Picking Up Her Pieces

In her world she believes that she is alone. She has nothing left for her. But, when one boy comes into her life, he seems saved her from self destruction. But, will he be enough to make the pain go away? To fix her brokenness? For her to love again?


1. It All Starts With A Word

Whore. Slut. Bitch. Worthless. All words in which i've been called. It doesn't bug me anymore i've become numb to the whole concept of the meaning behind them. I hadn't done anything wrong. I hadn't done anything to make them hate me the way that they do. I walked through the school hallways with my head held high even though every one was spreading rumors about what i did over the weekend. 

"Hey slut. You off to your next 'job'." called Abbey the queen bitch of the class. She and her brain washed bottle blonde clan cut me off in my path and knocked my books out of my hands. "Did you hear me you little slut?" she said kicking my History textbook down the hallway. "Abbey! Leave Hunter alone." said a voice from behind me. I figured it was a teacher, as usual breaking up this usual thing with her. "Make me." she responded. Then i realized that if that was a teacher she would be in a hell load of trouble. I still faced Abbey looking at the rubble which were my books, her eyes focused on the boy behind me. "I know what you did up North over the summer at the beach house... With Josh..." he trailed off. Abbey's face got fireball red and she gave my books one last kick and stomped away followed her clan. 

I began to pick up my things forgetting about the person who had just saved me a ton of trouble. He knelt down next to me and handed my my pencil case. "Don't pay attention to her. She's really only out there for attention." he said. I gave him a fake smile. "Don't you fake smile and shrug me off. I'm Jesy." he said getting my attention. "How do you know my name?" I asked. "You work in the library. I do to. Just not the same hour that you do." I nodded. "If you ever need any thing. Leave me a note on the crates in the back room." he added and handed me the rest of my stuff and walked away.





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