a l o n e

lilac, a 17 year old with tons of problems , faces life alone, until she runs into jc caylen, and before you know her life is changing .


2. lilac

lilac's pov

   im lilac. a blonde haired, brown eyes girl. 5'5'' normal looking. but im not normal. behind every pretty face there is a story, thats what my mom would say. 

   but i am special because i have a secret talent ! i can sing . i want to be a singer someday. one day it will be my turn to shine.

   and when i become famous ill have a lot of friends, and maybe, just maybe, find my true love. and im gonna make sure my dreams come true. they always do in the disney movies, and that means that they can come true in real life too! if you try hard enough.

   but for know, i will just stay in our big victorian house on maple street and sing to myself because im not quite ready, not yet. 







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