a l o n e

lilac, a 17 year old with tons of problems , faces life alone, until she runs into jc caylen, and before you know her life is changing .


1. the past

lilac's pov

   i'm going to therapy today. they ask me about my past. i dont like to talk about it but they make me. my mom made me go every monday, she died but i still go as if she is still making me. i dont know why, it just feels right. 

   my past isnt really that difficult to understand, even though it seems the therapist never quite grasps it. its simple, my dad was in jail since i was 5 for murdering a random teen girl on the street, when he go out, a year ago, he killed my mom. old habits ? i guess .

   but he took away the only one i had, i have him but do i ? he is always drunk and not home. i really dont even know him. 

   i have always been depressed, even with mom. i cut my arms. and smoke weed, but that only helps honestly. im an alcoholic, i get it from my dad, its in our genes. i may only be 17 but the liquor tastes nice and makes me forget, forget that im a l o n e .

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