Mortal in a fantasy world

Gods, demons, fairies, sick young girl... She has not explored the world herself, she has only few friends, a little sister, and a hated mother... Any advice or critiques would be really helpful, this is a project and my peers have not critiqued it at all, I honestly don't think they bothered to read it. Thanks. <3


1. Chapter one.

                I sigh, why can’t I just be a normal kid? I want to have the freedom to run around with other kids, I want to go to school, to make friends. I am always stuck at home with nothing to do but lye in my bed and imagine what it would be like to live the life of a normal child for just one day, I am constantly sick, no one knows why, I just am. I blame my mother, she is the reason I wound up with a weak vulnerable body like this, I hate her!

 I am on my way to the hospital once again, I don’t know what use it is, they will never know why I am the way I am, it is not fair! They just give me sympathetic looks as they inject yet another needle into my arm. I don’t need their sympathy; I need them to do their job so I don’t throw my entire childhood away. I am already 17 and I have not lived a day of my life.

                My mother and I sit in the waiting room once again, I look over my shoulder and see a group of doctors, they are all demons. Not surprising since they have the ability to use healing magic. I remember when the portals finally opened, the panic of the humans when they saw other human like being emerge from them announcing themselves as the gods and demons, the monsters, and the fairies. I don’t know what we were thinking, everyone was either yelling “It’s Armageddon!” or “They are going to kill us all!” I was scared out of my mind.

                I am completely out of it until someone finally calls my name. “Hotaru, the doctors are ready to see you now.” She cheerfully calls, how could someone be so cheerful in a hospital? I get up and slowly walk up to the doctor, she walks me to the room. “How are you Hotaru?” She smiles at me, I do not answer. “This way please.” She says without losing the cheer in her voice, she guides me to my room. Who knows how long I will be here, the longest I have ever stayed in a hospital was a full year.

                On my first birthday my mother noticed I had a high fever, I was coughing a lot and looked as if I was having trouble breathing. My mother started to panic and brought me to the hospital, which is how this all began. They didn’t know what was wrong with me then, the don’t know what’s wrong with me now, and they won’t know what’s wrong with me in the future. I was born only to die, and that is what is going to happen.

                “Hello Hotaru, sick again I see, are you sure you are not just trying to get out of school?” He laughs, I lightly nod and lie down on the bed. After going through my usual examination I am given the same response as always. “You seem to be fine…” and then he goes into a bunch of doctor talk and at this point I have completely zoned out. “You seem able to go home today, get well soon.” He says patting me on the back.

                I attempt to sit up but the instant I zit properly  I erupt into a coughing fit. I fall back onto the bed and attempt to breath. “I need assistance!” The doctor yells down the hallway, two women run in, one a demon and one a fairy. They start hooking me up to something, but I cannot tell what it is. The fairy is attempting to calm me down while the others finish whatever they are doing. Finally they are done, I am still coughing but it has calmed down.

                “I could try to use some of my magic on her.” The demon woman said in a concerned voice. “No, when someone tries to use magic on her the fit gets worse, we don’t understand why but no matter what we must keep her away from magic.”

                “That is strange, the demons healing magic never fails. We have tested it on everything. What could cause magic to harm her?”

                “We have no idea, it is not just demons healing magic. We have tried the magic of the witch, the magic of a fairy, and the magic of a god; nothing works for her, she is an odd child. I feel bad for her.”

                Do they not realize I can hear them?! I always knew I was strange, I will probably never be normal. Will they please just put me out of my misery? My coughing has stopped but I am now exhausted, I eventually let sleep take over my body and mind.

                 I wake to a knock at my door, who could it be? “Yes, come in.” I say in a horsed voice, the pain in my throat is enough to make me cringe. “Hey, Hotaru!” My little sister trotted into the room, “Hi Sachiko, shouldn’t you be in school?” I look at the clock and see it is seven at night, I have been asleep for nine hours, at least! “Silly, I got out of school hours ago! Mommy said you got sick again and told me that after she came home from work she would take me to see you.” She always brightens my day, no matter what.

