Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


17. Drama

Teagan's POV 

Hayley and Liam made up!! Hayley finally found her ring and we both realized we should never have trusted Alexa but whatever that's done with now. Now it's time for us to have some girl time. 
"I'll be right back I have to go to my house to get some clothes."-Me
"Okay! Hurry I want to start our girls night!!!"- Hayley
"Okay see you in a few."-Me. I went home I was there for about 10 minutes when I got back to Hayley's I walked in and saw her ex there throwing and braking things.... where's Hayley? I just started yelling at him. He hit me across the face and I fell. He turned back around and I grabbed my phone and called Harry. I didn't talk just let him listen to everything then Hayley's ex saw. He hit me again I screamed in pain... I heard Harry yell and then Nick grabbed my phone and hung up. He grabbed  me by my hair and dragged me up the stairs. He went to Hayley's room and heard her crying to Liam. He opened the door and said something I couldn't hear. The next thing I knew she was sitting next to me her phone smashed to a million pieces. I yelled stop and thine he came over and smacked me. He then locked the door to her room and took a blade out. He said something about Liam not being good for her and she said Liam was better then him. He walked over to Hayley and took her sweatshirt off he cut her from her shoulder to her chest. Then she screamed and he cut her from the top of her thigh to the bottom. He took her and threw her against the wall she hit her head. I screamed he turned to me and hit me and took the blade and cut my arms and legs but not as deep as Hayley. I would be fine but Hayley already lost a lot of blood. He laughed slapped me again and kissed Hayley she was in and out of consciousness.             We were there for about a hour or two I managed to crawl over to Hayley and keep her conscious then the door busted open. Liam and Louis ran over to us Liam was in tears. They put pressure on her cuts then Harry came in and grabbed me. I just started crying in his arm and wouldn't let go. Then I heard sirens and Liam say " I love you so much, please don't leave me. To infinity and beyond. Come on baby." Then she was unconscious I went to go over to her but Harry pulled me away he knew I shouldn't  see her like this. The ambulance came and we were on the way to the hospital. Hayley's parents were already there... They ran up to her. The doctors said they had to leave so they could take care of her. They agreed they came with me since they had to sign papers for me since my mom wasn't there. We went back to see Hayley and the doctors told us it didn't look good. The cuts were really deep and she lost a lot of blood and had a sever concussion from being hit and thrown into the wall. We all just sat there in disbelief. 
****Three days later*****
We went to the hospital everyday her parents stayed there at night. We were all a mess. Me and Liam were the worst we walked in crying today. Hayley's dad hasn't talked to anyone but the doctor or Hayley's mom. When we walked in Hayley's mom smiled a fake smile she kept saying she was happy that we would come see her. Her dad looked up and gave Liam and the boys a horrible look. 
"How is she Mr.Scott?"-Liam 
"Same as yesterday... This is all you fault I hope you know that!!!"-Hayley's dad. 
"What?"-Liam. He just looked in shock like everyone in the room even Hayley's mom. 
"You heard me. If you were never dating my daughter this never would have happened!"-Hayley's dad.
"Hunny they haven't done anything wrong it was Nick don't blame them."-Hayley's mom 
"Mr.Scott what did we do wrong? Nick would have done this with or without Liam he doesn't want to let Hayley go and be happy in life. He would have done it 10 years from now if she were dating someone then."-Me 
"I don't care. It's all your faults even you Teagan. You talked her into staying with him!"-Hayley's dad. I just started to cry and I turned and grabbed Harry. Hayley's mom came over to all of us.
"Kurt that is enough... They have done nothing wrong. You are blaming them for something no one could prevent now stop! How about you leave and go get some food for us... I'll stay here!" -Hayley's mom. Hayley's dad got up and left. Hayley's mom just looked at us and apologized and said that we did nothing wrong and not to listen to him. The we heard something. 
"W-w-where am I?"-Hayley. We all turned and saw Hayley awake. 
"Hayley!!!!!" We all said at the same time. 
"Guys what happened why am I here?"- Hayley
"Well Nick came and really hurt you and Teagan..."-Hayley's mom.
"Oh I remember..."-She started to cry and them saw Liam. She looked shocked and stopped crying. 
"Your here? How!"- Hayley she was so happy you could tell by her face. 
"After your and Teagan's phone calls we rushed here to see you guys."-Liam he looked happier now that she was awake. We went to get a doctor and they said she can go home tonight. We were all sitting there talking and laughing her mom was still there when her dad walked in. The room went dead silent. He just looked at her and walked up to her and treys to hug her, she just pushed him away. We all looked shocked.
"What was that for princess?"- Hayley's dad. 
"I heard what you said about the boys and Teagan... I woke up while you were all talking but didn't want to say anything so I just acted like I was sleeping..."- Hayley
"I-I didn't mean any of it I was just upset."- Hayley's dad.
"Whatever... You've been like this since I started dating him... I know you don't like him but I love him dad and you need to deal with that!"-Hayley. He just turned around and looked at all of us. We were I'm shock that she said and did that. 
"O-okay I'm sorry. I love you and I will learn to deal with it..."- Hayley's dad. Everyone was still in shock while Hayley got up and got ready to leave we left the hospital and went back to my house... Even Hayley and Liam. Her dad wasn't to happy with that but he said ok because he knew he had to deal with it or he may lose Hayley... We were all just happy to be back together and spending time all seven of us. We missed each other so much! I fell asleep to all of us watching a movie. Me in Harry's arms and Hayley in Liam's. Everything was back to how it was suppose to be! 

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