Why Me?

Boys, makeup, and school are of the least of Victoria's worries. She constantly is followed by strangers trying to communicate to to their loved ones. How much will be to much for her to handle until she gets pushed over the edge? She may just end up on the other side with them...
Cover made by @Lily Anna Nightshade


3. The Broken Glass

I sat at my desk in my room to finish my homework. I could not concentrate no matter how hard I tried. I kept remembering those words. “…you should be terrified of me.” I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack.  I suddenly heard a loud clash behind me. I cautiously walked over to my bookshelf where I found a framed photo of my mom and I shattered on the floor. I bawled. I knew who had done this and I really did feel threatened. I heard the noise again. I turned and found a photo of my older brother broken and shattered on the ground…but this time there was blood dripping down the photo. Before I had time to scream, I felt something wrap around my throat. My breathing was instantly cut off and I began to feel lifeless. I heard my mother calling my name as she came up the stairs. She opened the door as my vision went black and my limp body fell to the floor. 

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