Blue eyed Angle

Harry always thought that his true love was Louis. What happens when he finds out he loves Niall? Will he tell him? Does Niall feel the same way?


7. Alone

Niall's pov:

I couldn't believe that I just screamed at Louis.  I mean it felt good to get that out and all but it also felt bad because I hurt his feelings. I mean did he really think that bye promising to get along with harry that would just some how fix every thing. Well it didn't. I was up stairs in my room crying my eyes out and talking to my TV. D.Phil. was on.

I heard some one knock at my door. I wasn't sure that I wanted to know who it was. Yet I got up out of bed and opened my door. Louis was standing their with tears streaming down his face. I wanted to slam the door in his face and ignore him but I couldn't just ignore a friend in need. So I let him in to my room.

"Louis what's wrong?" I was trying to make it seem like I didn't care at all. I knew he knew that I was faking it thew. "Im so sorry Niall. I just cant take you being mad a me." I looked at him and saw that he meant it too. "Well that's all I wanted to say you Niall." With that he left me in my room to think weather or not to forgive him.

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