Blue eyed Angle

Harry always thought that his true love was Louis. What happens when he finds out he loves Niall? Will he tell him? Does Niall feel the same way?


9. I'm sorry

Zayn's pov:

I just got home from spending a day with Perry when I saw Harry on the couch with his head in his hands. When I asked him where the rest of lads were. He pointed up stairs and the kitchen. So I went to the kitchen to see Liam sipping some coffee very calmly. "Hey Zayn how was your day with Perry?" "O it was great we had a lot of fun together." He laughed at the joke I made and then I said, "Um have you seen Louis or Niall at all today?" He shook  his head no. ''Not since this morning.Why? " "O just because when I asked Harry where they were he pointed up stairs.

Liam looked at me a bit worried and said, "Okay ill go and cheek on Louis you go cheek on Niall. I nodded my head and went up stairs with Liam.

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