A Dangerous Game Called Love

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Marie Reynolds
Callista dreams of one day finding her other half. But what happens when she finds her self with two mates? Who will Callista pick? And with a new threat on their hands things get a little more harder than they thought.


2. Roman

When I woke up to see that Kiara and Audre were the only two in my room. I smirked, always the laziest of us all. I slid out of bed and went into my closet. One thing I always loved about being a princess was that any kind of clothes that I wanted I got without even having to go shopping. I slipped on some pants and a shirt and my hunting boots and went downstairs. Axel and Xavier were already downstairs and wolfing down ham and some vegetables that my mother had gotten from the garden.

"Good morning mama." I said to her grabbing some food for myself.

"Good morning Callista." My mother said to me. We finished our breakfast and Axel Xavier and I headed out. When we got outside we all went into out wolf forms to get there faster. Axel was a light brown wolf and Xavier was a greyish colored wolf. I was a snow white wolf and it showed that I was royal. My mother was also a white wolf and my father was a black Alpha wolf, bigger than the normal wolves. We ran to the training area and it seemed we were late.. Again. Xavier and Axel joined their friends and I walked up to where my father was. He nuzzled me as he turned back to his human form. He was a tall 6'6 man with longer black hair and a beard. I watched as he quieted down the pack.

"Ok listen up. Today will be the day that we test the new recruits to see if they have what it really takes to be in our pack." He said as a round of cheers and yells erupted from the group. I felt like i was being watched and sure enough as I looked down two wolves were staring directly at me. They were both on opposite sides of the pack. One was a gold or caramel colored wolf that was larger than most. The other was like my dad, a jet black wolf. I spaced out not really listening to my dad as he gave everyone a sign to come out of there wolf form. As I what he said the stares seemed to become more intense. I ignored it as we all headed for the arena. When we got their I stood next to Xavier near the ring.

"The first to enter will be Jarien and is opponent will be Axel." My father said as Axel stepped out from behind Xavier to head towards the ring. Jarien was one of the boys staring at me and now I didn't mind that he was. Standing at around 6'2 he walked with authority and grace. His jet black hair was a bit shorter than the rest and he had stubble around his jawline. He had beautiful deep blue eyes and his gase turned to me as he winked making me melt inside. He walked over to the ring ans headed inside.

"Ok now choose your weapon you have 60 seconds." My father said. Axel picked up and axe that I had seen him wield many times before. He was a master at it and no one could beat him with one. Jarien picked up a sword and swung it around a little. As they walked into the ring my father yelled the words go and they raced each other. Jarien swung his sword out and Axel blocked it. Tossing the sword back Axel took a swing at Jarien's waist. Jarien blocked it almost with ease and they battle back and forth like that till my father gave them the signal to go into their wolf forms. Axel turned and Jarien followed and Jarein took a swing at Axel knocking him back. They fought like that for some time until my father gave them the signal to stop.

"You both fought well, and Jarien, you pass." My father said as the rest of the pack applauded him. My father than called a guy named Roman into the arena with another one of our pack members. Roman was just as big as Jarien but they had drastic differences. Roman had longer sandy colored hair and light green eyes. He is skin was pale and his jaw was also really defined. As he walked into the arena he looked up at me and smiled a little. He fought exceptionally well just as Jarien had done and my father had also made him part of the pack. We all took a break and went to lunch after they had finished. I caught up with Axel and Xavier so that I had someone to talk to.

"Nice job today Axel." I said to him. He smiled at me.

"Thanks. I never thought that your father would choose me to fight one of the newbies. He usually only chooses wolves that he thinks are some of his top fighters. I feel really honored." He said to me his eyes lighting up. Xavier snorted at us,

"Please he picked you cause he didn't want someone, for example me, going to hard on them." Xavier said to him.

"Xavier just stop this whole tough guy act. Axel and I both know you have a big heart and that this act you drag out is pointless." I said to him with a smirk. Axel let out a giggle and Xavier's face started getting red. He didn't speak to us the whole way until he nudged my side and gestured to behind him. I turned to look and saw Roman right behind me just about to tap my shoulder. I turned around, "Hey, Roman right? Welcome to the pack." I said to him, trying to make him feel welcome. He smiled sweetly at me.

"Thanks, um, well I was going to introduce myself but since you already know who I am I guess that failed." He laughed a little and I could see a bit of color growing in his cheeks.

"Then we can start over." I said with a friendly smile, "I'm Callista Aiohann and you are?" I said holding out my hand to him.

"Roman, Roman Elira." He said laughing a little and shaking my hand. "So anyhow, I heard that your father was throwing a party to welcome us with the whole pack and I was wondering if I'd see you there?" Roman said trying to act cool about it.

"I might go, I'm still deciding, all parties that my parents throw always seem to bore me." I said to him. His look let me know that he was disappointed and it made my heart ache to reach out to him. "But since you will be there I'll show up. Hopefully it'll be less boring." I said giving him a smile to cheer him up.

"Ok. Cool. So I'll see you there!" Roman said to me as everyone headed home for lunch. He walked toward the lower class part of town, turning back to give me a wave as he walked. I laughed and waved back and I could tell I was already getting excited for the party.

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