Stevie is an 18 year old girl who is walking home from work one day when she hears screaming. She looks behind her to see 5 boys running, with hundreds of girls chasing after them. Four of them run past her pushing her over but, one stops and helps her up.


3. Picking teams


Niall's POV:


I woke up and looked at my phone, it was 8. I had two new messages,  one from Liam asking me if everything was okay, and one from Louis saying he was sorry. I just got up and took a shower, then changed into my clothes before heading down stairs. Once I got down there Liam was the only one up.

"Hey Niall, every thing okay last night?" He asked.

"Yeah every things cool, anyway I was wondering if you and the other lads would want to go bowling with me and Stevie at noon?"I replied.

"Sure, we'll see what the other lads say." Liam said.

"Great, do you want to order breakfast with me?" I asked.

"Yeah, Nandos?" He said. I nodded and he called them and ordered the food.

"I'm gonna go wake up the other lads, you wanna help?" He asked. I just grinned and nodded. And with that we walked up the stairs and went into Louis's room, where he was already awake.

"Oh by the way, bowling sounds great." Louis said with a smirk.

"Where you listening the whole time we were talking?" Liam asked. 

Louis nodded and said "Well are we gonna go wake them up or not?"

The three of us walked into Harry's room where Louis jumped on him and one of them practically screamed.

"Oww, Harry you knee'd me in the arse!" Louis yelled.

"Sorry mate." Harry replied and rolled back over.

"C'mon, we need to get ready because we're going bowling today." Liam said.

Harry just groaned and sat up. "Okay."

"Well, who is gonna wake up Zayn?" Liam asked.

Louis, Harry, and Liam all said not it. 

"Crap!" I said and walked into Zayn's room and crawled into bed with him. I started to play with his hair.

"Don't touch the hair." He said 

"Wake up, were going bowling." I said

"I hate you all, now let me go back to sleep." He said with his face in a pillow.

"No, wake up." I said. He just started to snore so I got up and went to the end of the bed and pulled him out of bed and on to the floor. 

"I'm not waking up." He said.

"To bad." I said before leaving the room. 



Stevie's POV:


I woke up and my clock said 11. Crap, I only had 40 minutes before the boys would be here. I quickly got up and got in the shower. When I was out I got dressed and wore a pair of skinny jeans with a shirt that was tucked in the front. I just blew out my hair and let it be natural, it had soft waves. I looked at my phone and it said 11:40. I wonder where they are? A few minutes went by and then there was a knock at my door. I stood up and opened it.

"Hey, sorry we're late. We were dealing with a very sleepy Zayn." Niall said as he stood there.

"Thats alright." I said grabbing my phone off the counter.

"Shall we go then?" He asked.

I nodded and followed him to the car. He opened the door and I thanked him before climbing in. Harry and Louis were in the front and Zayn and Liam were in the very back so Me and Niall were in the middle. It was a quiet ride to the bowling place, after about fifteen minutes later we were there. We all got out and walked into the place. It wasn't very busy, actually there wasn't anyone in there but us. 

"Why aren't there any other people here?" I asked.

"Because we got the place all to ourselves." Liam said.

"Oh cool." I said.

We got our shoes and picked our two lanes.

"Who wants to be on who's team?" Niall asked.

"I want to be on Stevie's team."  Liam said.

"So do I." Zayn said

"What if I want to be on her team?" Louis whined

"Why don't you guys just pick a number between one and fifty. The two closest to the number will be on my team." I suggested. They just nodded.

"25" Liam said.

"36" Louis said.

Harry said "45"

Zayn said "20"

"15" Niall said.

"I picked 23" I said. Liam and Zayn just smiled. 


Authors Note:


Hey! Sorry I haven't had a lot of time to update, I have been really busy with school. It's almost four in the morning where I'm from and I'm hopping to get a few hours of sleep tonight. Please let me know what you think :) 




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