We aren't just church girls

Mahkeida and Tatum are twins. Tatum was born a minute after Mahkeida, they do everything together they never fight their like best friends. Their mom Carla is from Cape Verde and their dad Gregory black. The girls are considered church girl but their BAD girls. When the two get noticed by the famous boys Mindless Behavior the girls at the school become jealous. Read to find out more!


1. We're Ordinary girls

My name is Mahkeida, I'm 17, I'm a twin, and my dad is also a twin his brother is Trey Songz every summer me and Tatum spend the summer over in LA but we live in San Diego it's not that far. I woke up to the sound of Tatum's shower going on so I hoped into the shower and hoped out when I saw the time . I got dressed into my ripped boyfriend jeans, a gray Elmo pull over and my Uggs, I put my long curly hair in a neat ponytail grabbed my bag and phone and went downstairs.

The names is Tatum I'm 17, I have long thick curly hair. This morning I put on a pink Marvell crop hoody sweater, high waisted acid washed ripped jeans, clear cut boots with pink souls and laces and a gold chain I let my hair out. At school were know as the the big booty girls, the pretty twins or church girls, never by our real names and never nothing worse unless you hear it from the school hoes Alisha and Destiny they wonder why people don't like them or notice them at school cause they talk so much shit.

Heyyy guys I'm Alisha I'm 18, I'm full cape Verdian no I'm not related to the twins their trash compared to me and my best friend Destiny I don't care about them F their life their not even cute I don't understand how boys go after them their lame church girls. Ugh they piss me off so much I hate them. I'm cute with the long curly hair and I'm light skinned I always look cute today I'm wearing a black skater skirt with a brown belt, a black crop top, navy blue converses and a shark tooth necklace.

Destiny is my name to all you fools I'm 18. This morning I put on a light pink skater with a black belt, a black crop top, my nerd glasses, and black low top combat boots. I ate breakfast and drove to school


Mahkeida POV

While me and Tatum were at our lockers chilling a stamped of girls ran to the school door. There was no fire, no shooting, it's just they over do things ALL THE TIME!!

Tatum: Tf is wrong with them, they stay doing the most. (This boy named Anthony comes thru the cut)

Anthony: why Tf are they running like animals?

Mahkeida: Lord knows

Tatum: let's go to class so were not late with them

Anthony: yeah (while we were walking one of the boys that were running bumped into Mahkeida and feel on top of her he was probably running from some girls)

Prince: him I'm Princeton from mindless behavior, I'm so sorry but these girls are crazy.

Mahkeida: I know who you are (I saw destiny and Alisha and the other girls give Mahkeida me and Tatum dirty looks) and that's alright

Prince: here let me help you (he helped her pick up her stuff) I don't know if people tell you this but You are so Beautiful !

Mahkeida: Thank you, your not bad yourself

Princeton: And sorry mention but your

Mahkeida: Butt is big I know me an my sister get that a lot

Prince: yeah well see you around

Mahkeida: yeah (me,Anthony and Tatum went to class. In class I sit next to Tatum in our row there are four empty seats two on my left and two on Tatum's right, Anthony sat next to his girlfriend Veronika she's really chill and shy like Tatum, Tatum won't talk to nobody I have to push her to talk.)

Tatum POV

While we were all sitting and listen and Alisha giving Mahkeida dirty looks the door flew open four boys walked in Princeton, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Prodigy.

Ms. Lopez: class theses are our new students (Princeton winked at Mahkeida) please introduce yourself

Prince: I'm Princeton but call me Prince

Ray: Ray Ray call me Ray for short

Roc: Roc

Prod: call me prod

Ms. Lopez: please take a seat in any of the for chairs by Mahkeida and Tatum please (prod speed walked the the seat next to me that's when this girl Alexandra yelled out slut to me I rolled my eyes and kept listening, roc took the seat by prod and prince and Ray took the seats by Mahkeida.)

Mahkeida POV

The whole class Time Ray was staring down one of my close friends, Taylor she peanut butter color and has a big butt with a lot of hair she's African American but her dad is Native American she was wearing shredded leggings, combat boots, a white and camo sleeve T that said "Killer" her angle wings earrings and her hair was in a messy bun.


Yo! This girl up front she's so fine and I can bag that anytime and I know it! Her eyes, face, hair and clothes just everything about her and her butt too she's A+


Tatum's cute really cute she's beautiful when I looked around the class I saw her and That girl Alexandra but once Alexandra called her a slut that light in me went off but I also seen this girl in the back of the room her name tag said De'Adsha (D-aw-Jah), her hair is straightened and she's really beautiful too.

Prod POV

Praise God! I found a girl and I just got here, she's a fine one too!

Prince POV

I already met Mahkeida all I need is her number, her V-card (virginity), and the official yes to be my girlfriend. That's all, it's not a lot!

Tatum POV

Prod is so FINE! He can get it any day! Anyways, he was looking at me and smiling and I smiled and looked away he's so cute. Thank lord for his wonderful creation.

Mahkeida: TATUM!!

Tatum: What!

