This is the story of Alyssa Crane. She will have her ups and downs, but will she make it? She has been through some hard times in her past, but will someone save her from making the same mistakes? Alyssa hates herself, but can someone prove her wrong? That someone has feelings for Alyssa, will she have the same feelings? Read to find out..


5. the unknown

-Niall's p.o.v.-

We were in the kitchen having lunch, when i got a phone call. I stepped aside to answer it. 

Niall-"hello who is this?"

Unknown-"watch out for Alyssa or else"

N-"or what??"

U-"you'll see soon,Niall."

Then they hung up. I was really scared, i shook my head put on a smile, then went back to the kitchen. Zayn asked "who was that??", and i gave him the glare of we-will-talk-about-it-later. He shook his head yes, and Alyssa started to yawn. "are you tired sweetie?" i asked her, she just nodded her head yes. I picked her up bridal-style and carried her upstairs. I laid her down in her bed, and kissed her forehead. "goodnight Alyssa" i whispered, then i started towards the door. I heard her say "goodnight daddy i love you". I smiled, "i love you to sweetie", then went downstairs. 

-alyssa's p.o.v.-

i woke up in a strange room, then i remembered i was at my dad's house. I got up and went to the door. When i turned the handle, it was locked. I got scared, so i screamed "NIALL WHY IS THE DOOR LOCKED??" I didn't hear an answer, so i started to cry. About ten minutes later, i heard footsteps coming to the door. I quietly slid under the bed, then the door opened. I heard a guys voice say "Alyssa come out, come out where ever you are." i stayed quiet, until the guy looked under the bed saying " there you are missy, why didn't you come out when i asked you to?" I told him "i-i-i was s-s-scared", then he dragged me out from under the bed. Then he threw me against the wall, then yelled "YOU WILL BE PUNISHED, AND YOU WILL NOT FIGHT BACK!!DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME???" "yes" i whimpered softly. He knelt down next to me,and slapped me. I blacked out.

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