Forever and Always

Bella and her family go on their summer vacation to Tipperary Ireland. Her family lives there and little does she know her prince charming does too! Her life isnt asy as her parents dont care about her and her siblings. They practiclly raise each other. Through ups and downs that one guy who goes by Niall Horan is there for her. But will he stay? Will she give up on love all together? Will they live happily ever after? Forever and always...?


6. Cant sleep?

(Bella's POV)

I woke up to someone shaking me. I opened my eyes a little to see who it was , of course my annoying brother. Ugh Seth go away. " Fine I will just give your subway sandwich to Niall he will eat it". " Wait what!N no give it to me" I said as I literally flew out of bed. " Hah seriously Bella you and Niall are like the same person, but different body parts you know?". " Ok get out" I replied. He just walked out of my room laughing. It was nearly 12 am and Seth walked into his room so I figured he went to bed. I stayed up for about an hour just going on instagram and twitter you know creeping on people. Then I got a skype call from my friend Kate , i figured it was early back home, you know time difference. It was nearly 3 when we finished talking. I got back into bed but I could not sleep I had to many things to think about. A lot of it was about Niall but there were other things like the past. The past that only me and Seth knew about, I used to cut. I cut a lot and they were really bad. I remember when my dad used to come home drunk and beat my mom, i thought it was my fault. Later I figured out it never was but that wasnt until I cut really deep and passed out. I had a bad night and I was just done, if Seth were to not find me I would be dead right now... I was tracing all the scars on my wrist that went up half my forearm, when i felt how wet my face was. I remembered how my dad used to tell me it was all my fault, then he got my mom drinking and she used to say the same thing. I remember going to school and the boys used to taunt me and throw things at me. The girls used to hit me and beat me in the bathrooms. The only person who knows about this is Seth, this is another reason why we are so close. " I really am screwing up this family arent i" I thought to myself. I remembered everything everyone had said about me and how all my friends had a party when I left. My only true friend Kate told me on skype just a few minutes earlier. I decided I need to wash my face so i went into the bathroom. I looked in the shower and saw my razor for shaving my legs. I still hadn't used it and all of a sudden memories and urges came back to me. without thinking I grabbed the razor and took the blade out. I put it against my wrist and slid it across. I dropped it and burst into tears. I fell on the floor and cut more and more and more until i was drenched in blood. I just cried and i grabbed the mirror and threw it at the wall which caused it to break into pieces causing a loud bang. I heard running and footsteps until the bathroom door flew open.

The door flew open and Seth just stood there first with shock on his face then anger and then tears streaming down his face. "Niall " he screamed. He ran to me and sat on the floor holding my wrist to try and slow down the bleeding. I just cried into him and I couldn't stop. Next thing I know Niall is standing at the door mouth wide open, like a dog. " I'm gonna go get some clothes and bandages" Seth whispered into my ear. I still was crying so I just nodded and watched him leave. Not before he whispered something to Niall at the door. Niall walked in and fell on his knees, just sitting in front of me. He grabbed my wrist and did what Seth did trying to stop the blood from coming out. I finally wiped my tears and saw he was crying to. We didnt say anything to each other we just looked at each other until he grabbed me and pulled me into his chest. I didnt protest I just layed in his arms both of us crying.  I dont really remember what happened next it just went dark and I could feel someone lifting me up but thats it. 

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