Nathalie... Kate... It is difficult to work at CIA when you have only nineteen years. And it is even more difficult when you are dating the guy who works with you. There is always that bad guy, the villain but we never know what he is going to do... And when you have an idea... It is not what you expect.


1. Dark Brown Eyes

Everybody was there, at least, everybody I knew, like, I'm new at the town so I don't know everybody, but I know that Jeanette was there, she was so cool with me in my first day at college, and that cute guy from the math class that was flirting with me in the morning was there too. This was a good thing, I was going to talk to him, and he was coming in my direction, when, suddenly a boy appeared in his back and pocked him, he turned around and looked to the other boy with a scared face, then he slowly got out of the boy's way.


I have to admit that the boy was really handsome, he was looking at me with his dark brown eyes that were penetrating me like sunbeams as I stared at him, his forelock was a little broken up and a few strands of hair were falling on his forehead, and his lips were so full that he had a kind of natural pout. I didn't know what to do, so I just stood there, staring at his beautiful brown eyes. Suddenly Jeanette started to pull me back and whisper to me to go away. I turned around and asked why she was pulling me back, and she told me he was dangerous, that, his work was dangerous. I didn't believe her, in fact, I didn't understand her, so I stood there, staring at his eyes, which were staring at me with a kind of sexy look, and told Jeanette to leave me alone.


She told me that I could do anything I wanted, but if something happened, all she would say is: I told you. I was very confident that the boy wouldn't do any harm at me. Then I took courage and walked among the people who were in the middle of the dance floor, but when I reached the other side he was not there. I looked around and he was at the backstage door, right on the side of the stage. He was looking at me with a smirk on his face. I just stood where I was, because I don't know the school this well and I didn't want to get lost in it. He looked to me and made a gesture with his hand as if to say: Won't you come?

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