This is the story of Alyssa Crane. She will have her ups and downs, but will she make it? She has been through some hard times in her past, but will someone save her from making the same mistakes? Alyssa hates herself, but can someone prove her wrong? That someone has feelings for Alyssa, will she have the same feelings? Read to find out..


9. the kiss

-Harry's p.o.v.-

We found out that alyssa is gone. we all freaked out until liam said "wait dont you guys remember justin beiber, our arch-enemy???" i was deep in thinking when Louis said "lets go to the police station", after the police station we went to justin's house. Zayn barged in and we rushed in after him to find justin and him yelling at each other. i tried to rush over and separate them but it was no use, Zayn reached out and snapped his neck. "guys lets split up and look for her, and if you find her text all of us and meet back here", then we went in our separate directions. I found some stairs so went up them, i stood in front of a closet. i was to scared to open it, so i just walked away. after i couldnt find her, i started to walk towards the stairs when i heard a faint 'help'. it came from the closet, i got the courage and opened it. there she was all tied up. i bent down and untied her, then i i put my face close to hers. it felt so right so i leaned in and kissed her. "HARRY IM ONLY FIFTEEN" she yelled. she got up and ran down the stairs yelling. i dont know what i just did, i feel so stupid. after a little while Louis came and sat next to me. "harry explain why alyssa came down screaming", that is all he said then he stared at me until i answered. "okay, okay, i-i-i-i k-k-k-kissed h-h-her", i blurted out. he looked at me with a mad expression, then his face softened. "harry if you love her, tell her that kiss meant something to you and to her. whenever you get the chance, talk to her okay" he questioned. "yeah,yeah, alright lets go they are probably waiting on us", we got up and went to the car. we started to head home. i just hope louis was right.


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