This is the story of Alyssa Crane. She will have her ups and downs, but will she make it? She has been through some hard times in her past, but will someone save her from making the same mistakes? Alyssa hates herself, but can someone prove her wrong? That someone has feelings for Alyssa, will she have the same feelings? Read to find out..


12. Back "home"

-Alyssa's p o v-

When we got home, I ran to the kitchen yelling "I NEED FOOD!!!" i heard running behind me, and turned around to see Niall standing there. "hey you aren't the only one hungry here", he said. I laughed, then the rest of the boys came in except Harry. "where is Harry" I ask, "umm Liam....." Zayn  says. "Liam what's going on" I ask. "umm Harry has a date to get to and yeah...." Liam says trailing off. "WAIT HE HAS A DATE!!!!" I yell. "yeah"Liam says quickly. "WHERE IN THE FUCK IS HE" I yell. I felt someone smack my head, "HEY WHAT IN THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR" I yelled. "well for one, your my daughter and isn't old enough to cuss. Two, why does it matter to you?" Niall says. "well lets see.....since when can you tell me what to do since you left. Me at birth!! And it is nothing of your concern" I say proudly. "ooohhhh I like her she's sassy" Louis says. "LOUIS" Niall yelled. "sooorrrryyyy mr." louis sasses back, then winks at me. "since you guys won't tell me I'll go find him myself." I say. I walk upstairs to see Harry in MY room, "WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE??? AND DON'T YOU HAVE A DATE TO GO TO??" I yell at him. "wait what date??" he says. "Liam told me you have a date to get to..." I trail off. "well he lied" Harry says,, then storms out of the room. It seems to me that the boys are keeping something from me.......

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