Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


36. Club.

Hayley's POV 
Once we got home from Starbucks I just went up to my room. I closed the door and sat on the bed. All the memories from the night were flooding back into my head. Tears were streaming down my face. Then Liam walked in. 
"Baby what's wrong?"-Liam. He sat next to me and I just cried in his chest. He rubbed my back. 
"Please tell me."-Liam. 
"I can't.."-Me. 
"Of course you can."-Liam. 
"No, I really can't. I want to but I honestly can't."-Me. 
"Why can't you tell me?"-Liam. 
"He said if I told anyone he'd do something to me and Teagan."-Me. 
"He won't do anything I promise you. What did he do to you?"-Liam. I sighed. 
"Sophomore year Teagan and I went to this stupid party. We didn't want to go, but the volleyball team basically made us. Teagan and I were just sitting there awkward and Zack and Damien came over. Zack was this big hotshot football player so Teagan started talking to him.. She randomly disappeared, and Damien just sat next to me. I didn't want to talk to him, because I thought he was a jerk. But I guess he drugged me because I remembered nothing after that, until the next morning. I woke up and was at the house still I was in a bedroom and he just walked in and told me that if I told anyone he would hurt me or something. I ended up remembering obviously, and then I went home and Teagan was there I guess Zack did the same to her. That's why we both freaked out when we saw them."-Me. I just stared at my hands and didn't say anything, until Liam spoke up. 
"Oh my god. I'm so sorry."-Liam. I just shrugged. He gave me a hug and I cried silent tears. 
"We need to tell the boys."-Liam. 
"I can't. Can you please?"-Me. 
"Of course baby."-Liam. I stayed in the room and waited for Liam to come back. He never did. But Teagan, El and Perrie did. El and Perrie both hugged me and we talked about everything. We went downstairs and heard the guys talking. I stayed silent. When we walked out the guys obviously didn't want us to hear the conversation. I went to the couch and sat next to Liam. I put my legs over his legs, and then laid my head on the arm rest of the couch. We all joked around and it honestly made me almost forget about the events earlier that day. When everyone decided that we were going to a club, I was exited but also insecure. My stomach has gotten bigger and it's a noticeable baby bump. There is going to be no dresses that I own that will fit me. We all went to our rooms to get dressed. The girls ran into my room. Liam grabbed his clothes gave me a kiss and left the room. 
"Okay we are going to find you an adorable dress that makes that baby bump look amazing!"-El. We looked through all the dresses and only one looked okay. It came up to my mid thigh, it was strapless black and white. It wasn't tight but if wasn't loose either. Perrie was doing my make up as el was curling my hair. Once they finished I put on the heels Teagan picked out for me. When the rest of them finished we walked downstairs. Liam came over me and gave me a hug. 
"You look beautiful."-Liam. 
"Thanks. You look handsome."-me. He laughed. And grabbed my hand. We got in the car and everyone was chatting away. Except for me I was quiet. I didn't want to talk. I just texted Alexa and played games on my phone. Liam kept looking at me and grabbed my hand. He was rubbing circles with his thumb and was playing with all my fingers. It was definitely soothing. Once we got to the club and walked in. Liam took me to the dance floor. A slow song came on and Liam and I slow danced. 
"I love you so much."-Liam. 
"I love you too."-Me. Once the song ended Liam talked in my ear telling me that he was going to get himself a drink Harry went with Liam. All of us girls were talking when I felt hands on my waist. I knew that it wasn't Liam. I turned around and saw Damien. 
"What do you want?"-Me. 
"Don't talk to me like that."-Damien. He squeezed tighter on my waist and tried pulling me closer. Eleanor and Perrie ran to go get the boys. I looked over at Teagan and Zack was near her. I put my hands on his chest trying to pull him away from me. 
