Stupid Fanfic Moments

I've seen the covers for these books, but never read them. Sorry if I copy anybody's it's not intended, and these are just things I noticed while reading fan fiction.


2. Number One

 There are two main story lines that almost every fan fiction follow.

 1: a) The main girl is 1D's 'biggest fan'. Her and, coincidentally, her four best friends go to a 1D concert. Even though the lads have said, on numerous occasions, that they can't see people's faces properly, they see the girl. They call her onstage and give her five backstage passes. Each girl falls in love with a boy and they live happily ever after.

 b) The above, but the girl hates 1D. She can't resist their charm, though.

 2: The main girl goes to a coffee shop, usually Starbucks, in a tracksuit and her hair in a knacker bun. She bumps into a 1D member, literally. He buys her a new coffee and they fall in love and live happily ever after.

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