This is the story of Alyssa Crane. She will have her ups and downs, but will she make it? She has been through some hard times in her past, but will someone save her from making the same mistakes? Alyssa hates herself, but can someone prove her wrong? That someone has feelings for Alyssa, will she have the same feelings? Read to find out..


8. finding alyssa

-alyssa's p.o.v.-

After i called Niall, the guy sat on my bed. "Alyssa listen i didn't mean to do that, and my name is Justin but you can call me 'jb' okay" the guy said. "okay" i said in a small whisper, "WHAT WAS THAT??" he yelled. "i said OKAY" i yelled back, then he slapped me. Then there was blackness, "hello darkness, here we are again" i thought. After what felt like forever, i woke up in a closet. I tried to get up, but my hands and feet were tied again. Then i heard someone yelling, then i heard a loud snap, then there was complete silence. i heard a familiar voice say "guys lets split up and look for her, and if you find her text all of us and meet back here." Then i heard lots of footsteps, one pair came close to me then walked away. i started to yell "HELP", but no answers or footsteps were heard. i started to cry when someone opened the door, it was Harry. He stepped in and closed the door. he untied me and leaned down and put his face close to mine. "i like you Alyssa" he said, started to lean in and kissed me!! i pulled back. "HARRY IM ONLY FIFTEEN!!" i yelled, then i ran out of the closet. i ran down a hallway until i saw some stairs. i ran down them, and yelled "HELLO NIALL WHERE ARE YOU??" i heard lots of footsteps coming my way, then Niall,Liam, Zayn, and Louis came towards me. "where is harry??" Louis asked, "in a closet upstairs." Louis left to go get harry and the rest of us headed out to the car. Louis and Harry got in the car, and we drove home in awkward silence. 

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