Stevie is an 18 year old girl who is walking home from work one day when she hears screaming. She looks behind her to see 5 boys running, with hundreds of girls chasing after them. Four of them run past her pushing her over but, one stops and helps her up.


2. Feelings?


Niall's POV:


       I got back into me car and started it up. I drove home in a haze of me thoughts, surely the lads would help me sort them out. That is if I even tell them. Before I realized it I was back at mine and the lads flat. I turn of my car and get out, I walked up to the door and opened it. The lads were ordering Nandos.

       "Hey Niall, we ordered Nandos for everyone." Harry said with a smile.

       "Cool." I said trying to act cool and hide the excitement inside me.

       I sit on the couch and take out my phone and remember that I have Stevie's phone number. A giant smile grows on my face. Just the thought of her long brown hair, sparkling green eyes, and freckles make me smile like an idiot. A thought flashes through my mind. What if I was doing that the whole time I was talking to her? No, surely I didn't. Did I though? I try to stop thinking about it and text her.

       To Stevie<3: "Hey!"

       Almost instantly my phone goes off. Its a text back from her. 

       From Stevie<3: "Hey!"

       I cant stop from smiling so I quietly get up and walk to my room, while texting her back.

       To Stevie<3: "I was thinking, if you wanted you could come with me and the lads bowling tomorrow at noon. :)"

       My smile quickly faded at the thought that maybe she thought that I was weird or something, or maybe she didn't want to come. Then I got another text from her.

       From Stevie<3: "Sure, I'd love to."

       To Stevie<3: "Great we'll pick you up at 11:40. See you tomorrow."

       I smiled and then quickly composed myself before going out of my room.

       "Hey, vas happinin" Zayn said.

       "Nothin really." I reply as casually as I can and sit on the couch.

       I look up and I see all the guys starring at me

       "Can I help you with something?" I asked.

       "Actually yes." Louis replied. "Do you like Stevie?"

       "I just met her." And with that I got up and went back to my room.



Stevie's POV:


      It was about ten now and I was very tired. I got into my pajamas and went into the bathroom to wash my face. When I was finished I crawled into bed and tried to go to sleep. Thoughts from today kept playing in my head. The one though that I cant seem to shake is that I might have feelings for Niall. No, I probably don't. I mean he's really cute and his eyes are gorgeous. Oh god, I think I do. 




Authors note:

      Hey Guys! Feel free to add any suggestions or comment what you think should be added. Hope you all like my fanfic! :)



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