was nodding his head yes.
"Yes please!"-Me. With in five minutes the dr. was back with a machine and put the cold gel on my stomach. Everyone was in the room silent waiting for the dr to tell me what I was having. 
"It looks like you are having a... boy."-Dr. I smiled I always wanted a boy first! Harry had a huge smile on his face to. 
"Thank you!"-Me. The dr nodded and gave me the paper work so I could leave and the pictures of our baby boy. 
"Yea!!! It's a boy!"-Me 
"So Aaron right?"-Harry. I nodded and he leaned over and gave me a kiss. 
"So I'm going to have a nephew!"-Hayley
"Yes Hay that's what a boy is."-Me 
"Very funny. I see your felling better."-Hayley. We all laughed. Everyone left so I could get changed and leave. Everyone was out at the car waiting for me and Harry. We were still getting my papers filled out so I could leave. 
"So I was thinking that Hayley would be the godmother?"-Me
"Why Hayley she almost killed him! Who do you think for the godfather?"-Harry 
"Umm well Hayley is my best friend and I want her to be the godmother. I was thinking Lou but who do you think?"-Me
"Lou! Fine I guess Hayley but I swear if I almost lose you or Arron again I will take you and we will not see her. "-Harry 
"Umm that would be kidnapping and I would not allow that. So can you please try and get along with her."-Me
"I'll try but no promises."-Harry. 
"Okay just try! So we will tell them when we get home?"-Me
"Yea let's go!"-Harry 
We all drove home after stopping to get something to eat. When we got in the house we all went to the living room and talked about the babies.
"So we can go boy clothes shopping together!"-Hayley. Harry rolled his eyes. I hit his arm and he just rolled his eyes again. This was going to be a long night.
"I'm going to teach them how to play football!"-Louis said proudly. 
"Haha ok Lou you can if you want."-Me 
"So we have something to ask you guys?"-Harry 
"Well not really you more Hayley and Lou..."-Me
"What!"-Both of them said. 
"Would you to be the godparents of Aaron?"-Me
"Yes!"-Both of them screamed. 
"Okay now that that's out of the way what do you want to do?"-Harry 
"Let's have a movie and game day!"-Hayley
"Okay!!"-We all agreed. 
We started off my playing game. We played monopoly for a while until Niall and Louis quite because they were bored. We ended up just giving up and seeing who won. It was me.
"I won!!!!"-Me 
"Because you cheated!"-Harry. He lost by the way.
"Because you bought everything so nobody could go anywhere without paying you."-Harry. He pouted and crossed his arm.
"Harry grow up..."-Hayley
"Says you!"-Harry 
"Real mature! Can we just get over this I feel horrible and you know I didn't mean for that to happen!"-Hayley
"Harry I told Teagan I was sorry! God!"-Hayley. She started to cry. 
"Wow. Hayley you just don't get it." Harry said rolling his eyes. 
"Get what. That I feel horrible I yelled at Teagan. That she knew it wasn't my fault it was you fans. Why don't you see that they did this too!" I walked over to Hayley and tried to calm her down. 
"No. That your a bitch and your trying to ruin my family!" I had it. He needs to stop. 
"HAROLD EDWARD STYLES! What is wrong with you? You both need to stop!" 
"But she is trying to ruin our family!" Harry screamed. 
"No she's not! It wasn't her fault. My god! And you are creating so many more issues right now just get over it or act like your over it until you are!" They both just nodded their heads and stopped yelling at each other. 
We all went to the living room and decided to play 'Just Dance'. The boys danced to songs and it was the funniest thing ever. None of the girls danced we just laughed and watched them. They did that for a while and it was getting late.
"I'm hungry!"-Niall
"Me to!"-Hayley
"Me tres!"-Me. Everyone started to laugh. "What I said it right tres is three! I remember."
"Yea but still you actually remembered it only took you god knows how long to!"-Hayley
"Whatever can we just get food!"-Me. Everyone agreed and we ordered pizza. The pizza came and we all got snacks and drinks and started to watch movies. We watched probably 5 movies before I started to fall asleep. I fell asleep with Harry holding me. 
***Next Morning***
I woke up on the couch with Harry's arms around me. I was half on the couch half off. Harry was on most of it hold me so I wouldn't fall. Hayley and Liam were asleep on the chair. Zayn and Perrie were on the other couch. And Louis and El we're on the floor. And Niall was on the floor also. I was able to get out of Harry's arms with out him waking up so I went to wake Hayley up. 
"Get up! Let's make breakfast!!!"-I whisper yelled while poking her. 
"Go away... It's to early!"-Hayley
"It's like 930. Come on let's make pancakes!"-Me, 
"Fine!"-Hayley. We started to cook and I had the bowl with the mix in it. Hayley was next to me getting the ingredients put away when Niall came in and scared us. 
"AHHHHH!"-Both me and Hayley. The mix flew up in the air and landed in between Hayley and me. It flew all over both of us! We screamed.
"What the hell Niall!"-Hayley  
"Niall you know not to scare us! . We'll get you back for this!"-Me. Everyone came in.
"What happened in here?"-Liam. They looked all looked at me and Hayley and started to laugh. 
"Ask Niall! I'm going to change."-Hayley. 
"Same! Niall clean up the mess."-Me 
"But what about breakfast?"-Niall 
"You'll have to make it we're not cooking again!"-Hayley
Me and Hayley went upstairs and got changed and came back down to see all the boys cooking. El and Perrie were watching... It was a bigger mess than when we left. All the girls started to laugh. I think Harry had enough. 
"Guys just go I'll cook it will be done in a little while." We all laughed and went into the living room and watched tv. About a half hour later everything was done and we ate breakfast. That's when Harry told me he had a surprise for me. 
"So Teagan I was thinking do you want to go meet my family tomorrow and stay for the weekend?" Harry asked. 
"Yea." I said with a huge smile. Harry smiled. Liam asked Hayley if she wanted to go meet his also. She agreed so all of us went to go back. When we all finished we all got bored and decided to go to the mall. We all left and surprisingly the fans weren't crazy. We got a lot of baby stuff both for me and Harry and for Hayley and Liam. We it was a fun day out with everyone, Hayley and Harry didn't fight... I hope it stays like that. We went back to the house and had another movie day. Wow we are all really lazy people. When it started to get late I went up to bed and Harry came up with me. I fell asleep almost instantly. I was thinking about what his family would think of me... Will they like me? I hope so but no one will know until tomorrow. 

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