                I can’t help but wonder who was with her after she got home from school, she is only five, she can’t be home alone. Usually, when I am not in the hospital, after she comes home from school I am there lying on the couch waiting for her to come home so I have someone to talk to. “Who was home with you when you came home from school?”

                “No one, mommy left a note saying she was in a rush to get you to the hospital and get to work, she didn’t have time to find someone to play with me… It was so much fun! I ate a lot of ice cream before supper, don’t tell mommy!” She smiled. I love how innocent she is, I feel bad I wasn’t there for her to talk to today though, she must have felt so alone. “You better have saved me some ice cream!” I laugh playfully hitting her arm. “So, how was school today?”

                She talked for a good hour, occasionally being interrupted by a nurse asking if I needed anything. She told me about what she does in school, how she is making a lot of friends, how she heard the little boy that sits next to her fart in the middle of reading. I love hearing her stories of school, I am glad that she has a chance to experience this, even if I rarely get to go.

                Sachiko was in the middle of telling me how she made her friend laugh so hard milk squirted out her nose but she was interrupted by my mother coming in telling her she had to go home. “Go wait in the hall, I’ll be out in a moment baby.” Mother called to Sachiko.

 “Mom, listen to me. This can never happen again. You cannot put me ahead of Sachiko. She cannot be alone! I want her to have a normal, happy life; you need someone there when she comes home! She can’t feel like you didn’t care enough to find someone to watch over her. You can’t make her feel like she is alone in the world. My childhood is over, it can never get better for me, I want you to focus all of your energy on making that little girl happy, do you understand me?”

“But, honey, I love you. Sometimes I need to put you first. You are sick, no matter how young your sister is you are the more fragile one at the moment.” She sickens me, and she wonders why I hate her. “Mother, she is only five, you have to be there for her. You have to make sure she is happy, that everything is going okay! You are going to end up losing both of us if you don’t watch over her! Now get out!”

“Okay sweetie, I will be back again tomorrow, I love you.” Did she not hear me, did she just tune out everything I said? Does she not care? How does she even consider herself a mother? “You sicken me, now get out of my sight!” I yell. She walks away smiling. Does she ever stop smiling? I have never seen her cry. Why should she be happy? One of her kids is dying and the other is just going to forget about her if she doesn’t treat her with love and care, why is she still happy, why does always have a big smile on her face?

It has been three weeks, everything is the same, every day is the same, I am still sick. “You can go home today, see you some other time Hotaru. Get well soon.” The doctor escorts me outside where I see my mother and Sachiko. “Hotaru, are you all better?!” Sachiko asks smiling as always. “I am for now.” I want to at least give her the hope of having her big sister back. “Yay, big sis is all better!”

“For now.” I correct, if she thinks I am all better she will be upset the next time I get sick. I don’t want to lie to her. For now I am going home, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I wound up in the hospital again tomorrow.

I am going to school tomorrow, if it wasn’t for the internet I would still be in kindergarten, thank you home schooling. I walk into my high school with a huge smile on my face. My first period is math, ugh, numbers! I walk to room 249, the room is quiet, the only other soul in the room is the math teacher, I am only 5 minutes early. I guess I am not the only one who does not enjoy numbers.

“Hotaru, good to see you, how are you doing?” Mr. Isao asks cheerfully. “I am fine, thank you, how are you?”

We chat a good three minutes before people start coming in. “Hotaru, you can sit right here.” The desks are in groups, I am sitting in the group furthest away from the board. I wonder who will be sitting with me.

The rest of the class finally shows up, I am sitting next to a God, fairy, and one of my only friends, Hideo! “Hotaru, you are feeling better?”

