Scars are beautiful you just cant see it

My life has been at it's worst and I don't think it can get any worse. All I ever wanted was for pain to stop and to be myself and for people to accept me for who I am is that to much to ask ?


8. message to all you bully's

Dear Bully's

Do I enjoy making people's life hell and watching them suffer they go home thinking life isn't worth living anymore because of YOU ! Ur laughs ur sniggers as they walk past it takes one name to set the others off and it goes pins in circles and then u make them feel worthless push there confidence down so far they feel the nee to cut they actually things it's gunna make things better but it won't and it is because of you how many more girls have to kill themselves before society realised bullying kills all you people who think your funny calling someone and judgeing someone by the way they look you are nasty horrible people and u deserve to suffer in pain like they do you know the innocent girls take a look at yourself in the mirror before you call some one hit some one post that note on Facebook.

Hey you yeah who's just about to write a nasty comment STOP !

Hey you who's calling that kid because he's bald he had cancer when he was little !

Hey you who's pinned that girl up against the fence her brother has just died !

Hey you calling that 13 year old girl with a baby she got raped by her grandad !

All you bully's need to stop and think would you like to be treated like that and put through all that pain of my wanting to wake up people die from bullying !!!!

If you see someone bullying someone don't be a bystander make them stop let someone know before real harm is done !!


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