Scars are beautiful you just cant see it

My life has been at it's worst and I don't think it can get any worse. All I ever wanted was for pain to stop and to be myself and for people to accept me for who I am is that to much to ask ?


4. when I thought things couldn't get any worse

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse they did I moved into secondary school the bullying was continuous and I wasn't sure if I could handle it I went home say in my room cried and cut nobody could understand me and where I was coming from as far as they could see I was just a girl no one cared they just stood by and laughed and most of my friends turned there back on me and left me to suffer on my own I started to write stuff how I felt down on a book and to be hounest it made me feel a little better I wrote down lessons tips and advice for people who we're going through the same stuff

Lesson two : you will alwasy make bad desions in life an u will choose wrong more than once but it will get better i think ... Example: ur going out with someone they call someone else fit infront of u ur scared youll never find a boy thats right for you ur scared that all ur gunna get is a boy who cheats n messes with your head yehh boys only want one thing from a girl thats sex now thats the truth no joke no boy will ever love a girl so much and it seems to be that girls love boys more than ever and boys dont care they say a few words over facebook and expect that they love them but yet they will drop girls when they are bored and use them ... Am afraid thts life x

Lesson three :take life as it comes dont expect something to happen it might not happen then again it might but just dont think the worst of things u never know what could happen so like i said take things as they come not as they seem xx

Lesson four :try ur hardest no ones perfect everyone whos says u are are back stabbers they will hurt you so hard you wont be able to find the confidence to pick yourself up when ur on the ground its happened to me and to be quite hounest im tierd of trying xxx

Lesson five :try and ignore people i cant i have been called scruffy bitch fat bitch slut tramp slag sket man drink bleach die in a car crash and other stuff i cant ignore them stuff i cut because off them but u can ignore hem i have got to a point where i cant ignore them no more but you are stonger you can hold rverything together just remember STAY STRONG and ignore the haters xxx you can do it just beileve xxx

Lesson six: believe in yourself ignore haters and carry on life i cried myself to sleep because i havnt had the strength to beileve in myself never mind other people its hard when people call you as much as i get called just believe remember u was brought to this world for

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