“Yeah, but who knows for how long.” I wish I was not sitting in a group with a fairy and god, I can feel the magic coming off of them, I am starting to feel weak, no, I must stay strong and get through at least one day of school!

“Hotaru, you look pale, are you okay?”

“Ha, yeah, I’m just fine.” I smile trying to convince him. I am glad I have a friend in this school, it is not the greatest school in the world, but I suppose it is better when you come more than ten days a year. “Hotaru, I don’t believe you, if you are sick you should go home. I frown, “I told you, I’m fine.” I don’t want to let my sickness get the best of me.

After an hour of hearing Mr. Isao go on and on about numbers upon numbers the bell finally rang and we were on our way to second period, English. Unfortunately, I was not in the same class as Hideo but I still get to see him at lunch, in gym, Social studies, and science! I walk into my English class to see it full of fairies, demons, Gods, monsters, and very few humans.

“Welcome Hotaru! You may sit over there.” Mr. Jun gleamed. I walk over to a table in the corner; I was sitting next to a human and a Demon, both men. I sat through one of the most boring lectures of my life; all he did was go on and on never changing the tone of his voice. I swear I saw three people fall asleep, one of them a demon. Demons are never disrespectful in class. I swear he is one of the most boring teachers at this school.

I am excited to see Hideo again; this is the last class before lunch, gym. I am feeling really weak after all of the magic I have been around today, I would sit out of gym but what is the point of coming to school if you don’t participate? I quickly got changed and rushed to the gym, I was late.

Everyone is terrified of Mr. Norio; he is the scariest teacher in the school, also a high ranking vampire. He can be very intimidating, there have been rumors when he gets angry at a student he sucks their blood and turns them into one of his minions. I reluctantly open the gym door to see the class in a circle around him, I swear he is glaring at me the entire time I am walking up to Hideo to sit down. “Nice of you to join us Hotaru.” He says, in a slightly raised voice, his scowl never leaving his face; I can see his beaming red eyes, this is going to be a long class. I remain silent, he returns to his explanation on what the class will be doing today.

We were playing soccer, I am glad it is a game I know how to play, it would be such a pain to attempt to learn a whole sport in one class. I was on the red team, Hideo was on blue. The game had begun and as per usual I had no idea what was going on, everyone just ran. I was standing there, looking around for the ball, I finally found it close to the other teams net. I ran full speed for the ball wanting so badly to actually score a goal.

The goalie was a werewolf, they are fast and strong so this will be a hard shot. I manage to get the ball, I am about to take the shot when everything just slows down. The voices are slow and quiet, the room is spinning, and I am on the floor hardly gripping consciousness. “Hotaru, are you alright, call a nurse!” I hear around me as I slowly close my eyes and accept the fact I am too weak to continue.

I awake to the sound of someone softly snoring; I am in my hospital room. I glance over to see who was with me, my head was pounding. When my eyes finally adjusted the first thing I saw was Hideo. He must have fallen asleep waiting for me to wake up; I glance at the clock, 3 in the morning?! Ugh, yet again I have pushed myself too hard wasting yet another day, who knows how much time I have left. If I keep pushing myself I will never be able to live my life.

“Hotaru, are you awake?” I must have woken him up; he will be exhausted at school tomorrow. “Are you okay, I was so worried about you! I have made arrangements to stay with you tonight and tomorrow, if they think you are well enough they will allow you to come stay at my house, if it does not bother your family.”

He is so sweet, I am so lucky to have someone like him in my life, he puts up with me no matter what. I have known him all my life, if it wasn’t for him I would never talk to anyone but my vial mother and adored sister. “Thank you, Hideo, what would I do without you?” I yawn, “Do you want to leave now, all you need to do is get the okay from a doctor, a nice warm bed will be a lot nicer to sleep in for you. These hospital beds are so hard.”

