Stevie is an 18 year old girl who is walking home from work one day when she hears screaming. She looks behind her to see 5 boys running, with hundreds of girls chasing after them. Four of them run past her pushing her over but, one stops and helps her up.


1. Meeting the boys



Stevie's POV:


        I was walking home from my job at Starbucks when I heard loud screams behind me. I turned around to see five boys running towards me, with what looks like hundreds of girls chasing after them. Before I had time to process anything that was happening I was knocked down by four of the five boys that were running. 

       "Here let me help you up." The fifth boy said as he held out his hand.

       I took his hand and said "Thanks."

       "Follow me." He shouted over the screams that were getting louder.

      I did as he said and followed him around a corner and into what i'm guessing was one of their flats. The boy that had helped me up had gorgeous blond hair and even more gorgeous blue eyes. I could feel myself starting to blush.

      "I'm Niall, and this is Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry." They all nodded or gave a little wave. 

      "I'm Stevie." I said with a little smile.

      I could feel myself start to blush even more once I realized who they were, I was with One Direction! I couldn't believe it, I could feel some of them staring at me but I tried to ignore it as much I could.

      "Sorry about what happened back there, knocking you down and all." Liam said.

      "Its alright." I replied.

      I looked at my watch and it was 9:15 pm.

      "Thanks for not letting me get trampled back there but, I have to get home." I said trying not to be awkward.

      "Wait! Whats the rush, I mean all of the fans are gonna be out there waiting." Niall said.

      "I umm..." I started to say but got cut off by Niall.

      "At least let me take you home." He said 

      I looked at him for a second and then replied "Umm, okay."

      "Great, let me go get me keys." He said with a smile before walking down the hall to get his keys.

       A few seconds later he came back down the hall with his keys in his hands and we left. Surprisingly there were no fans waiting outside.

      "I thought you said there would be a lot of fans." I said.

      "There usually are, I guess they all went home." He replied.

     He opened the passenger door of his car for me and I got in thanking him. He got in and started the car.

     "So where do you live?" He asked.

     "Turn left up there and i'm the third flat down." I replied.

      About a minute later we arrived at my flat.

     "Let me walk you up." He said before opening the door.

    "Okay." I replied trying not to blush.

     We both got out and walked to my front door. I fumbled the keys in my hand before finally finding the right one.

    "Thanks again for not letting me be trampled by fans and for taking me home." I thanked him again and started to open my door.

    "No problem but, let us show how sorry we are for knocking you down in the first place by getting together sometime." He said.

    "Sounds great." I said. 

    "Here let me have your phone and I will put my number in it." He said handing me his phone.

    We both put our numbers in each others phones and handed them back.

    "Bye, see ya." I said 

    He smiled and walked away. I opened my door and slowly closed it behind me.





Authors Note:

   Let me know what you guys think about this fanfiction. Its my first one so bare with me here, Also if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know .

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