"You know that you liked it."-Damien. 
"No!"-Me. He tried coming in to kiss me. I moved me head and kept trying to push him away. 
"Get away from me!"-Me. All of a sudden he got ripped off of me. I saw Liam and Niall beating the shit out of Damien. I saw Harry and Louis doing the same to Zack. Zayn was holding me while I was crying. The boys wouldn't stop hitting him. I went to Liam. 
"Liam stop your going to kill him!"-Me. Niall and Liam stopped and Damien was groaning on the ground. Liam grabbed me and held me in his arms. 
"Stay away from them or next time I won't stop."-Liam. Damien got up. 
"You'll pay for this one Hayley."-Damien. He said it so all the boys could hear. 
"Can we go home. I don't want to be here anymore."-Me. All the boys nodded all 9 of us went to the car. We drove home. I went right upstairs. I changed into Pjs. There was a knock on the door. 
"Come in."-Me. Niall and Louis walked in. 
"You okay?"-Niall. I shrugged. 
"I guess. I'm as okay as I can be."-Me. They nodded. We all just talked for a while. I loved talking to them. I feel like I can honestly tell them anything. Liam came in not too long after. I got in bed and Liam put on a pair of sweatpants and took his shirt off. 
"Liam, can you get me a sweatshirt? I'm cold."-Me. He nodded. He went to the closet and got me one of his sweatshirts. I put it on and got under the covers. I put my hair in a messy bun. I looked at Liam when he got under the blanket his hand was swollen. 
"Your hand is messed up."-Me. He laughed. 
"I know."-Liam. 
"Thank you."-Me. 
"For what?"-Liam. 
"Everything."-Me. I passed out right after that. I started seeing flashbacks from that night sophomore year, and then I kept hearing him say you'll pay for this. It kept playing over and over. I woke up crying. I looked over and saw Liam sleeping. I just put my head in his chest. He wrapped his arms around me feeling me on him. He could tell I was crying. 
"Baby what's the matter?"-Liam. I just cried. He held me tighter and tried calming me down. I couldn't stop crying. I was so scared. I let out all my tears from everything that has happened. I heard the door open. I heard Niall's voice. He hasn't gone to bed yet obviously. 
"Is she okay?"-Niall. I felt Liam Shake his head. 
"Babe, can i leave you with Niall for a minute I need to get something."-Liam. I nodded. Liam got up. I just put my head on his pillow. Niall came over. He sat on the covers. I sat up and just hugged him. 
"Hey, what's wrong?"-Niall. 
"I'm so scared Niall."-Me. 
"Look at me."-Niall. He lifted my head up and made me look at him. 
"Don't be scared. Okay? You have me and Liam and the other boys."-Niall. I nodded. I put my head on Niall's lap and he played with my hair until I fell asleep. I was still crying a little but having Niall and Liam really helped. I feel safe with them. 

Liam's POV. 
I left the bedroom to let Niall talk to her. She's been crying for an hour already. It breaks my heart. This never should have happened to her. I wish I could have protected her, but I didn't know her then. I walked downstairs and sat on the couch next to Zayn. 
"Is Hayley asleep?"-Zayn. 
"Nope, she's been crying for an hour or so. What about the other girls?"-Me.
"Yeah, they all went to bed when we got back."-Louis. 
"She's been crying?"-Harry. I nodded. 
"You aren't with Teagan?"-Me. 
"She's peacefully sleeping. I left her 5 minutes ago."-Harry. I nodded. 
"Why aren't you with Hayley?"-Zayn. 
"Niall wanted to talk to her."-Me. They just nodded. 
"I just want to kill both of them!"-Louis. 
"I think we all do."-Zayn. We talked for a few more minutes and then I decided to go back upstairs. 
"Don't worry about it Li, she'll be fine."-Louis. I nodded. I got to the bedroom and saw her asleep. I lifted her off Niall and set her down on my side. 
"Thank you Niall."-Me. He nodded. Once he left I got in bed next to her. I protectively wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep. I love her so much I will do anything to keep her safe. 

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