“Sure, I would love to get out of this place, let’s hope we can find a doctor.” Hideo walks out of the room and in less than a second walks back in with a God. “Good evening Hotaru, it is rather late, do you think you should go?” I nod my head. “Okay then.” He says starting a quick exam. “You look perfectly fine, just stay in bed tomorrow and you may just be able to go back to school.” I smile, Hideo escorts me to his car and we are off.

“So, you want to take my bed, and I will crash on the couch?” I cannot take his bed, after all he is doing for me the least he could get is a bed to sleep in. “No, it’s okay, I’ll take the couch.” He smiles, knowing he has been challenged. “What kind of gentlemen would I be if I made a beautiful sick lady sleep on a cold hard couch?” Oh, here he goes again, his ‘gentlemen’ act.

“I insist, you take your own bed. You have done too much for me, I will not take your bed from you.” I pouted hoping I could get my own way. “What if I refuse?” he proclaims. I smile to myself, I know his one weakness, “If you refuse, I will just have to tickle you!” I lunge at him and we both land on the bed. I am tickling his stomach and he is laughing gasping for air. “Okay, okay, have mercy on me!” He yells trying to hold my arms still. I continue, “Say you’ll take the bed!” I yell in a teasing voice. I know how this is going to end and he will not let me sleep on a couch.

“Okay, I will sleep on the bed, but you are not sleeping on the couch!” I stopped tickling him, what does he have up his sleeve. He lies down under the covers and pats the spot next to him, I blush, share a bed with Hideo? “Come on, we have been friends for 14 years, it won’t be weird.” He laughs clearly able to tell what I am thinking. I crawl onto the bed; this is going to be awkward.

After about twenty minutes of lying in the bed I hear light snores signaling Hideo had fallen asleep, I was not tired. I just lied there and listened to him snore and mumble. I roll over, facing away from him; I didn’t realize how much of a blanket hog he is! I lightly pull on the blanket, then I feel something wrap around me, Hideo’s arm. I giggle, he has always been a restless sleeper, I guess he is used to having the bed to himself. It doesn’t bother me; in fact it helps me sleep. I was out cold in a matter of minutes cuddling up to Hideo.

I awake to the smell of bacon and eggs, not the good smell, the holy fuck someone let Hideo into the kitchen again smell! “Hideo, something is burning! Hideo, hello? Don’t burn down the house.” There was no response, I walked into the kitchen to see black bacon and eggs, at least he tried. I quickly run up to the oven turning it off, that idiot had it on high. I look on the table and notice a note.

Dear Hotaru,

I decided that I needed some groceries so I made some breakfast, it is on the stove, I will be back around noon. See you soon, don’t die on me!

                                                                                            - Hideo

I laugh but I am truly relieved I woke up in time, this entire house could have burnt down. This is why I am the one to cook for him. I remember when we use to hang out I would always cook us delicious meals and amazing desserts. I mean, when you are home all the time you have to do something. I learned how to cook, I hope sometime in the future I can become a great chef. I stare at my blackened breakfast, this won’t do. I go through the cupboards, he does need groceries! He has not a bite of good food left.

I hear my stomach grumble, I skipped dinner yesterday because I was asleep, I am starving. I grab my pained stomach waiting for Hideo to come back with food. I hear my phone ringing upstairs, I rush up to get it hoping it is Hideo so I can tell him to get his butt back here. I look at the caller ID, it is my mother.


“Sweety, I heard you were with Hideo last night, did you have fun? Just calling to check up on you. I need you home, I have to talk to you about something important.” She hung up, not allowing me to say a single word. I decide it must be important, my mother is never serious. I leave Hideo a note.

Dear Hideo,

My mom called and asked me to come home, she said it was important. Sorry to leave without properly saying goodbye. Thank you for everything and remember to turn off the stove! XOX


I walk outside and rush to the bus stop; I make it just in time. I should be there in about ten minutes. I wonder what she has to tell me.

