Forever and Always

Bella and her family go on their summer vacation to Tipperary Ireland. Her family lives there and little does she know her prince charming does too! Her life isnt asy as her parents dont care about her and her siblings. They practiclly raise each other. Through ups and downs that one guy who goes by Niall Horan is there for her. But will he stay? Will she give up on love all together? Will they live happily ever after? Forever and always...?


1. A little town called Tipperary

 {Bellas POV}

"Isabella O'Conner get down here were gonna be late" screamed my mom. I was so exited today is the day I've been waiting for. Were going to Ireland! School ended like a week ago and my moms family lives in Ireland so we decided to stay the summer there. I haven't been to Ireland in forever. Last time i went i was only 7 now I'm 16. "I'm coming" i screamed back down at her. 

Last minute bag check. Phone, computer, charger, book, makeup, sweater, and camera CHECK! I grabbed my suitcase and ran downstairs. I ran straight for the car not bothering to help my litter brother with his bag. Oh yea! I almost forgot. I have 2 brothers one is 18 his name is Seth and the other is 5 his name is Sebastian. 

{time skip: sitting on plane}

I can't believe were gonna be on land any minute! I really hated planes i would always get sick as a kid and i guess i never grew out of it. As we hit the runway i could barely contain my excitment. We got of the plane and saw my grandparents and cousins waiting for us. I ran straight to my cousins and gave them huge hugs. We got into the car and headed to the little cottage we were staying in. Tipperary was such a beautiful town and everyone was so sweet. I swear everything was walking distance the store, the pub, the gas station. Whenever you would see someone you would always here them say "good day" or "morning" in their thick Irish accents which I have to admit I'm a sucker for.

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