Better Than Words

Two 16 year old girls, Hayley and Teagan go to a One Direction Concert and since then secrets have been untold.


23. Appointment.

Hayley's POV

Today is Monday, I have school until 11 because at 1 I have my first doctor's appointment. I'm really nervous. I woke up in bed with Liam. His hands we on my stomach and his head was on my shoulder. I slowly got out of his grip and got up. I kissed his forehead and then got dressed. It was supposed to be really warm, so I wore shorts and a cute tank top. I walked back out to my room instead of the bathroom where I was. I put my hair in a messy side braid. I grabbed my bag and was about to walk out when Teagan walked in and Liam said my name. 
"I'll be at your school at 11. I love you baby,"-Liam. I walked to him and gave him a kiss.
"I love you too."-Me. Teagan and I walked out of the room.
"You ready for your appointment today?"-Teagan.
"Nope. My pregnancy is all over twitter.. everyone is going to know about it. This is bad!"-Me. She just drove to school and didn't say anything. I walked into the school and everyone just looked at me. They were whispering about me to their friends, texting about me, tweeting about me. This is horrible. I got sick of it. 
"Okay! Seriously!? You guys are making it seem like I'm the first person in this place to get pregnant! Grow up. If you have anything to say about me, tell it to my face not by texting, tweeting, or whispering behind my back. How would any of you like it if I said all this stuff about you!? Like crap right? Exactly we are in high school not 8th grade grow up."-Me. I walked to my locker and Alexa came up to me.
"You okay?"-Alexa.
"Not really, but I'll get over it."-Me. She gave me a hug. Teagan was standing there at her locker. Some girl on the cheerleading squad came up to me. 
"Aww look, and they say that the cheerleaders are the sluts, look at you! Who's the dad? Nick? Liam? His friends?"-Brittany. 
"Liam is the father. I don't sleep around like you!"-Me.
"I'm not the pregnant one.."-Brittany.  I slammed my locker and walked away.
"Everyone look out! Heavy load!"-Brittany. I just wanted to cry. Fucking hormones! I heard Alexa and Teagan. 
"Shut the fuck up bitch!"-Alexa.
"Don't talk shit on Hayley, she's fucking human being! She has feelings too! But obviously you don't care. How would you like it if I told everyone about what you got this summer?"-Alexa. Brittany walked away. When she walked by me she called me fat bitch slut and more. I started crying. Tea and Alexa came over to me. 
"Are you okay?"-Teagan.
"No!  I don't want to be here! I hate this stupid fucking place. I want to leave and never come back! I hate the people and the building! Its fucking scum!"-Me. Teagan called Liam while Alexa tried calming me down. Not too long after Liam came in. He hugged me.
"You okay?"-Liam.
"No. I hate this place I want to leave now!"-Me He nodded and we started walking out. More comments were being and Liam was getting pissed. He almost said something to someone, but I made him not. 
"Liam please don't.. don't worry about it. Can we please just leave?"-Me. We kept walking and got to the car. It was only 9. Teagan came out.
"I'll drive to your house I'm leaving school in 2 hours anyways.."- Teagan. She got to her car i got in Liam's . He got in the drivers seat. I was in the passengers. 
"What happened?"-Liam. 
"A stupid ass cheerleader was being a bitch."-Me. He laughed. 
"What?! It's true!"-Me. We decided not to go to my house and go out for breakfast with the boys and Teagan. We got to our table and I saw Brittany and her boyfriend. I kicked Teagan under the table. 
"Ow what!?"-Teagan. I pointed to Brittany. Teagan just rolled her eyes. 
"Is she like following us?"-Teagan.  I shrugged. 
"The stupid ass cheerleader that was being a bitch."-Me. He nodded. Of course her table was right next to ours. My chair was closest to hers. Fuck.My.Life. Teagan and I were actually really good friends with her boyfriend. He came over to us.
"Hey Hay, Hey Tea."-Brandon. I stood up and gave him a hug. 
"Hey Bran."-Me. Teagan hugged him. 