After a short bus ride I open my front door, my mother is sitting in a dimly lit living room, all is silent. “Good morning Hotaru. Thank you for coming so soon.” She smiled. Her smile wasn’t normal; I could sense sadness behind her eyes.

“I have been waiting years trying to build up enough courage to tell you this. I know the reason you are always sick, why magic makes your sickness worse, why you will be dead in such a short time if you do not do anything about it. I am not who you think I am.” She tucks her hair behind her ear, they are pointed, she is a goddess?!

“Yes, I am a goddess, I am sorry I have kept this from you. I just didn’t know how to explain it. I am a royal goddess; I come from the most powerful of the gods. I have more power than any god could ever hope to achieve. I was burdened with the chore of observing earth and determining whether it would be wise to befriend the mortals.

One night, I was testing the humanity of the motels; I pretended I was a starving on the streets, desperate for food. It was a cold December night and I was on the streets looking for any mortal to show some humanity and offer my something. I was about to give up and return to the realm of the gods so I could tell them mortals are not fit for friendship, but I felt someone grab me from behind, wrapping me in a worm coat. He told me it was too cold for me to be out and offered to bring me to his home for a warm meal. After that night, we fell in love, eventually I moved in with him and we made you. He died in a car crash before you were born.

That is why you are so sick, you are a very powerful goddess in a mortal body. It is a miracle that body hasn’t crumbled from the magic over powering it. If you use your magic you won’t be so sick! It is up to you, I know you don’t like magic, or demons, or gods, or anything that does not belong in a mortal world but please, you must accept this.” She was crying, this is the first time I have seen her cry.

I cannot use my magic, I am a human, I have a human body, human personality, and I do not have magical abilities! I refuse to use magic, even if it kills me. Being a normal child isn’t enough of a reward for using the one thing I have despised me whole life, magic. “I guess I was right, I was born only to die, I am so sorry I blamed you. Could you ever forgive me? How can I make up for all of the burdens you have had to carry for me?”

“Please, I only did what any mother would, you were not born to die, you were born to wield a great power. Please use your magic, it will build up inside of you and that human body will crumble.”

“I am sorry,” I burst into tears, “I cannot use my magic, I am a human. I have no powers, I am too week to possess them. I hope not to burden you any more, is there anything else I can do to make up for the burdens?”

“Please, I cannot lose my daughter, think of Sachiko!” My heart stops, I cannot leave Sachiko alone, she would be heart broken. I will have to power through my sickness to be with her as long as possible. “Mother, I am strong, I can beat my sickness without magic. This conversation is over. I am so sorry.”

Did I just guaranty myself a spot six feet under? It doesn’t matter, all that matters is the fact I am a human. I hate magic and will never be able to use it. I am a human, nothing more. I was born dead and I will never truly live my life but I refuse to use magic. I get up off of the couch and run upstairs right into Sachiko. “Big sis, are you gunna die?” She asks, tears spilling down her face, “No, I can power through.” I smile patting her head. She gives a weak smile and walks down stairs.

I walk into my room and grab a pillow, quickly I begin sobbing. I am going to die, and the only way that I can save myself is by accepting something I have despised since the portals opened and accepting that is a part of myself. If I use it and save myself I will hate myself forever, death is the better option.

I continue sobbing until I hear my phone go off. “I will be, all that you want, and keep myself together, because you keep me from falling apart.” That is Hideo’s ring tone, I answer quickly. “Hello?”

“Hideo, are you okay, you sound off.”

“Yeah, I am fine, just a little tired after staying up all night, and the fact I was freezing, you blanket hag, didn’t help. Anyway, what’s up?” I smile remembering last night, I know I was not the only one who was feeling electricity in the room, I just wonder why… “Nothing really, I just go home.”

“About time, I still haven’t eaten anything since yesterday at lunch. I was waiting on your groceries, you breakfast burner!” He laughed. “So, you’re hungry…” his voice drifted off. “Yeah…”

“I, uh, was wondering if you, uh, wanted to go out to lunch, with me, just the two of us.”

