Working for One Direction?


1. Did I get the job?


Demi's POV:


"Demi, Simon is ready to see you." The receptionist said.

"Thanks." I replied. I wasn't nervous about this interview, Im normally not nervous about anything. She led me back to his office and opened the door.

"Mr. Cowell, Demi is here." she said before ushering me in.

I came in and sat in the chair across from Simon Cowell. 

"Hi Demi, how are you?" He asked.

"Grand. Yourself?" I replied. 

"Grand myself. So, you think you can handle being One Directions live in baby sitter basically? I mean their great but they can be a handful." He asked

"Of course." I replied.

"Well then you've got the job." He said.

"Really, just like that. You don't have any other questions to ask?" I asked in disbelieve.

"I could tell you were perfect when you walked in."He said. "Just a few more things, I would be careful because they are probably going to like you a lot. And the other thing is that you will be moving in with them in the morning so I will have Paul come help you pack in an hour and he will pick you up in the morning too."

"Thank you for the job." I said as I stood up and shook his hand and walked out the door.

I was really going to be living with One Direction, Im not really a fangirl or anything like that. Actually Im not obsessed at all but, still the thought is pretty exciting.

I was brought out of my thoughts when the receptionist said "Good luck, your gonna need it."

I just nodded and walked out the door. Its about a half an hour drive home so I had to go in order meet Paul at my house in an hour.

I got home about five minutes before Paul got there.

"Im assuming you are Demi." he said and I just nodded, "Im Paul." 

"Nice to meet you." I replied.

"well we should probably get started packing, we will get any thing that is needed, we will take care of every thing and it should only take about an hour or two. I know Simon said you would move in tomorrow but, its been changed to today." He informed me.

"Okay sounds good." I replied. 

They packed up everything that was needed and we drove to their house.


Authors Note:

Hey Guys! Let me know what you think of this fanfic so far.


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