"Hayley I'm sorry about Brittany earlier.."-Brandon.
"Why are you apologizing? She said it not you."-Me. 
"By the way congrats on your engagement and pregnancy. But Brittany will get mad if I don't get back."-Brandon. 
"Thanks. I'll talk to you soon."-Me. He nodded and sat down. 
"Brittany's boyfriend?"-Liam. I nodded. We were all laughing when Brandon came back. 
"I'm leaving. See you tomorrow."-Brandon. I gave him a hug. Once I sat down Brittany came over. 
"Can you stay away from him? I don't him getting any diseases from you?"-Brittany. 
"Diseases? From me? Take a look in the mirror Hun, your the one that sleeps with 5 guys a day. Plus you can't get diseases from hugging. You should know remember this summer?"-Me. 
"I'm not the pregnant one."-Brittany. 
"Brit let's go.."-Brandon. 
"You are so lucky your pregnant or I would kick your ass."-Brittany. 
"Bitch your lucky I'm pregnant. You must be joking right now. You? Kick my ass? Funny."-Me. 
"Hayley stop."-Liam. Brandon pulled Brittany away. 
"Damn girl."-Louis. 
"Sassy much?"-Louis. 
"Says You!"-Me. 
"Hey it's a good thing to have sass! But no one has more sass than me!"-Louis. 
"You really do put the ass in sass Lou."-Me. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up. When we finished eating we all got in our cars and went to the doctors. We walked in, I felt so awkward. I told them my name and they put me in the room right away. The doctor came in, I lifted my shirt up and Liam held my hand. All the guys and Teagan were in the room as well. He squeezed the gel on my stomach. It was freezing. 
"How's the baby?"-Me. 
"Well, I hear two heartbeats soo.."-Doctor.
"Isn't that normal.. Mine and the baby's."-Me. 
"Well if you put it that way then I hear three heartbeats. You are having twins."-Doctor. I was shocked I couldn't speak. I looked at Liam and he just squeezed my hand. After I got cleaned up we all left. I still haven't said a word. Liam and I got to the car. 
"Hayley are you okay? You haven't said a word."-Liam. 
"Yeah I'm fine. Just shocked I guess."-Me. 
"It will all be okay baby. I promise."-Liam. 
"How do you know? Were having twins Liam. I haven't even graduated yet."-Me. 
"It will be okay. I just know. Just trust me. Can you do that baby? Just trust me."-Liam. I nodded. We got to my house and got out of the car. He gave me a hug before we went inside. 
"How was your appointment?"-Mom.
"Good. We have news."-Me.
"Are you getting rid of it?"-Dad. 
"Dad! Are you kidding me?! And no we aren't. My child isn't an it. They are my children. We are having twins."-Me. My dad just walked away. My mom hugged me. 
"That's fantastic!"-Mom. 
"I'm so scared."-Me. I whispered to her. I started crying silently. She rubbed my back and played with my hair. 
"We'll be downstairs soon. I just need to talk to Hayley quick. Make yourselves feel at home."-Mom. We walked upstairs and into my room.  We sat on my bed. She looked at me. 
"What's really wrong Hayley?"-Mom. 
"What if he leaves me because I ruined everything for him? What if we don't get married? What happens if either of the babies get hurt? I don't want to lose Liam mom,he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm so scared mom. I need you."-Me. I started crying again. She just held me in her arms. I put my head on her lap as she played with my hair. 
"Shh... Babygirl everything will be alright."-Mom. I fell asleep and woke up to someone moving me. 
"Liam, she is really scared. She thinks you might leave her, or one of the babies will get hurt. She needs you."-Mom. 
"I'll always be here for her."-Liam. My mom left and Liam came in bed. 
"I love you Liam."-Me. 
"I love you to baby, to infinity and beyond. I'll never leave you. "-Liam. I turned to look at him. I gave him a kiss. It was filled with passion and love. It deepened and was just a make out session. When we pulled apart, we both smiled. I fell asleep not too long after with Liam's arms on my stomach and us tangled in each other's bodies. I love Liam James Payne with all my heart. Nothing can change that ever. 

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