“Like, on a date?”

“Um, if that’s okay with you, we could, uh, call it just friends. If you don’t want to go it’s okay, it was stupid of me to ask…”

“No, no, wait. I would love to go out with you.”

“Really?! That’s great, I’ll pick you up in twenty minutes, we can grab a pizza.”

“Okay, see you soon.” I hang up the phone and instantly scream into the pillow. I knew I was not the only one! I start feeling tears in my eyes again, but not tears of sorrow, tears of joy. I wonder where we are going, what should I wear, does he really like me, does he just feel sorry for me? All of these questions were going through my head all at once. I immediately walk up to my dresser and search for an outfit.

It only takes me five minutes to pick out some nice jeans and a long sleeve purple shirt. I examine myself in the mirror. I lightly curl my dark brown hair and throw on some mascara and eye shadow. Perfect, I am ready with negative fifteen minutes to spare. The life of a girl, I hope he was not waiting too long. I walk downstairs to see Hideo sitting chatting with my mother and Sachiko.

“You look beautiful darling.” My mother smiles, it is as if this morning had completely left our memories in such a short time. “Yes, you do.” Hideo says blushing, I must have been beat read by the way Sachiko was looking at me. “Have fun sweetie!” My mother says walking me and Hideo to the door. We quickly leave.

The date was perfect, I will leave out some detail but you know how a typical teenage first date goes. I was head over heels and so was he. He was the perfect gentlemen; he even carried me to his door when I said I was too tired to walk. We went back into his room and once again shared the bed, falling asleep into each other’s arms.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of, fuck; he is in the kitchen again. I walked into the kitchen and saw a shirtless Hideo making eggs and bacon, it is a good thing he just started, I can help. I walk up slowly behind him and grab his sides. I swear he jumped 15 feet into the air. “Don’t do that!” He yelled tickling me. “Okay, okay, stop!” I yell pushing his hand away. “He sure to watch the food, unlike last time.”

“I swear I thought I turned it off!”

“You could have killed me!” I yell in an overdramatized voice, “Who knew the one I care so deeply about was trying to end my life?” I erupt into fake sobs; Hideo was already on the floor laughing. We ate breakfast and ended up just chilling watching some scary movies all day. “Boo!” He yelled, “That won’t work on me.” I smile, some may say I am a good actor; the truth is I am fearless. “It was worth a try.” He laughs, we continue our movie.

After Hideo jumped for the millionth time we decided we would end the horror marathon. By now we were just cuddling on the couch stuffing our faces with popcorn. “Do you want to go out again, Saturday night. I can get reservations to Sutekina yoru.”

“That place is so expensive though.”

“I want to make it up to you for giving you pizza on a first date.” He chuckles. “Okay, but I want to buy my own meal.”

“Tisk, tisk, the gentleman always pays for his lady.” He smiles knowing I can never beat him in a challenge. “A gentle woman pays for her own.” He rolls his eyes. “I’m paying.”

After a twenty minute debate he won, well, technically I won a free 100 dollar dinner. Win, win I suppose.

A few weeks went by. I was in the hospital again and Hideo was with me whenever he could be. He started missing school which worried me. We had gone on many dates, even passed a few mile stones in our relationship. I am happy we took a chance, I would not have it any different.

The excessive power was already destroying my body from the inside out, I was not going to make it much longer and to only two who knew were my mother and myself. I know Hideo is going to be heartbroken, as will Sachiko, but I stand my ground when it comes to using magic. I can’t accept it, magic is the reason I am dying, I hate it.

Though these will be my last few weeks alive I will enjoy them, I am in love with Hideo and we will be together until I perish. He will understand. I have already begun writing notes, I have one for my mother, one for Sachiko, and one for Hideo, I wanted to leave them with a proper goodbye. I am upset I will be burdening them, but they will understand, I hope they can forgive me.

