Kylee is 17 and works at the local amusement park as her summer job. One day One Direction come and ride her ride, Louis comes up and starts asking stupid questions about the ride and the other four lads are standing behind them, laughing. Kylee replies by sassing him back and the boys start to laugh at louis.


2. Dealing with it



Louis's POV:


"Um, are you Kylee's boss?" I asked

"Yes. And you are?" Her boss replied.

"Well you see, it really sucks here so I was wondering if Kylee could hang out with us today, seeing as though your really not that busy." I asked

He just looked at me for a few moments, I was starting to get a bit nervous.

He finally replied. "No, what kind of an idiot would ask that?"

"I really wouldn't call me an idiot, anyway why not?" This dude is really starting to make me mad.

"Because its her job, and I'm the boss!" He said starting to yell a bit, then he called Kylee over to our conversation.

"Why would you want to leave work to hang out with this idiot?" He was practically yelling in her face by now.

She sighed and replied in a very cool tone. "Because it sucks here." His face was priceless.

"Well, if it is so terrible here why dont you just quit." he was really angry now.

"Fine, peace out George, I quit." She said as she walked away never loosing her cool composure.

"Its Greg!" He yelled behind her.

"Whatever." She said back to him.

We all quickly followed her out of the park, I made sure to say bye to George first though. She went to her locker and grabbed all her things. She did this all without saying a word.

"Sorry for getting you fired." I apologized. 

"Don't worry about it." she said.

"But, you lost your job." I replied.

"First, the job sucked, second he's my uncle and a douchebag, and third I can get a job somewhere else." I was shocked by what she said, there was something about how she just kept walking like it didn't bother her and like she never worried about anything that was interesting.

"Okay, what do you want to do today then?" I asked her.

She finally stopped walking, "Well I don't have my car so can you drive me to my place so I can change out of my work clothes and then we can decide." She replied.

"Sure" I said.


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