Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


51. Bachelorette Party

A/N sorry for the time skip again... 
Love you all <333 ~Hayley and Teagan

Teagan's POV 

It's been four months since Aaron was born and 5 since Taylor and Carson. Today is Hayley bachelorette party! We picked out a dress that's she can wear to a club. It was tight and it was black with sparkles on it. We all go in the car and drove to the club. We all went to the dance floor and started dancing crazily. We were all having so much fun dancing. Neon Lights by Demi Lovato came on. We all started singing then I felt someone grab my waist. I jumped and spun around to see Harry standing there smiling. I then saw the other guys walking over to us.
"What are you doing here!" El yelled over the music. 
"Umm bachelor party!" Louis said on a "duh" tone. 
"Uh fine we have to go any way we have another place to go!" Perrie said. 
"Where???" Liam asked. 
"Let's just say Channing Tatum!!" I said as we all walked away from the boys. The girls all laughed and we walked out of the club we were surrounded by the paps. They were screaming questions about the wedding. We all just ignored them except for one question. 
"No the wedding is definitely on!" Hayley yelled as we all got into the car. We all were upset that they would think the wedding was off because we left the club... Okay then. We got back to mine and Harry's house. We were staying there tonight, the boys were staying at the boys house, and my mom Hayley's mom and Liam's parents were staying at Hayley and Liam's to take care of Taylor, Carson, and Aaron tonight. This was the first time my mom got to see Aaron so I'm happy she can spend the night with him. When we got back to the house we all changed into comfy clothes. We all ran to the living room and watched movies. The first movie was with Channing Tatum... 'Magic Mike'. Hayley laughed now understanding what we meant in he club. We finished that movie and were about to put another movie in when Hayley's phone went off.
"Who is it?" Perrie asked. 
"Liam!" Hayley said about to pick her phone up. El grabbed it. 
"Noooo! You can't answer it... It's your bachelorette party!" El yelled taking her phone away. Hayley just rolled her eyes and laughed. We talked for a few minutes about what the next movie should be and my phone started to go off. It was Harry. 
"Teagan don't answer it!" Perrie said. 
"No they have both called within five minutes what if something is wrong." I said and answered the phone and put it on speaker. 
Me: hey babe your on speaker! 
Harry: what the hell! Why didn't Hayley answer her phone and why the hell did she say the wedding was off!!?!??
Hayley: I never said that! Where did you hear that? 
Liam: Ummm you did say that! There is a video online if you saying it leaving the club! 
He sounded like he had been crying. 
Me: Liam I swear she never said that they changed it! They were screaming questions and she said 'no the wedding is definitely on!' Why would you think she actually said that. 
Harry: I told you Liam that Hayley wouldn't say that! 
Liam: sorry hay just making sure you didn't! Love you! 
Hay: love you! Bye!!!!
All the boys: BYE!!!
We watched a lot more movies that night. We watched 'Bridesmaids' of course I mean wedding duh. We watched so. So many movies it was getting really late. 
"I think it's time for us to go to bed!" I said getting up off the couch. 
"Why!!!" Hayley whined.
"Ummm I don't know because you have one of the biggest days of your life tomorrow!!" Perrie said. Hayley just nodded her head and we all went up to the bed room. We all are going to stay in mine and Harry's room because the other bedrooms aren't ready yet. We decided that Hayley would sleep on the bed and the rest of us would sleep on the floor. We got in there and we all got comfortable when Hayley laid on the floor. We all just looked at her.  
"We said sleep in the bed!" El said. 
"Umm ewww no! I don't know what they have done in that bed!!!" She said making a gross face. 
"Um your fine. And think about our parents someone is sleeping in your and Liam's bed. How do you think they feel?" I said laughing. 
"Uhh fine but I'm still grossed out!!" She said laying in the bed. We all laughed and then went to bed. 
I woke up to hearing someone downstairs. What the hell. I woke up El and Perrie. We let Hayley sleep. We walked out of the room and went downstairs. We saw all the boys. 
"What the hell! You guys aren't suppose to be here! And you scared the shit out of us!!" I yelled. 
"Sorry babe but I forgot something. And don't worry Liam won't see Hayley." Just as he said that Hayley walked down the stairs. Liam covered his eyes and Hayley ran back up the stairs. 
"What the hell you guys aren't suppose to be here!!" She screamed from the top of the stairs.
"I covered my eyes! I didn't see you!" Liam yelled and tried to walk out of the house with his eyes covered he walked into a wall. I started to laugh like crazy so didn't everyone else. 
"Liam uncover your eyes before you kill yourself. Hayley is upstairs." Niall said while everyone else laughed. 
"Okay we can go now! I grabbed what I needed!" Harry said walking out with the jacket of his tux. 
"Really Harry you forgot your tux! I asked if you had everything!" I said. 
"Okay and yes I know you did... God you are such a mother!" He said and laughed. I rolled my eyes and they quickly left. 
"HAYLEY THERE GONE YOU CAN COME DOWN NOW!!!" Perrie yelled. Hayley ran downstairs. 
"Teagan I should kill Harry for that!" She laughed walking down the stairs. We all just laughed. 
"Hayley I'm going to pick up Taylor now is that okay with you??" I asked. She nodded and I walked out of the door. I went and picked up Taylor and went back to the house the boys apparently already picked up the boys... wow they are ahead of us. That's scary. Us brought Taylor back to the house and we all played with her until it was time to leave so we could get ready for the wedding. This should be an amazing day! 

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