My mother has been visiting the past week, she is still begging me to use my magic. I will always refuse. “Please, you can save your life, you can live a normal life, a life of a human. You only have to use it once to achieve the body you need to handle your power. You can make everyone happy, you can benefit everyone, just use your magic.”

“I am sorry mother, I cannot use magic, I am nothing more than a human.” We argue for a while before Hideo finally walks in. “Hideo, I missed you, did you have a good day at school?” Hideo talks about his day, my mother just sits there, as if she is awaiting something.

It is getting late, they are both still here, I know I will fall asleep soon, my eyes start feeling heavy and eventually shut. I am only half asleep, I can hear everything going on in the room, this is scary. I hear my mother and Hideo, they are talking.

“Hideo, you love my daughter, right?”

“Uh, yes mam.”

“I have to ask you a favor. I need you to save her.” No, she is not going to tell him! Mother! Why can I not wake up?! Please, let me wake up! I am forced to sit here and listen to my mother tell my boyfriend everything, listen to him sob, and listen to my mother comfort him on the verge of tears herself. I will never forgive her.

The night passes, I never fully fall asleep, I was alone with my thoughts all night. How could she go behind my back and do something like that. Just when I was starting to gain my respect for her back. I finally awake to a woman walking in. “Good morning.” The god beamed, I attempt to sit up to greet her properly but fall back down in agonizing pain.

“Doctor, it is happening again! Come to her room immediately!” I hear her scream, this is it, I am nearing my limit. The doctors run in and immediately put me back to sleep. I swear, I have slept the majority of my life.

I awake to sniffling, Hideo! “Hideo, what’s wrong?”

“Please, I need you to use your magic, I can’t lose you so soon. I just held you in my arms!” He sobs histarically. “I am sorry.”

“If you won’t use your magic, than please, let me take you on one last date. When you build up the energy we will spend one last night together.”

“Yes, that would make me so happy. I just need the okay from a doctor and we can do it tonight.” I knew he would understand, I knew he loved me. Hideo went outside to work out something with the doctors, my last day alive will be a happy one.

“He said it was okay, wear something warm, we are going to have a moon lit picnic.” I am so happy. “Okay.”

He drives me home and I get dressed, it takes some time for me to build up some energy, I am in a lot of pain, but I need one more night with Hideo. I hear a knock at my door and quickly run downstairs, Hideo is there holding a picnic basket. “Let’s go.”

We have a magical evening filled with jokes, tears, and love. I am glad I can spend my last night with him. “I have one thing to ask you, will you use your magic, please.” He pleaded. Here it goes again. “I am sorry, but I cannot. I love you, please accept this.” I know this is selfish but it is what’s best.

“Fine, but if you are going to doe I am as well. He reaches into the basket and grabs a knife. “No! What are you doing you fool? You have so much to live for!”

“You do too!”

“No, I don’t, I was born to die.” I was horrified.

“Please, stay with me; I will go anywhere to be with you so please stay here.” He grips the knife tighter. “No!” I yell sobbing; I feel a massive amount of pain erupt through my body. “Fine, have it your way, I will see you in heaven my angel.”

“No!” I yell as he stabs the blade into his heart. “You can’t!” I scream grabbing onto him. I focus all of my energy on saving him, I use my healing magic.

The pain in my body stops but the pain in my heart is much greater. I can feel all of the power in my body. I am just praying he is okay, please be okay. He opens his eyes and I sob tears of joy. “You idiot!”

“I suppose I am, but I am an idiot in love. So in love I was willing to follow you to heaven. I love you.” I continue sobbing, you idiot!

It has been a week since that happened, we don’t talk about it anymore. I have been perfectly healthy, and enjoying life at school. Hideo is working really hard to catch up with everyone, it turns out I am ahead. Yay for home schooling. I am glad to finally be back but there is still a piece of me that hates the magic inside.

The end.

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