A Harry Styles fanfic

Bri hates her stepbrother Harry. She can't stand him. Harry loves the fact he can do that. Being older, bigger, and stronger, it feels like he can over power her. But someday she over powers him

Harry isn't famous in this one....


1. 1

"Harry, stop" I say, feeling tears roll down to my ears, as he laughs and smiles. His hands pin mine onto the floor, his heavy body keeping me down. Sucking and grazing my skin under my breast. 

"Why, is it to much to take in?" He smirks darkly. I hate him.

He moves up my body with heavy breaths. I seal my lips knowing what he wants. 

"Come on, you have to open up for me to enjoy." 

I'm so tired with fighting him. I let loose. He bites my lips, sucking them, putting his tongue inside my mouth and exploring inside, his lips taste like mint.

"Harry! Bri! Dinners ready!" I hear my step mother, Analise, calls out. Harry continues.

"Are y'all alright!" She says curiously.

"Yeah we are just getting ready!" Harry calls out smiling at me.

"Get up and look like nothing happened" He says getting up. I try to get up too. He pushes me back down then hovers his lips over my neck and chest. Then cupping his hands on my breast.

He finally gets up I put my shirt on. Wipe my tears, grab my contacts and go the stairs acting like i had a hard time putting them on.

"Where's my dad?" I ask Analise.

"He left again" She says blankly.

Oh, i say in my head. I glance at Harry and he glares at me as if to tell me to shutup. I do.

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