The Promise

He was always by her side even with the 5 year age difference. He acted more like a protective over brother. She always supported him with his love of singing she even got him to sign up for the X factor, but when he got through and put and left her she got depressed because he made a promise, then he broke. What happens when their paths cross again.


1. Prologue

Maddy Fox and Niall Horan were inseparable they did everything together and of course maddy had a crush on him but she was only 10 when he was 16. She wanted Niall to live his dream so she got him and X-factor audition he made it and she acted happy but when he left her life went down hill the bullying got worse she became depressed and now she's 14 he's 20 and she is finally getting over him but there is one thing she cant forget is that he made a promise to her before he left to never lose touch and he broke it which resulted in him breaking her. COMING SOON

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