Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


45. Christmas and Surprises

**A/N sorry for skipping time but we had more ideas for this. Hope you love it. Love you all!!!! <333
~Teagan &' Hayley~ **

Teagan's POV

I woke up to my phone going off. It was a message from Hayley. 'Get up! It's Christmas! We will be over in like an hour!!' I smiled, Christmas was mine and Hayley's favorite holiday. I managed to get out of Harry's arms and started to jump on the bed. He just rolled over and pulled the covers over his head. 
"Get up! Get up!"-I yelled jumping up and down.
"No! It's early and why are you up you never wake up early anymore." He said as he put a pillow over his head. 
"Because it's Christmas!" I laughed. 
"I don't want to get up!" He whined rolling over again. I hate it! He's so damn stubborn. I laid back on the bed and he laughed. 
"See you're going back to bed." He pulled the covers off his face. I leaned in and kissed him. He kissed back and his eyes opened. I pulled back and started to laugh. 
"What?" He said really confused pulling me close to him. 
"I knew that would get you up! Now come on its Christmas! And Hayley,Liam and her mom will be here in an hour!" I jumped out of bed. Harry started to laugh and got out of bed, obviously realizing that there was no reasoning with me. 
"Let's wake everyone up!" I said. He just laughed. 
"Okay you go wake Louis and Niall up and I got Zayn." He said as I ran out of the room. I went to Niall's room first knowing that I could wake him up easier. I walked in and saw him fast asleep. 
"Niall wake up I made pancakes!!" I said from the door. He jumped up and screamed. 
"PANCAKES!!!" He ran out of the room. I laughed and heard everyone's doors open. I knew waking Niall up would wake everyone else up. We all went downstairs to see Niall standing in the kitchen confused. 
"Where's the pancakes?" He asked. 
"I didn't make any I just said that to wake you all up because it's Christmas!!!!" I yelled. 
"That's a cruel cruel joke." Niall was pouting. 
"Harry will make you pancakes." I told him. Niall's face lit up and Harry's was priceless. I left the kitchen quick and then Liam, Hayley and her mom walked in. Liam had a bag of presents. I gave them all a hug. Hayley was due any day now. Her mom is leaving in 3 days. Hopefully she will still be here. Liam and Hayley sat on the couches cuddled up. Perrie and El walked in. Once Harry finished pancakes everyone ate. Hayley's mom looked a little upset. 
"Mom what's wrong?" Hayley looked  Everyone looked over at them. 
"Nothing, I'm fine." Claire tried looking happier but it didn't work. 
"Mom please tell me. I know that look." Hayley was really worried. She got up and walked into the kitchen with her mom. We all looked at Liam. He shrugged. 
"No idea." We all got up and went to the door. I felt bad but I wanted to know. 
"Mom please tell me." 
"It's nothing I swear okay?"
"Fine it's just, it's the first Christmas without your father and it bums me out. I just miss him and wish that none of that happened. And what he did to you and Teagan-"
"Mom that's all in the past, yeah scars are here still, but Teagan and I are fine, our babies are fine. Everything is fine. We don't need him, even if we think we do, we don't. You have me and the boys and Teagan and soon your grandchildren okay?" I could, hear her mom crying. 
"You guys can come in, if you want." Hayley said. All of us kind of just widened our eyes. We walked in. Hayley was hugging her mom. 
"Okay, time for presents." Hayley grabbed her moms hand and we all walked into the living room. I sat next to Harry and Louis. Hayley was next to Liam and her mom.  She held her mom and Liam's hands. Hayley and I gave the boys' our presents to them. Liam loved his batman pajama pants from Hayley he ran to the bathroom and put them on. We all laughed. Hayley gave her mom a present and her mom loved it. Then we got our presents from the guys. From Louis, Niall, and Zayn we both got baby clothes. They were adorable. Mostly the one direction onesies. Hayley got a beautiful necklace from Liam. She gave him a kiss and then from Harry I got a key? 
"A key? For what?" I was so confused. Hayley and the boys had a smug smile on their faces. 
"I'll show you."-Harry. We all got up and went towards the door. I heard Hayley yell in pain and drop to the floor. Liam ran to her and bent down. There was water everywhere. Oh my god. Her water just broke. 
"Ew Hayley peed." Harry said completed serious. 
"I'm done! I'm marrying an idiot!" I yelled. Niall and Liam were helping Hayley get up her mom was telling her how to breath. 
"I get it! Harry's an idiot! But can you get me to the fucking hospital, before they pop out of my fucking vagina!?" Hayley screamed at us. She was in so much pain. Yeah Aaron can take his time. 
"Well isn't that where they come from?" Harry asked once again completely serious. 
"Our kid is doomed unless they get my smarts!" 
"Guys seriously can we get to the hospital? She's in labor and you are talking about how stupid Harry is." Liam was obviously nervous. We got into cars and drove to the hospital. Harry drove, with me in the passengers seat and Louis Niall and Zayn in the back. Hayley's mom drove with Hayley and Liam in the backseat. El and Perrie took els.  Damn isn't this a nice Christmas present to Liam? We all were still in our pajamas. We got into the hospital and they took Hayley into a room to get her already.We all waited with Hayley helping her breathing and holding her hands until the doctor came in. She has to get a C-Section. Hayley and Liam went to the room. We all were in the waiting room. Hayley's mom was freaking out. I walked over to her. Harry came with me. 
"You alright?" I asked her. She nodded. 
"Just a little nervous I guess." She answered. 
"We all are." Harry told her. After a little bit. Liam came out all smiley and said that we can go see them. Hayley was holding Carson and Liam picked up Taylor. 
"Tea, Niall, Harry, and Perrie we have a question for you." Hayley said. 
"What?" Niall asked. 
"Niall and Tea, would you like to be Taylor's god parents? And Perrie and Harry same question but for Carson?" Hayley. 
"Yes!" We all answered. Her and Liam laughed. 
"Mom do you want to hold Taylor or Carson?" Hayley asked. She nodded. Liam gave her Carson. Then I took Taylor. I'm so happy I'm an aunt. They are adorable! Taylor has blonde hair and brown eyes. She looked a lot like Liam. But I could also see Hayley. Then Carson has blonde hair and brown eyes but looked a little more like Hayley but still Liam as well. We basically passed around the babies until they got back to Hayley and Liam. Hayley held Taylor and Liam held Carson. They are going to be amazing parents. We left the hospital and Hayley's mom and Liam stayed. We were on our way home when Harry stopped a few houses down from Our house and Hayley's. (Hayley lives 2 houses away from the boys' place.) 
"Do you have that key?" Harry asked me. 
"Yeah." I pulled it out and gave it to him. We all got out and then Harry took me up to the door. He gave me the key. 
"Unlock the door." Harry said. 
"Um. Okay?" I was confused. We walked in and the house was beautiful. 
"Do you like the house?" He asked me. I nodded. 
"Good because it's our new home." I gave him a huge hug and kiss. There was furniture and everything in it. The boys all walked home. Harry and I went to our new bed. I love him so much. I can't wait to have a family with him. 

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