Mahkeida: to loud

Tatum: I didn't say anything

Prod: yeah you did (he winks at me I honestly thought I said that in my head)

Tatum: I thought I said that in my head

Prod: no

Ms. Lopez: Silence

Tatum: sorry (skip to end of class/ Lunch)

De'Adsha POV

At lunch me Taylor, Tatum, and Mahkeida sat at the same table we never eat that nasty shit! It's all fake so after school all four of us go to Chipotle. The boys came to our table. Looks like their not eating the lunch either. But anyways I think I have a little crush on Roc he's cute, those lips, his deep voice. Just take me home. When he came over to the table he was cheesing at me. And yes his smile too.

Prince: Hey Ladies

Girls: hey guys

Alisha POV


Destiny POV

I wish I looked like De'Adsha she's really pretty so is Tatum but sometimes it aggravates me that they can get whatever boy they want not only are the pretty but their personalities. But Anthony's cute

Ray: what's up with the lunch

Tatum: oh the jail food! Don't ask, we never eat it, that crap can give diseases and food poisoning it's Disgusting!

Mahkeida: you guys are welcome to come with us after school to Chipotle, if you want

Boys: no problem (bell rings)

De'Adsha: yo what class do you'll have?

Tatum: Health

Mahkeida: Art

Prince: Gym

Roc: Cooking

De'Adsha: your with me

Prod: Health

Ray: gym

Taylor: art

Tatum: see y'all last period History! (While I walked away and all of us split up, Prod ran and caught up to me I smiled, I think I was blushing.) how you liking this school so far

Prod: it's alright I guess better then being home-schooled

Tatum: that's good

Prod: yeah. About what you said earlier thanks for the compliment!

Tatum: (I laughed) your welcome

Prod: and also about "I can get it any day" you can have this any day (they both laughed and ran up the stair to class)

Ms. Kim: you guys are late put your stuff down and go get a pass please!

Tatum: DANM

Ms. Kim: young lady, don't make it a detention

Tatum: sorry (in the hall)

Prod: your really pretty

Tatum: thank you, no one ever tells me that

Prod: well they should cause your beautiful

Tatum: thanks

Front desk: where too sweet hearts?

Tatum: health

Front desk: here honey, both your names are on it, get to class quickly please.

Tatum: we will mrs. Carry

Mrs. Polly: I'm mrs. Polly today were cooking kale with dressing its basically a salad. Ingredients are at your table pick your partner and get to work.

De'Adsha POV

I sat 3 tables away from Roc. When mrs. Polly said partners all the girls ran to Roc, yeah he's cute and famous but DANM give him some space. Mrs. Polly looked at them like they were crazy, Roc got up and walked over To me, Alexandra gave me a dirty look but I didn't care cause she always thought she ran the school, she's pretty but she does to much, wears to much make up and booty shirt and crop tops and her ass is so flat, it's just disgusting and she does too much hoeish things in 9th grade she was caught having sex in the locker room with Mr. Tyrone he was fired the next day and charged with rape, and she was charged with prostitution and was also suspended for 4 weeks. Mr. Tyrone was tatted and had an ear pierced, he was from Switzerland. Alexandra's pouter Rican.

Roc: so let's start I'll read and you make or I make you read

De'Adsha: the first sounds good

Roc: ok

Mrs. Polly: 15 more minutes

Ray: yo prince what do you think of Taylor ?

Prince: she's cute but Mahkeida's what on my mind

Ray: ok! Mahkeida's cute too, so is Tatum, but Taylor's my main priority.

Prince: there's some cute girls in this school. Some are hoes, some sluts, and and some are just clean and bad

Ray: bad bitch central is: Taylor, Mahkeida, De'Adsha, and Tatum their the baddest out of all the girls in the school and if they weren't here it would be Destiny, Alisha, Alexandra, Lora, and Leanna

Prince: I can't lie that is true

Mahkeida: you have a little crush

Taylor: WHO?!

Mahkeida: Ray of course the boys on your ass

Taylor: I noticed, but Princeton's on your ass

Mahkeida: he's fine as hell, Lawd, proms coming up soon then graduation then were out of here! I'm so happy! Your prom date you already know it's you boo thang Ray Ray.

Taylor: Mmm you is to much

Mr. Wilson: enough talking girls you only have 10 minutes of class left

Taylor: alright (Skip to the end of school* They all met up in the parking lot by Taylor's land rover) Who's going with who?

Tatum: I'm going with my sister

Prod: or you can go with me (he winks at me. Something about that wink just keeps getting me, i smile at him)

Prince: wait hold up y'all twins?!

Tatum: yeah

Prince: OMG I thought y'all was just friends

Roc: don't mind him he's a little slow

Ray: But y'all are twins for real?

Roc: he's slow too

Ray: shut up, but really!?

Mahkeida: yes, we're twins! She's younger then me by a minute August 12,1997

Prod: young-ing, but it's all good tho, (he winks again. He's so fine, just take me home with you already, and that wink his eyes! Lawd!!)

De'Adsha: no no, y'all are to slow for me I'm hungry, so hurry up and cut the lovey crap. (Stares at prod)

Prod: what?

