Forever and Always

Bella and her family go on their summer vacation to Tipperary Ireland. Her family lives there and little does she know her prince charming does too! Her life isnt asy as her parents dont care about her and her siblings. They practiclly raise each other. Through ups and downs that one guy who goes by Niall Horan is there for her. But will he stay? Will she give up on love all together? Will they live happily ever after? Forever and always...?


4. she was amazing

(Seth POV)

I was engrossed in a very interesting conversation with Niall when I heard Bella scream. I turned to look at her tears streaming down her face. She screamed again she said " Seth help! Sebastian!" Sebastian i thought. I spun around and saw him hit the water; he cant swim. I ran not really thinking about what I was doing and I jumped into the pool. I could see Sebastian motionless slowly sinking down. I grabbed him and handed him to uncle Jed who was giving him CPR. I was scared out of my mind, he was still unconscious. I looked over to my side and saw Bella sobbing and having an anxiety attack in Niall's arms. I could see Niall's face as pale as a ghost holding her back. I heard a cough and turned to uncle Jed. Sebastian was awake coughing and crying, me and Bella ran to him and grabbed him hugging and kissing him. We wrapped towels around him and I picked him up.We brought him inside , still crying; I gave him to Bella to go get him changed.


(Niall's POV)

It all happened so fast one minute me and Seth were talking the next he was jumping in the pool. I could see him grab what i was guessing was his little brother out of the pool and giving him to Jed. I ran over to them and saw who again i guessed was Isabella sobbing. I went over to her and she just fell straight into my arms. I held her there while her brother was trying to be brought back to life. When he coughed she let out a huge sigh and ran towards him. We all went inside and she went up stairs to change him.


(Bella's POV)

I went upstairs and changed Sebastian into a onesie. He was still shivering so i wrapped him in a blanket and went down stairs in the living room. Nearly everyone was gone except for a few cousins and Seth's friends. I put Sebastian down and he went and started playing with his trains. "Bell, i'm hungry can I have some cookies and milk" he asked me. Of course buddy , with that I went and got him some food. I cam back and gave him his food he sat on my lap and ate. After a few minutes he fell asleep and I picked him up to bring him upstairs. 

As I was walking out the door I bumped into someone. I looked downs still holding Seb " I'm so sorry  I didn't see you there"  I said. He put his finger under my chin and lifted my head "Don't worry babe" he responded in a thick Irish accent. I about died, his thick accent, and his bright blue eyes, my heart was about to burst at that moment. "Your Seth's friend right" I asked him casually even though I new the answer. "Yes I am, and you must be the beautiful Bella" I blushed like crazy and he just let out a little laugh " How is the little guy" he asked. I almost forgot Seb was asleep in my arms " He is fine , a little shaken up but he is ok". " I should probably go put him in bed" I said. With that I left the room, hundred of things running through my head. He was so sweet and his accent oh my to die for I swear. His smile gave me butterflies and the way he looked at me like I was special, made me fall in love with him every second. HOLY CRAP, I just remembered  he said his name was Niall Horan as in "the Niall Horan from One Direction!


(Niall's POV)

After watching what just went down I decided on going into the living room and just taking a rest. While walking in I bumped into someone " I'm so sorry i didn't see you there" she said. She turned bright pink and i thought that was just the cutest thing. I put my finger under her chin and lifted her head up "Don't worry babe" I replied. When she lifted up her head I actually got a good look of her face. My heart skipped a beat. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She wasn't like other girls, It's hard to explain but it's like at the moment we locked eyes I just wanted to hold her and keep her safe. Cheesy I know but whatever. I noticed we were just starring at each other and it was kinda getting awkward " So how is he" I asked. " He's is good a little shaken up but good, im gonna go take him upstairs" and with that she left. I just stood there (probablly looking like a moron) but she was something like never before.

 At that point i got really hungry so i decided on making myself some potatoes and toast. Well that's what we eat in Ireland i decided to top it of with some tatoes. As i was eating I couldn't get her out of my head when I heard a scream from upstairs. Everyone turned but not one person moved. "Feck it" i sprinted up the stairs and saw Bella standing in the hall. I ran to her and saw what her eyes were stuck on. A baby spider. "Really Bella its a spider you little wiss" i said to her in between my coughs of laughter. " Shut up I hate spiders she said with a frown" not before she punched me in the arm. Of course she started laughing with me after " Only my friends call me Bella" she stated with a smirk on her face. " Oh so I'm not your friend now" I responded. " You never were but If you wanna be you gotta do better then insulting me on one of my fears" she said and walked off giggling. God she had such a cute laugh.  Oh my I was falling for Bella and I was falling hard.


Sorry if it was short guys, im kind of having writers block but I will more often please favorite and like I would be very greatful thanks for all your support! love you guys -kina


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