Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


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Hayley's POV

I've been so upset lately, Teagan wouldn't let me come over and Liam hasn't talked to me. The two most important people in my life wouldn't talk to me. Luckily today I am. I curled my hair and put on some makeup. I put on dark jean shorts and a cute black tank top shirt. I put on a pair of silver sandals. My scars haunted me everyday. I looked at my leg and saw a huge one. I grabbed my phone and keys. I walked downstairs and my parents looked at me. 
"Where are you going?"-Dad
"Tea's."-Me. They nodded. I got to my car and stopped at Starbucks before I went to her house. I got to her house and knocked on her door. She answered. I walked in and saw the boys? I ran to Liam. We kissed for about 2 minutes. I missed him so much. Teagan knew!? I couldn't believe this.
"So this is why you've been ignoring me?"-Me. Teagan nodded. 
"You could've told me something so I wasn't freaking out wondering why you wouldn't talk to me!"-Me. 
"Oops."-Teagan. We decided to play truth or dare. We sat on the ground and I sat in between Liam's legs. His hand kept running over my scar on my leg.
"So who first?"-Me 
"Hmm.. I'll go! Niall truth or dare!?"-Louis. 
"Dare!"-Niall. "I dare you to let Hayley and Teagan give you a COMPLETE make over!"-Louis. Liam and I laughed as Niall grunted. I stood up and Teagan did too. 

"Come on Niall. Time for your makeover!"-Me. I held my hand out he grabbed it and I helped him up. We all walked upstairs. Teagan did his nails while I picked out clothes and did his make up. I picked out a skirt and a cute blouse. I gave him a pair of heels. Then I did his make up. When he was done I was about to pee myself. It took a half hour. Teagan and I walked downstairs. Thinking Niall was behind us. But he wasn't. 

"Where is he?"-Louis. I ran upstairs Teagan stayed downstairs. 

"NIALL JAMES HORAN GET OUT HERE NOW!"-Me. He came out. He was stumbling over the heels. I helped him down the stairs. 

"Boys the new and improved Niall!"-Me. The guys faces were priceless. 

"Make up and clothes was me. Teagan had his nails."-Me. I sat down with Liam again. 

"Hayley. Truth or dare!"-Niall. Shit. 

"Dare.. I guess."-Me. 

"I dare you too..... Kiss someone that's not Liam!"-Niall. 

"Niall!! That's my girlfriend!!!!"-Liam. 

"Niall seriously?"-Me. 

"Come on its just a dare. Just a little peck. It's not like they will be making out!"-Niall. I got up .

"It's just a dare."-Me. I kissed Liam. Teagan looked worried. 

"Teagan don't worry I'm not kissing Harry. No need to beat me up!"-Me. She blushed. 

"Well Hayley. Pick. Who are you kissing?"-Niall.

"Shut up. Kissing any of you is like kissing my brother. That's incest!"-Me. 

"Luckily we aren't related now choose."-Niall. I walked to Louis and gave him a little peck. I went to Liam and wiped my mouth off. 

"Ewwwwwwwwwww. I just kissed Liam!!"-Louis. 

"Now that, that is over Hayley ask away!"-Zayn. 

"Harry. Truth or dare?"-Me. 


"I dare you to let me and Teagan straighten your hair."-Me. 

"Hell no!"-Harry. 

"Come on I just had to kiss Louis. I promise to recurl your hair after you have it straightened for 30 minutes."-Me. 

"Fine.."-Harry. Teagan went upstairs and grabbed her hair straightener and curling iron. After a certain amount of time I started to heat up the curling iron. I sat in Liam's lap and was curling Harry's hair. It got close enough to how it was before and we decided to watch movies. We all went to the couches and I cuddled up to Liam. They put in The Hunger Games. We got probably 20 minutes into it and i fell asleep on Liam. 


I woke up still on the couch with Liam cuddled up to me. I kissed his lips and felt him kiss back not to long after. 

"Happy birthday babe."-Me. 

"Thanks baby."-Liam. He kissed me again. All the boys came down with Teagan. 

"Stop sucking face!!"-Louis. 

"If Eleanor was here you'd do the same thing Lou."-Liam. 

"What about me?"-Eleanor.

"EL!"-Louis. He ran over to her. I looked at Liam confused and he looked just as confused. 

"What are you doing here?"-Louis. 

"Well I got a call from Harry and Teagan and they told me to come and I did. So surprise! Oh and happy birthday Li!"-El. She came and gave Liam a hug. 

"You must be Hayley. I heard so much about you from Liam when they were in London. He wouldn't stop talking about you."-El. I looked at Liam. He just look away. 

"Louis wouldn't stop talking about you too."-Me. She gave me a hug and then hugged the rest of the boys. My phone started ringing. I ran to the couch and grabbed it. It was my dad. 
Me: Hello??
Dad: When are you coming home? You need to be home tonight you have your first day of senior year tomorrow. 
Me: I know. 
Dad: What are you doing today?
Me: Hanging out with Teagan and the boys. It's Liam's birthday and they are back. 
Dad: Okay, be home in a few hours the boys and Teagan can come. 
Me: Okay? Bye. 
Dad: love you bye. 
Me: Love you too. 
"that was weird....."-Me.  Liam came over to me. He grabbed my hand. We got back to the boys.
"Okay, so my dad said that he wants me home in a few hours but, you all can come. And Tea since it's our "first day of senior year" tomorrow I need to sleep at my house but you could probably sleep over if you wanted."-Me
"Your dad said we could come over?"-Louis. 

"Weird right!?"-Me. We hung out for the next  couple hours. Eleanor was really sweet and her and Louis are absolutely adorable. After a few hours, we all went to my house. When we pulled into the driveway I saw this amazing car I've been wanting. I hope it's for me. We all got inside and my parents were watching TV. 

"I'm home."-Me. 

"I have something for you."-Dad. He went to the kitchen and grabbed something. He came out and threw me car keys. I caught them and looked up at him. 

"It's your early birthday present."-Dad. I ran up to him and hugged him. 

"Thank you thank you thank you!"-Me. I hugged my mom too. The rest of Liam's birthday was incredible. My dad was actually making good conversation with him. This is perfect. This is going to be the best year ever. No drama hopefully and my dad and Liam finally getting along. 

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