Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


35. Back For You

Teagan's POV

We were at Starbucks all laughing talking and then I saw them... Zack and Damien. I froze I grabbed on to Harry's arm and started to shake. Hayley saw and did the same with Liam.
"What's wrong baby?"-Harry
"N-n-nothing..."-Me. They started to walk over. 
"You sure you don't seem like your fine."-Harry. I moved my seat closer to Harry. I think he got the hint and put his arm around me. Then they came over.
"Hey Teagan."-Zack. I just waved and looked at the ground.
"Long time no see Hay."-Damien. 
"Hi Damien. Hi Zack."-Hayley. She moved closer to Liam. 
"So these are your famous fiancés. Didn't see that coming. But I did see you guys pregnant..."-Zack.
"Umm who are you?"-Niall
"Oh were just old friends of Teagan and Hayley. Right Teagan?"-Damien. 
"Why do you two seem scared? We're not going to hurt you."-Zack
"You know why..."-Hayley. I was still looking at the ground. Harry pulled me closer to him. 
"Well we are leaving so a hug good bye?"-Damien. 
"I think it's time for us to go to... But no hugs."-Harry
"It's not like I would do anything to them. I'm not like that."-Zack. I moved closer to Harry and was basically on his lap Hayley was the same way with Liam. 
"Well we have a big day tomorrow I think we should go now."-Eleanor. 
"Yea you do come on lets go."-Louis. 
We got up to leave and Harry had his arm around my shoulders and Liam had his around Hayley. We were walking out when Zack grabbed my arm and Damien did the same to Hayley. We both turned to face them Harry and Liam both looked really upset. Zack got really close to me and I just looked at the ground. 
"Do you remember what I said?"-Zack. I looked at the ground and nodded. He put his hand under my chin and made me look up. 
"What? Do you remember?"-Zack 
"Y-y-yes."-I whispered I was barely able to talk when I saw near them.
"Good. Bye Teagan. Bye Hayley. It was nice seeing you two again."-Zack. 
They both let go of us and we were both almost in tears in guessing Damien said the same thing that Zack said to me to Hayley. Everyone came over to us and Iried not to cry. 
"What was that about?"-Harry. He pulled me into his arms. I just looked at him and he nodded. "We can talk about it later?" I nodded yes it's like I didn't know how to talk. 
"Can we please just go home?"-Hayley 
"Yea I agree it's time for us to go."-Liam 
We all got in the car and started to drive home. Everyone was talking even Hayley but I didn't. I kept having flashbacks from that night. We got back to the house and went right up to mine and Harry's room. I just laid on the bed and started to cry. Harry came in and pulled me into his arms. 
"Want to tell me what's wrong and why you haven't said a word since you saw those two guys?"-Harry. I nodded yes. "Okay go ahead." I took a deep breath trying not to cry. 
"Okay so sophomore year me and Hayley made the varsity team for volleyball. One Friday there was a huge party and the whole varsity volleyball team was invited. Me and Hayley didn't want to go but our team kind of made us."-me
"Wait I thought you were a good girl I never thought you would go to parties as a sophomore!"-Harry. I gave him the nows not the time look. He stopped talking. 
"So we got to the party and everyone was drinking and me and Hayley wanted to leave but the captain of our team kept saying it will be fine nothing will happen. That we should stay. Well we did. We were to some of the other girls in the team when Zack came over and started to talk to me. He was captain of the football team and was the quarterback. Every girl in school talked about him and yet he was talking to me. We talked for a long time and Hayley started to talk to Damien. I don't really remember the rest of the night. I remember waking up the next morning at the same house the party was. Zack came in and kissed me. He told me that if I told anyone about what happened that night I would regret it. I just nodded and left. I went right to Hayley's house she got there a little before me I guess. I went up to her room and she was crying she told me what Damien did to her and then I remembered what Zack did to me." I started to cry Harry just pulled me close and I cried into his chest. "I-I-I only ever told Hayley this I'm afraid of what they would do to me. So I just tried to avoid them. I did and I haven't talked to them since sophomore year because they were seniors. I'm scared they found me. What will they do?" I cried even harder into his chest. He kissed the top of my head. 
"I'm so sorry that happened to you two baby. They will never hurt you trust me we won't let that happen. Don't worry there gone now. You won't need to see them ever again."-Harry he picked my head up and kissed my lips. I started to calm down. 
"I think we should tell everyone else. They are all worried about you and Hayley."-Harry 
"Okay..."-Me. I looked down at my hands. 
"Do you want to tell them or do you want me to."-Harry. 
"Okay babe."-Harry. He leaned over and kissed me then walked out of the room. I could really hear anything for about 5 minutes then I heard someone yell. 
"He did what!?!??"-Niall
"How could he?!?"-Zayn. 
"I'm going to kill both of them the next time I see them!"-Louis. 
I walked out of my room and walked down the stairs. 
"Please don't. No one was ever suppose to know I'm afraid what they will do to us if they find out you guys know."-Me. I started to cry again. Perrie and Eleanor came over to me and hugged me. 
"But Teagan why didn't you tell the cops?!"-Perrie 
"Because we were both afraid of what they would do to us."-Me.
"What do you mean us?"-Eleanor. Liam walked down.
"Oh I see Teagan was already telling you."-Liam 
"Wait they did something to Hayley too?!?!"-Zayn. 
"Yea Zack raped me and Damien raped Hayley..."-Me. 
"Come on I think we need to have a girls talk now..."-Perrie. Eleanor and me both nodded in agreement. We ran up the stairs to Hayley and Liam's room. We all talked about everything that happened. Then we talk about tomorrow and dress shopping. Then we went back downstairs. We heard all the boys talking. 
"I am going to beat the shit out of those boys when if I see them again."-Louis. 
"Lou you can't... Teagan is scared to death that they will do something."-Harry 
"But they can't just get away with doing that to them!"-Niall 
"But the girls are really scared and I think we should just try and avoid Zack and Damien."-Liam. 
"Fine but if I see them and they look at any of the girls I may kill them..."-Zayn
"Oh I probably would to."-Harry. We all walked down the stairs. They stopped talking. 
"How much of that did you hear?"-Louis.
"All of it..."-Eleanor. We all walked over and sat on the couches. I sat next to Harry and he put his arm around me.  We all started talking about random things. The boys were trying to cheer me and Hayley up. They started talking in Spanish. 
"I hate you guys.."-I said pouting. Everyone started to laugh. We were all laughing by the end of the night and I almost forgot about seeing them earlier that day. It was still only like 9PM. 
"Guys I'm bored let's do something!"-Louis
"Like what?"-Zayn
"Let's go to the club!"-Eleanor
"Teagan you're pregnant you can't go to a club..."-Hayley 
"I can it's not like I would drink... And you can't go your only 17!"-Me. Everyone laughed.
"Don't worry babe. You can still go."-Liam 
"Okay!!"-Hayley. We all jumped up and started to get ready. Luckily I wasn't really showing yet so I still fit into my clothes I usually wear. I put on  tight black dress with silver heals. I curled my hair and did my make up. I walked down to the living room and everyone was ready Hayley was complaining because she didn't have any good dresses to wear to a club but she found one. It was fine. She was just upset that me, Eleanor, and Perrie could still wear tight dresses. We got to the club and went to the VIP section. I grabbed Harry's hand and Hayley grabbed Liam's and we went to the dance floor then everyone else came this was going to be great a night without worrying.

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