Why Me?

Boys, makeup, and school are of the least of Victoria's worries. She constantly is followed by strangers trying to communicate to to their loved ones. How much will be to much for her to handle until she gets pushed over the edge? She may just end up on the other side with them...
Cover made by @Lily Anna Nightshade


4. Sarah's P.O.V

I was so excited! I was on my way to Victorias house and we were going to work on a group project for art. I rang the doorbell, hoping that she wasn't going to act wierd like she did at school today. No one answered the door. I knocked this time, and still nothing. I opened the door. "Victoria?" I went upstairs to her room and found broken glass and blood. On her door was a note that read;


I found victoria in her room unconcuss. I have taken her to the E.R. I will call you when I get details. -Ms. Hendrix

I couldn't believe it. My bestfriend could be at her death bed. I looked around and although I probably should not have, I found her diary and opened it up. It flipped open to last week. My eyes widened- Victoria could speak to the dead. I couldn't beleive it! But that did not answer my question. What had happened? Time to hits the books...


Everything said that spirits were here to make peace with their loved ones. I was at he local library trying to find the cause of the incident. *bzzz* My phone was ringing. "Hello? Yes. Oh no your not serious. Yes, I will. Good Bye." Victoria was dead. I gathered my things and looked over my shoulder;demons. There was a book about demons. That must be it! I knew who Steven was. He was no normal spirit and that is the reason of her death and the broken glass and blood. Now I knew I should be scared because Steven could find Victoria's family and myself. I hurried to the hospital to speak to Ms. Hendrix and say goodbye. One last problem-to tell or not to tell.

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