Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


24. Decisions.

Teagan's POV 

After Hayley's dr appointment we were all even more in shock that she was having twins. She and Liam went back to her house and the rest of us went back to mine. We all were talking and watching movies like normal, but Harry wasn't himself. He was acting almost nervous. 
" You ok babe?"-Me
"Of course! Why wouldn't I be?"-Harry. I just looked at him with a "I know your lying look" he  just smiled and kissed me. He pulled away and I smiled at him. Dammit! He always knows how to get me off what I was thinking about! We were all watching a movies and I got really tired so I went up to bed. Harry came up to. 
"Baby can I ask you a question?"-Harry 
"Of course!"-Me 
"Well I was thinking since your graduating in like 2 weeks I wanted to know if you wanted to come live with me and the boys in London?"-Harry. He smiled and just looked at me waiting for an answer. 
"I would love to but what about college... I can't leave Hayley!"-Me
"Well first off Liam is suppose to talk to Hayley's mom and Hayley about moving with us, you really think he would leave his kids and Hayley. And second we can get you into a school in London."-Harry. He started to look more concerned about me not wanting to go.
"Well you make a really good point and I wouldn't be able to be away from you for that long..."-Me
"So that's a yes!"-Harry 
"Yes Harry that's a yes!"-Me. He smiled and pulled me in for a kiss. I ran downstairs and all the boys looked at me Harry was right behind me.
"Guess what!!"-Me. 
"I swear if you say you are pregnant I will beat the shit out of that boy!"-Louis. He looked right at Harry. He's like my older brother I never had I love it he's so protective of me.
"Well... Now that you bring that up...."-Me I looked at everyone and Harry looked like he was about to pass out and Louis looked like he was about to kill Harry.
"Teagan what are you saying?"-Harry 
"Nothing. I just wanted to see what you guys would do!"-Me I started to laugh. Louis grabbed me and Harry started to tickle me.
"Not funny babe!"-Harry.
"Yea not funny we are going to have enough trouble already with the two on the way."-Niall
"I agree not funny and I wasn't kidding when I said I would beat the shit out of you Harry."-Louis. Harry looked right at the ground and I laughed. 
"Teagan what did you want to tell us?!?"-Zayn
"Oh yea! I'm moving in with you guys in London!!!"-Me 
"That's great!"- They all said at once. Louis ran up and hugged me.
"Uhh I have to deal with her when we go back!"-Louis. He smiled. I pushed him off of me and hit him.
"Oww what was that for!"-Louis 
"Because of what you said maybe I shouldn't come..."-Me I started to laugh. So didn't everyone else. It was around 11pm and I heard a car door close. We were all still up talking about London. Then the door opened and my mom walked in. 
"MOM!"-Me I ran up and gave her a huge hug.
"TEAGAN!"-Mom she gave me  huge hug. She saw that I was laying with Harry and she smirked and me and then went over to the living room. GREAT!
"Sooo you must be Harry!"-She said with a smirk looking from me to Harry.
"Yes this is Harry."-I said blushing. Oh great what will she say now.
"Oh well its nice to meet you Harry."-Mom
"You to Ms. Grey."-Harry
"Well this is Louis,Niall and Zayn. Liam is with Hayley."-Me
"Hi!!"-All the boys said.
"Nice to meet you all. Now Teagan I heard you talking about London? Are you going there on a vacation this summer?"-Mom. I looked at Harry and he grabbed my hand he could tell I was nervous. 
"Well Mom... actually now that I'm 18 I can move out. So I was going to move to London with Harry and the rest of the boys and maybe Hayley but I don't know if Liam talked to her yet."-Me. 
"Teagan you are only 18! What about college?"-Mom
"I was going to find a college in London."-Me
"And you need to find a place to live..."-Mom
"I'm going to live with Harry and the boys!"-Me
"Well I don't totally agree but your 18 and you can do what you want."-Mom.
"OMG thanks mom. I love you so much for understanding!!"-Me 
"Your welcome hunny."-Mom. "When do you leave." I looked at Harry we didn't really talk about that but whenever I guess.
"Well right after graduation... like the next morning."-Harry.
"Oh well thats good. I hope you like it there."-Mom said looking at the ground. I was quiet for a while. 
"Well it's getting late and I have school tomorrow so I'm going to go up to bed..."-I said grabbing Harry's hand and walking up the stairs. 
"Well I just got back and you know you only have two weeks of school left so why don't you stay home and relax with me. We can talk and I can get to know Harry better since he is your boyfriend..."-Mom. She looked from me to Harry.
"Yea that sounds great!"-Me
"Alright well its been a long day so I'm going up to bed. Night."-Mom. 
"Night."-Me. She went up to bed and everyone was quiet. 
"Well that went better than I thought it would."-I said as I cuddled up to Harry on the couch.
"Yea I guess she's not like Hayley's parents!"-Zayn.
"Nope she's pretty relaxed. I wonder what Hayley's parents did when she asked about London?"-Me
"I don't want to know!"-All the boys. We all laughed and finished the movie. 
"Yes?"- They all asked at once.
"Well since I only have two weeks until I leave can you help me start to pack?"-Me
"You have two weeks baby. And its late and were all tired how about tomorrow?"-Harry
"Pleassssseeeeee! I would love you guys forever if you did!"-Me I started to pout.
"Fine!"-They all said standing up. I kissed Harry and we started to go up stairs. We packed a bunch of my stuff and started to get tired so we decided to go to bed. We all stayed in my room so we could talk more. I kissed Harry and cuddled up to him.
"I love you forever and always babe."-Me
"I love to baby."-Harry. 
"She only said forever because you helped her pack!"-Niall. Everyone laughed. I threw a pillow at him and we laughed even harder because I hit Louis instead oops. I cuddled up to Harry and we all talked about random things. I fell asleep in Harry's arms not wanting to be anywhere else. But all I kept thinking about was what Hayley's parents would say about moving to London.

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