De'Adsha: nothin

_______________________next day_____________________

Tatum POV

I woke up to Worst Behavior by Drake. I feel so sick. Prods taking me to breakfast this morning that's why I'm up so early, first date I guess. I did my stuff that I had to do and got dressed into a Fresh prince bel air throne swag 90's T-shirt, black leggings, toro 4s, I grabbed my Hinge Hobo bag, keys and phone and went downstairs to see prince and prod downstairs.

Tatum: 1.Where's Mahkeida? 2.How did you get into my house? 3. I know I'm acting bitchy this morning, I don't feel good I'll be better towards the middle of the day I think. (Does a little smile)

Prince: your sister opened the door for us and she went back upstairs.

Tatum: oh

Mahkeida POV

I opened the door for the boys then went back up stairs cause I wasn't fully dressed but now I am. I'm wearing black leggings, a burgundy "I'm Not A morning Person" pull&bear print shirt, my burgundy converses I took my bag and phone and headed downstairs.

Prince: y'all should switch outfits

Mahkeida: why?

Prince: because you the total opposite of your shirt then she is this morning

Tatum: true but no beging sick and not being a morning person are two different things Princeton.

Prince: yeah, true.

Prod: ready to go Tatum

Tatum: yeah (they start getting ready to leave) y'all are leaving too or no

Prince: no, but we're going to school later on

Tatum: as in when schools about to start

Prince: sure

Tatum: Good! Cause y'all aren't having sex in my room,her room, moms room, the couch, floor, bathroom, kitchen, the showers, counters, or mid air. Oh and the babies new room the attic, gym room, spa, and pool nor the dressing room or towel room. Ok?... Ok.

Prince: we weren't planning on having sex but ok

Tatum: I'm I'm just saying, because sometimes things happen and they lead to big mistakes that ruin your life. I'm sorry if I'm to Smart but yeah, I don't need to get into detail because were old enough to understand. Right?

All: yeah!

Prod: you sound like my mom.

Tatum: I actually don't feel like going to school so y'all can do whatever you want but sex, have fun with NO sex. It's a half day anyway.


Tatum: where we going?

Prod: my house

Tatum: cool

Prod: yup, my moms home and I told her you were coming so she's aware.

Tatum: ok

Prod: she's leaving right after breakfast

Tatum: I need to call my mom (phone) hi mom

Carla: hi whats wrong why you not at school?

Tatum: I'm sick

Carla: Kuze tortu?(translation: what's wrong?) do you have cramps?

Tatum: no my head hearts and I just feel sick.

Carla: ok then you don't have to. Undi está a sua irmã ? (Where's your sister?)

Tatum: home

Carla: tell her to stay home

Tatum: ok

Carla: if you guys go anywhere be back by 4:30, I'll be home by 5:00.

Tatum: ok

Carla: Esteja seguro e ser bom (be safe and be good) Também me ligue quando você chegar em casa (Also call me when you get home)

Tatum: ok

Carla: Obtenha toda a sua lição (do all your homework)

Tatum: mom ok

Carla: E chamar tio Trey (and cal uncle trey)

Tatum: ok mom bye, my phones bout to die bye

Carla: hold on, Não se esqueça. E você sabe melhor do que abrir as pernas, porque se eu descobrir que eu vou bater o seu rabo. (Don't forget. And you know better then to spread your legs cause of I find out I'll beat your ass)

Tatum: MA Ok! I understand! Bye (hangs up) she talks so much (prod starts laughing)

Prod: I feel you, what are your parents nationalities?

Tatum: my moms Cape Verdean and Dominican and my dad's black

Prod: that's a nice mix, but I'm just black

Tatum: thanks and oh (after a while it was silent till we got to this big house with gates up front there was a code to get in and a code for the garage doors) this is a nice house

Prod: thanks but I think your house looks nicer tho

Tatum: really?... No, this house is better (my house has a pool, gym, game/tv/party room for me and Mahkeida, there's a spa and salon,a big party and tv room for the grown ups, there's a floor for sleep overs and visitors only and there's a basement with a half bedroom a half bathroom and a plasma tv the basements pretty big we sometimes have parties in there, there are two windows their both bullet proof and have lock codes on them, my house is pretty big but compared to prods house since he's famous that craps huge! But anyway we got inside but we had to wait at his door for his mom to open cause prod left his keys somewhere.)

Wanda: (prods mom) Hi honey! Hi Darling.

Tatum: Hello, I'm Tatum, Prods friend.

Wanda: I'm Prods mom Wanda you can call me mama Wanda. Come in come in, please sit down, relax!, I made y'all some breakfast, Prod told me you were coming, I'm so happy to see you, your a really pretty girl.

Tatum: Thank You, it's nice meeting you too (prod was smiling and it was a smile of approval, it was like his mom wanted him to bring home someone she would like and someone pretty, so I smiled.)

Wanda: well I'm gonna be late for work so I'll see you later honey. Prod Your brother went out to your fathers house so he's staying for the wee I guess, so if you want to you can.

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