Summer 13


1. chapter 1

It was a nice sunny day in LA. Me and Kylie were on are way to the mall.

There are 2 more days until we go to the cottage.

Well let me introduce myself

The name is Emma Flores

Yeah Alfredo or what people call him fredo is my older brother.

I grew up in Canada and moved to LA when I was 14

I'm 16 and single

And I have the best friends ever I love them there like family

Okay let's get back to the story

So me and Kylie just got the mall.

"Can't wait to see my brother" I said

"Oh I heard he's bring Justin along"she said

I have the biggest crush on justin but no one needs to know that

"Oh really, omg looK TNA let's go" I said while pulling Kylie in the store

"That will be $1200.00" said the lady

Kylie gave me a look like your brother's gonna kill you

"What fredo told me to use this when it need it and I need more clothes " I told Kylie while pointing to the credit card fredo gave me. I payed and we left.

Next we went to bench and Kylie bought a couple of things.

We stoped for ice cream and drove to my house.

When we got to my house, we brought my bags inside into my bedroom.

"So sleepover at my house" I said

Kylie looked at me

"No my house, so get ready" she said I got n cloths and laptop and other things and put them in a bag.

"I'm ready" I yelled

"Ouch my ears" said Kylie

"Oops I thought u were downstairs" I said

It's okay, let's go" Kylie said well we were making our way out the door.

5 minutes later

"I'm home" Kylie yelled

"KYLIE SHUT UP north just fell a sleep" said Kim

"Hey Kim" I said

"Sorry" said Kylie

"Hey Em and it's okay ky" she said

"Let's go put our bags down in my room" said Kylie

While we walked upstairs we saw Kendall

"Hey Kenya" we said

"Hey you staying Em" she asked

"Ya" I said

"Yay! We can watch pll and tvd tonight" Kenya said

"Ya" me and ky replyed


"This is going to be so good" we all say

"Ya, hold up I'm going to FaceTime Mel!" I said

30 mins after FaceTime

"She's nice" said ky and Kenya

"Ya she is I miss her, but we get to see

Her on Saturday she's coming to the cottage with us" I said

"Okay we will start with tvd" said ky

We watched all tvd and we were on season 2 of pll whe we fell a sleep

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